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The Threaded Spear
Artifact ••••

A weapon forged meticulously by twining and threading thousands of thinner-then-hair threads of moonsilver. These were worked into a single long direlance with powerful enchantments and blessings woven into the weapon. Now when used against others it can force itself past any small obstructions without fail and still pierce deep with 10,000 needles into the flesh. Since the Ursupation it has been through a dozen Lunar hands as each in turn would fight over the right to claim it and use its power for glory and fame. Against this weapon Parry DV's and cover DV bonuses except from Hard Cover do not apply. This makes attacks from this weapon un-parryable. Either getting out of the way of the weapon or perfectly parrying it are the only ways to avoid its sting.

Speed 5, Accuracy +4, Damage +9L/13L, Defense +2, Rate 3, Tags 2, L, R, P


It seems you left out some critical info. This sentence: "Against this weapon Parry DV's and cover DV bonuses except from Hard Cover." is incomplete. From context I am infering that the weapon sets PDV to 0, as an un-parryable attack, in addition to ignoring all non hard cover.-Ambisinister

This suit things better? -BogMod