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Telgar's Artifact Ideas

In no particular order and no particular stage of construction, these are ideas I've gotten for Artifacts that I haven't bothered to fully flesh out. Feel free to borrow them, but do let me know. Or else.

One Use Artifacts

  • A comb that when thrown onto the bare ground sprouts into a small but nasty forest which is very hard to travel across. It takes three days to go around or a day to go through, but going through it requires five Survival rolls of increasing difficulty.
  • Exploding thingy that creates a single combat round just for its user. No one else can act in that round without some sort of Perfect Initiative Beating Charm.
  • Small carved statues of animals, real or created, which when activated transform into life-sized versions of that animal. They continue to exist for their natural life span, but are treated just as any other animal would be.
  • Bowl that when smashed releases a flood of water about as big as a small lake.



  • Utterly Devastating Invader - level 4 spear
    • causes victims to bleed out 1 HL per turn unless they succeed on a reflexive diff 3 stamina roll.
    • always does at least 1 HL if an attack is successful.
    • reduces multiple action penalties by 2.
    • does piercing damage, stacks with other piercing effects.
    • ignores hardness
    • increases ping by 2.
    • upon each successful attack doing more then 1 HL of damage, the victim must make a Stamina roll or take another unsoakable HL of lethal damage.
    • uses the opponent's lower soak total, but always does lethal damage even if soaked with bashing soak.
    • uses the statline of a starmetal direlance. commits for 8 motes.
  • Maker of Ashes Resplendent - level X red jade daiklave
    • does 1 extra damage for ever 4 points of soak the victim has from armor, rounded down.
    • can flash like fire, creating visual doubles of itself that attack up to seven targets. roll once, apply the attack to each target. charms are included in these extra attacks.
    • gains the bonuses for Orichalcum when wielded by a Fire-attuned being.
    • Does piercing damage against unclean beings.
    • uses the statline of a Red Jade grand daiklave.
  • Armband of Demon-Hurting - level 3 starmetal
    • attacks vs demons do piercing
    • successful attacks always do at least 1 HL of damage, lethal.
    • adds five pre-soak damage vs demons.
    • commits for 5 motes.
  • Police Sword v1
    • After 1 successful (HL inflicted) attack, the target must roll WP (diff 1) to resist obeying the wielder
    • successive attacks raise the difficulty of the resistance roll by 1 if they inflict at least 1 HL.
    • when lowered to -2 HLs the target must roll WP (diff 1) to resist surrendering every time he is wounded.
    • when lowered to -4 HLs the anti-surrender roll increases to diff 2.
    • the wielder can spend 5 motes to ensure that none of his blows will be fatal. lasts the scene.
    • Daiklave stats. Jade bonus. commits for 6.
  • Police Sword v2
    • adds +5 base damage against any target the character has witnessed comitting a crime
    • adds +3 intimidation dice. bonus doubled when the sword has wounded the subject of the intimidation
    • the sword will become warm when in the presence of a criminal, increasing warmth as it grows closer to a criminal. It never considers its owner a criminal.
    • Attacking the wielder requires a diff 2 WP roll
    • parrying the attacks by this sword have their difficulty increased by 5-target's valor.
    • Daiklave stats. Ori bonus. commits for 6.
  • Obskur Ague - level 2 starmetal and jade eye
    • allows its owner to see through solid objects up to 5 inches thick when he wishes to.
    • gives its owner 360 degree vision, adding 2 dice to all attempts to detect ambush.
    • will not show beings outside of fate.
    • no committment cost; replaces an eye forever.
  • Rohling Faust - level 2 red jade and starmetal bracer
    • 1 HS slot.
    • adds 1 acc and 2L damage to attacks that channel valor.
    • raises Strength by 1 dot.
    • commits for 4 motes.
  • Shield of Wrathyness - level 3 protective artifact of mostly starmetal
    • adds 2/2 soak to the character's current total for each HL of damage inflicted this scene (lasts the scene).
    • adds character's Valor to his soak ratings.
    • acts as a starmetal breastplate. same statline and bonuses and costs.
    • commits for 4 motes
  • Gauntlet of Smashing - level 3 artifact of starmetal and red jade
    • adds 3 to Rate, 2 to acc, 2 to damage to any kick, punch or clinch.
    • unarmed attacks do lethal damage
    • commits for 4 motes, has Starmetal bonus.
  • Urban Ranger Armor
    • raises the difficulty to spot the wearer by his Essence when in crowds
    • camo-power - stacks with stealth power
      • when standing still impossible to see without magic, diff raised by 3 with magic.
      • when moving diff to see without magic is raised by 4, magic unaffected
    • doubles running speed and triples jumping distance.
    • can expend 5 motes to change the armor to the uniform of the local peacekeeping force with whatever rank desires. acts as a 5-success copy. while in this mode the stealth powers are nullified.
    • allows the wearer to duplicate official seals and signatures with a diff 1 roll and proper materials.
    • commits for 5 motes.
    • 9/9 soak, no fatigue, no mobility.



  • A cursed mirror that reflects the flaws of anyone who looks into it and inflicts them upon the looker more intensely. mortals age faster, the sick get sicker, the Great Curse is magnified and limit inflicted, crazies get crazier, someone with self-esteem troubles gets worse, etc etc etc. Also possible; the darkest wishes of the person is granted if it is possible. someone who secretly wants to die is killed, someone who wants someone dead gets what they want...a sort of Wishmaster Mirror maybe. Bears thinking and possibly two cursed mirrors, one for inflicting flaws, one for Wishmastering. Another idea might be a mirror that kills people by attacking their reflections, something is trapped in the mirror and if you stand in front of it doing some certain thing, the thing trapped in it will start attacking your reflection and hurt you physically. only way to stop it is to attack the mirror or get away.
Comments =

Be prepared for completely juvenile jokes regarding the name "Utterly Devastating Invader". -Ben-San

We've already gone there in Telgar's unconventional Sidereals game, where the spear showed up. :) My character picked it up and is, uh, planning on changing the name. - David.