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Telgar's Artifact Junkyard

This is where I store my Artifacts that aren't up to my current standards. I might get around to fixing them someday, but right now I don't really have the inspiration to make them really decent. Some are badly written, some are too weak or too strong. Overall I just don't like them but I hate getting rid of stuff forever and I forget easily.

Stun Serpent, level 1 Artifact

A First Age peacekeeping weapon in the shape of a coiled serpent worn around the forearm, Stun Serpents are forged of any of the five colors of Jade. They require 3 motes of committment. Blasts producted by the Stun Serpent use Dexterity + Athletics with an accuracy of 3. 1 mote buys 3B or 1L base damage with no more then 5 motes expended. Mortals may commit 1 willpower to the Stun Serpent and pay in willpower with a 1 willpower to 2 motes conversion.

Communication Orbs, level 2 Artifact

Round golden objects ranging in size from palm-held for personal communications to 50 feet across for public addresses, these objects can flatten themselves into any shape desired by the user and send a visual and auditory signal to any other Com Orb for which the essence frequency (a series of Old Realm numerals) is known. The Com Orb has a maximum range of 500 miles.

Blast Staff, level 2 Artifact

Common among First Age weapons, these staves are simple shafts of Green or Black Jade with a single Hearthstone setting at the top end. Channeling Essence through the staff results in a powerful blast of destructive Essence. The blasts use Dexterity + Athletics or Archery to hit, with an Accuracy of 4. Each mote buys 2L base damage when the staff is used as a Simple action. If the user wishes to make Reflexive attacks, he can pay 2 motes per 1L base. Reflexive attacks are limited to 5 attacks per turn. Only 10 motes can be channeled through a Blast Staff in one turn. Dragon-Blooded can use Blast Staves to enhance their Elemental Charms, doubling the normal amount of Essence they can spend on them. A Blast Staff requires 4 motes to commit. Used as a melee weapon, the staff has the same stats as a Serpent-Sting Staff.

Healing Sun Palm, level 3 Artifact

Made of Orichalcum and Red Jade, this simplistic device is forged inte shape of a palm-sized disk held onto the user's hand by a golden band. The light produced by this device hs miraculous healing properties, able to wash away almost any wound with enough time and Essence. The Palm can only be applied to any single person once per day and no more health levels then the user's Stamina may be healed at any one time. Each use of the Sun Plam requires 2 willpower points and an Intelligence + Medicine roll, difficulty determined by the severity of the wound to be healed. Aggravated damage is always difficulty 4 to heal. In addition, motes must be spent for each Health Level to be healed. 2 motes heals 1 Bashing damage, 3 heals 1 Lethal damage and 6 motes heals 1 Aggravated damage. This device requires no commitment and a mortal can expend willpower for motes on a 1 for 2 basis.

Silencing of Breath, level 3 Artifact

Unlike almost every other artifact of Soulsteel, the Silencing of Breath emits no moans nor screams from the souls within the dark blade. No sound at all escapes the blade, not the shifting of a wielder�s hands on the handle or the sound of it rushing through the air. Most terrifying of all, the blows of the Silencing of Breath never draw cries of pain from those they land upon. For that is one of the blade�s powers, anyone struck with it is silenced for one day, unable to make any sound at all. This effect is extended for one day per health level inflicted.
Any spirit killed by the Silencing is permanently destroyed. In addition to its other powers, the blade grants a total success (all dice roll successfully) on rolls for silence. The user can speak but sounds made by movement are sucked in by the axe. Extras struck by Silencing instantly die even if no damage is rolled.
When in the hands of a god or a person with the blood of a god in their veins, the Silencing of Breath can strike un-manifested spirits normally. This ability allows the bearer to sense unmanifested spirits but does not function for normal Exalted, only for spirits, God-blooded or a person possessed by a spirit. Exalted can gain this benefit by committing an additional 2 motes to the weapon.
The Silencing : Damage 12L | Acc +4 | Def +2 | Speed +5 | Rate 3 | Range 50 yards | Committment 5 motes

Keystone Staff, level 4 Artifact

With a heavy Hearthstone socket at its base and an ornately designed head, this staff greatly resembles a key of gargantuan proportions. The power of the Keystone can protect the life-threads of its wielder and his allies. 10�s rolled on attacks against the wielder of this staff do not count twice for successes. The weilder of the Keystone Staff has Hardness equal to his soak, making him immune to "ping" damage. This effect is considered to be a form of armor and is bypassed by Charms that ignore soak. By spending 1 mote and rolling a single success on a Dexterity + Larceny roll the Keystone can be used to open any lock not protected by Celestial Sorcery or similarly powerful wards simply by touching it. The defensive effects of the Staff can be extended to allies for 5 motes per ally. The extended shield lasts only a single turn.
Keystone : +4L damage | +2 accuracy | +6 defense | +6 speed. | Rate 4 | Committement 5 motes
These stats do not include the Starmetal material bonus.

Bloody Visage Armor, level 4 Artifact

This black armor helps to give the Deathknight a terrifying appearance. Metal plates sport several wicked barbs and a disfigured, monstrous face is sculpted on his torso. The upper and lower parts separated by the plates, giving the appearance of a fanged mouth opening and closing when he moves. One shoulder sports spikes while the other is a stylized skull appearing ever ready to devour the sword arm of the Abyssal.. He sometimes adds a hooded cloak, but abandons it as often as not. This armor provides 4 automatic successes for Intimidation rolls and allows the wearer to gain twice as many motes as normal from the flesh or blood of the living. Extras provide 5 motes to the wearer. The Bloody Visage Armor also stores blood-essence within its own structure, offering a Blood Feast of 10 motes, none of which can be used to committ artifacts.
Bloody Visage Armor : Soak (14/16) | Fatigue 1 | Mobility -2 | Hardness 5 | Commitment 6

Voice of Victory, level 5 Artifact

One of a number of ancient weapons dating to the Primordial War, the Voice of Victory was forged from the auditory canal of a giant beast made by Autocthon to fight his brother Celphindal the Unmaker. The horn itself stands nearly 100 feet tall, coiled around a great tower of Blue Jade and Orichalcum. Seven spider-like legs support the tower and legend says that once these great legs moved the Voice to wherever it was needed in the War. Now the legs have been still so long that their secrets are forgotten. Despite its sessile state, the Voice remains a potent weapon. When blown the Voice inflicts an automatic health level of bashing damage on all enemies of the sounder within hearing. This damage is aggravated if the enemeies are demonic in nature. All the sounder's allies gain 1 die to their combat pools while foes have their pools reduced by 1 die. Because of the great power of the Voice's call to reinvigorate the heart and strengthen the mind, all allied forces that hear it sound regain all temporary willpower and are unable to fail Valor rolls for as long as the Voice rings.
The Voice must be blown continuously for its effects to persist. Even the mightiest Solar can not blow the horn for long, it can be maintained only for half the sounder's Stamina + Endurance in turns. After that the effects of the call fade. It can be sounded again, but if the Voice is blown by the same person more times in a scene then that character has dots of Stamina it inflicts 5 levels of Bashing damage for each time over the limit.
Note that the Voice can only restore Willpower once per scene for any given person.

Just for reference, the Keystone Staff is still listed in the Artifacts section of the Wiki, and the listing points to your Level 4 Artifacts. ~ WeepingStar