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Artifact Templates

I find that the Artifacts presented in the Corebook and the Player's Guide are boring and underpowered. A three dot Artifact should be *really* cool and a five dot should rock the world. Superheavy Plate doesn't rock the world. But it can if the stats in the corebook are ment to have several additional powers! My house rules give all 'generic' Artifacts special powers, but not everything in the books is as I want it for the basic stats, so I'm setting out to create Templates that can have powers added on later to create properly leveled Artifacts. Right now this section will probably remain focused on combat Artifacts since everything else I make is totally unique and individualized.


Level 1

Water Serpent Knife - Kris

+0 Speed | +2 Accuracy | +2L Damage | +5 Defense | Rate 4 | Committement 3
Often favored in the Southwest, these weapons are favored by sorcerors and thaumaturges, especially among the Dragon-Blooded. They are fast, accurate weapons and skillfully wielded provide a powerful defense. They often have numerous magical powers which far outweigh their utility in combat. Water Serpent Knives are associated with water and spirits, often controlling both. Other common abilities include the levying of curses or infliction of damage from a distance or, in contrast, the prevention of damage and powers related to healing.

Woeshaft - Staff

+9 Speed | +3 Accuracy | +2L Damage | +5 Defense | Rate 2 | Committement 5
The companion of Serpent-Sting Staves, a Woeshaft is the Artifact version of a normal, full-length staff. The Woeshaft can vary in build from thin bo staves to heavy battle staves and anything in between, but all use the same general stats due to varying alloys and components. Woeshafts normally have defensive or magical powers, often working well with Sorcery or Necromancy. Lunars and Sidereals are the most common owners of Woeshafts, preferring them for their shamanistic or mystic roles. Some Woeshafts have power over nature or animals in place of mystic abilities.

Level 2

Armsbreaker - Swordbreaker

+5 Speed | +3 Accuracy | +4L Damage | +5 Defense | Rate 4 | Committement 5
Armsbreakers are primarily defensive weapons, most often used in conjunction with another, more destructive item. The Armsbreakers lean toward powers involving disarming opponents, defensive abilities and are generally forged of either Orichalcum or Jade. Moonsilver Armsbreakers are not uncommon, though they typically take the form of tendrils that wrap around an opponent's weapon to snatch it away. A very common power for Armsbreakers, one that does not increase the rating of the Artifact, is to make Disarm rolls a difficulty 1 task.

Fell Chorus - Flail

+7 Speed | +1 Accuracy | +11L Damage | +3 Defense | Rate 2 | Committement 5
Offensive weapons of the most severe kind, Fell Choruses are rarely used by Exalted in the Second Age. Some Deathknights are known to favor them, often making each of the weapon's heads of a soulsteel skull that will cry curses and torments as it is weilded in battle. Fell Choruses are often high level Artifacts with each head carrying a different power. Typically they have offensive abilities. Many times they possess powers related to dominance, control or the infliction of pain. They can also have supernatural intimidation abilities.