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Artifact Songs


Mystical tunes, epics and sounds that have great power in their notes or words. It is nearly impossible to create a new song-artifact; they are products of great historical events or singular works of magic and sorcery. Many of the existing song-artifacts date to the Primordial War.

General Systems

Artifact songs are learned for 3 XP per level of the song in question. They are purchased normally at character creation with the Artifact background. Songs never require commitment of essence, but they must be practiced or their intricate lyrics and tunes will fade from the singer's mind over time. Once every (six weeks - song rating), the singer must perform the song or it will be lost. Relearning lost songs costs half the original XP.

Song-artifacts have a specific key that makes them function. The lyrics or the tune are the most common keys, but some songs are powered by a specific rhythm or the notes of a specific instrament. Other parts of the song can be altered, so long as the key remains the same.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Hymn of the Burning Army

The ancient battle song of the Exalted Army dating back to the Primordial War, this song now inspires instant terror in the hearts of all demons and unclean creatures (such as undead) that hear its melody. The tune is the key of this song; it will strike fear into the minions of darkness no matter what words it accompanies. Any unclean creature hearing the Hymn of the Burning Army must make a Willpower roll, difficulty 5*, or flee with all possible speed. Even if the creature succeeds, it will not move any closer to the singer unless forced. Sentient demons and undead can spend a Willpower point to move freely for the rest of the scene.
  • Demons of the Second Circle roll at difficulty 3; those of the Third Circle roll at difficulty 1. Ghosts of the Exalted, such as Deathlords, are immune to this song.

Level 4

Level 5


Wow. This is a really excellent idea. The experience cost seems a bit low to me, though. I would also try to institute some sort of tier system so that people can't just learn level 5 songs right off the bat ... or at least some prerequisites. Also, I would personally require some sort of roll to effectively use the song (maybe Intelligence + Performance with a difficulty equal to the song's level). I may steal this idea later, but of course I'll give you credit -- is that okay?
~ Shataina

Mm. Shades of In Nomine. I approve :)
On the more useful hand, if you want to treat them like artifacts, they should cost 3 xp per level, and you buy each level individually. Thus, level 1 Songs are 3 xp, Level 2 are 9 xp, Level 3 are 18 xp, level 4 are 30 xp and level 5 are 45 xp. But yeah- generalized approval of Cool.  :) DS

This is obviously a form of thaumaturgy. - willows

Oh yeah, good call. That's a way better solution.
~ Shataina

It does look like a form of thaumaturgy, but from the song Telgar has written, more powerful... If you're going to use it with thaumaturgy, then some sort of limiter to make sure it's not as easy as a ritual needs to be put into place. Any suggestions?
-- Darloth likes the idea, but agrees thaumaturgy is the place to put it.