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I cleaned up and reorganized a bit.  All those categories weren't necessary.  Also, Telgar, I crossposted your[[Artifacts/OldComments/Bastions]] to [[Backgrounds]]; are you sure it doesn't belong there rather than here?<br>~ [[Shataina]]
I cleaned up and reorganized a bit.  All those categories weren't necessary.  Also, Telgar, I crossposted your[[Artifacts/Bastions]] to [[Backgrounds]]; are you sure it doesn't belong there rather than here?<br>~ [[Shataina]]
More cleanup.  I'm sorry, this page is just ugly.<br>~ [[Shataina]]
More cleanup.  I'm sorry, this page is just ugly.<br>~ [[Shataina]]

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I cleaned up and reorganized a bit. All those categories weren't necessary. Also, Telgar, I crossposted yourArtifacts/Bastions to Backgrounds; are you sure it doesn't belong there rather than here?
~ Shataina

More cleanup. I'm sorry, this page is just ugly.
~ Shataina

Is it better to have my own page that lists all the artifacts that I have created on it or should I give each of mine its own sub-page and list them with the rest of the general artifacts? Or both?

General practice is to list your artifacts on your own subpage. I don't know why some people felt their Artifacts were SO nifty they HAD to get their own pages and special mentions. *shrug*. At some point I'll get around to making organization by level an actual option instead of "my stuff is t3h ub3r!" pimpings. - Telgar

I actually find it easyer to find a nifty artifact if they are organized as they are in the general artifacts section. I'd also be inclined to think that it would get more notice for an artifact that I might need some help with. However, I don't want anyone to think that I think that my artifacts are so much cooler than anyone else's artifacts, so if people wish I will remove my artifacts from the general section.
I hope that last sentance makes sense...
I agree with you BrilliantRain .. I was trying to find nice artifacts last night, and I found myself wishing all of them were in the artifacts by level bit.. .. mine certainly probably aren't that good.. .. but they'll probably be easier to find.. which helps.. ( maybe there should be another page that just lists all the artifacts on everyone's page by level and provides a brief description? ) FluffySquirrel

That's what I plan to do. Set up a by-level organization. Most of those writers up there have maybe two artifacts total, so it'd be fairly easy to organize it. - Telgar

After wasting half an hour, I have come to realize that doing a coherant by-level set up is a PAIN IN THE ASS due to people having made some Artifacts top-level, some people making them subpages to UserPages, some having them individually, some with 1-5 together on a page, a FEW with only one or two artifacts...its so damn messed up as to be near impossible to sort out. If someone wants to go through and redirect every Artifact written into a single, coherant format (like the one used by myself, Ikselam and Haren), you're welcome to. Other then that...level one is all I plan to do. - Telgar

Not entirely sure why everyone's pages would have to all be reworked into a completely specific format.. I was figuring just the name, description, and link to the page it's on.. how it's formatted depends on where they have it.. if the problem you're on about is due to multiple artifacts on one page, and not being able to specifically link to each direct artifact.. not sure how yours helps.. cause you still end up with multiple artifacts on each page.. (admittedly by level, which is nice if you have a lot of them) .. .. and I'm rambling and have lost what I was on about :P
Anyway, I'll have a look at them on Friday or Saturday, see if I can knock up summat then.. FluffySquirrel

Actually, the problem is that we can't do something similar to Charms. Where everyone has their Solar Presence Charms on one page and Solar Presence links to everyone's Solar Presence stuff. Right now its like some people have it that way, some people have each Charm on a page, some people have all Zenith Abilities on a page, some people have all Solar Charms on a page..its a mess. We either need everyone to do a level-by-level sort or to make each and every Artifact its own page. Due to the extensive backgrounding on some of these level 4-5 Uber-Doom Weapons and the number of people with one-artifact-per-page, it may be easier to convert everyone to that format and organize by level that way. It would even be possible, with one artifact per page, to organize into Armor, Weapons, Misc and Utility by level, extremely handy. But either option is massive reworking of people's content that is both time-consuming and possibly rude. - Telgar

Telgar, there's no need to be snarky. Personally, I split up my artifacts into subpages when I noticed that others were doing it for the same reason already noted -- if you're actually coming to this page to find an artifact for one of your characters, then it's nice to have a communal list of individual summations. It's also worth noting that it's useful to the person who made the artifact to have a nice little page-per-artifact for comments, etc. It took me a maximum of three minutes to split my own page, and so I would suggest that we leave it the way it is -- if people want their individual artifacts on the list, they can take five minutes to do the splitting into subpages themselves, and if they don't, then they'll still have their by-contributor page. People who have giant indices of artifacts by level can just put their indices into the level categories. There's no need for subpage directories for each level of artifact when the categories are already right here. In fact, I see no need for any dramatic restructuring at all, nor for outside interference. Contributors are perfectly capable of putting stuff into the level-by-level categories on their own time if they feel the need, and that way you won't have to put in any effort or risk rudeness.
~ Shataina

The minor problem is that at the moment it's rather annoying for anyone who just wants to find, say, a level 3 weapon to borrow for a new PC. Or anyone who doesn't want to just browse *all* the Artifacts a given author has written. If there were a by-level or by-category index, people would get more comments and more use out of this section. - Telgar

I know, and that's why I put in the by-level categories that we now have on this page. I think that if they just stay there, people will slowly start putting their artifacts in them. Once the by-level groups are big enough, they can have their own subpages, but they aren't yet. I mean, if we want to give them subpages anyway, then whatever, but it seems like an inefficient waste of effort, space and bandwidth to me.
And as it stands, I don't think it's necessary to cater to laziness by putting peoples' content into the by-level categories for them -- in fact, it will just encourage them to be lazy in the future. Sorry if it looks like I jumped on you for re-categorizing, but I don't think it's a good idea to let people think that other people will organize their content for them -- it just encourages them not to pay attention to existing wiki directories and standards. If people want comments, they can do the work themselves.
~ Shataina

Another issue being inactive users. Some of the stuff in here hasn't been touched in months. Do we leave it behind just because it has an inactive author? Mox redid the Charms, with help from other people and that was FAR more massive. We have 38 Artificers. 19 of them have 3 or fewer Artifacts. About half of those 19 have one artifact each. I checked last night. - Telgar

I wasn't really intending something like you're doing, as you sound like you'd prefer to just reorganise the whole thing Telgar. At any rate, I intend to just have a seperate page, with categories such as Weapons, Armour, Miscellaneous, and in those, seperate them by level.. and for each artifact.. it will include the name, magic material, and a short description.. .. hopefully it will really help people who are just out to look for a nice artifact to give their new character, or maybe to find one that they saw a while ago and forgot where it is. Aaaanyway, I'm currently going through all of the artifacts and putting them in an excel database for now.. so far I'm up to Dorchadas, so a while to go yet :) .. still, hopefully I'll have it done by this weekend or something. FluffySquirrel

Riiiight... the artifacts have no all been added to the categories by level.. that was a hell of a lot of work :)
They're at: ArtifactDescriptions .. hopefully people will be happy to update them as they add artifacts.. but.. we'll see.. I certainly don't mind adding new ones myself.. by the way, if anyone has any nice formatting ideas.. feel free to share them .. I'm still a little knew to making stuff look nice on Wiki :)
At any rate, hopefully that will help people when they're looking for items :) FluffySquirrel

Wow, FluffySquirrel. Well done.
I didn't see why the Artifacts up top couldn't fit into ArtifactDescriptions, so I moved them. Did some other editing too.
~ Shataina

Thanks for that FluffySquirrel. Does make finding artifacts a lot easier - Fade

Hey Fluffy, is it at all possible to get that database from you? - grypph

Can do.. I added you to my AIM contact list.. maybe I'll catch you when you're next on FluffySquirrel

After actually using the type/level listings to look for an artifact for the first time, I can confirm they are -amazingly- useful. Thanks again!
-- Darloth

Just wondering how I should put my Fair Folk artifacts up on here. Should I just treat them like normal artifacts? Or should I make a new catagory, like how warstriders were done? - FrozenHermit

I think that might be a good idea, Hermit: FF artis are in a league by themselves, 'cept for the actual gossamer-flavored versions of stuff like daiklaves. EDIT: ... although there's a section detailing them in the FairFolk page. Perhaps they can go there, and get a link here? -DarkheartOne