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Until my living situation gets resolved, the game is on hold. When I can run again, I'll let you know. ~ WaiyaddoNoDan

The Convention of Water

An organization was created within the Bureau of Destiny in the third year of the Dragon-Blooded Shogunate, to investigate and repair damage to Creation and Fate directly resulting from the energies brought to bear in the final days of the Solar Exalted. Additionally, it kept an eye out for any suspicious objects or events that may have been created by the Solars and persisted after their demise. When they had no missions pending within their focus, they performed normal duties for the Bureau. They were they Years Out of Usurpation Zephyr Healing Action Organization: YOU ZHAO!


In the twenty-fifth year of the Dragon-Blooded Shogunate, all personnel in the organization were reassigned to the Convention of Water, entirely replacing the previous management-level gods and Exalts. They are now charged not only with ensuring the proper unfolding of fate in the West, but are also responsible for the training of five young Sidereals. The fates of both the West and the Bureau will be uncertain if they are found wanting.

The Team


Koku Obol
Shanna Usal

Research and Development:



Kaksua Po

Senior Operatives:

Reborn Vermillion Havoc , Chosen of Battles
Traveller , Chosen of Journeys
Kaksua Hino , Chosen of Secrets
Wu-Go-Ma-Xa , Chosen of Endings

Junior Operatives:

Lakshmi , Chosen of Secrets
Izumi , Chosen of Endings
Easton , Chosen of Battles
Minako , Chosen of Serenity

Associates, Antagonists, and Contacts outside the Bureau:

Mebla Dul , Twilight (deceased)
Dor Kashur , Dawn (deceased, ghost), alias The Lion
Varan , Dawn (deceased, ghost)
Qienzhiahi , Fair Folk, alias The Thunder Bell Lady
Sarina Visas , (deceased, ghost)
Lixa , Western Goddess of Beauty and Whores, Bureau of Heaven
Yichirumin , Fair Folk (destroyed)
Sazu , daughter of Lixa and wife to Kaksua Hino .


Cult Investigation  : Kaksua Hino's report on the reason Kaksua Hino missed the first mission of YOU ZHAO.
Exalt Recruitment  : Reborn Vermillion Havoc's report on the team's efforts to gather a circle of fresh Exalted.
Hidden Reef Investigation  : Kaksua Hino & Lakshmi investigate a fraying of the loom in Hidden Reef.

OOC Stuff


Wu-Go-Ma-Xa's Background  : Wu-Go's not saying much, so here's a little about the gunslinger of Endings.
A Little Story  : A tale of Wu-Go, and the kindness of Endings.
Havoc's Nightmare  : An example of a routine night of slumber for the Reborn Vermillion Havoc.

Character Sheets

Kaksua Hino
Reborn Vermillion Havoc

Kaksua Po

Dorin Lytek

Session Writeups

Starting with Session 11, we've been trying out recording sessions and transcribing them (courtesy of Grandmasta). Meanwhile, I'm slowly catching up with the summaries. -_-()
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession1 : Havoc, Traveler, and Wu-Go investigate abnormalities in lovely Hollow
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession2 : Havoc, Traveler, Wu-Go, and Kaksua travel to a Dawn's grand manse to continue the adventure that began in Hollow, and run amiss of a Fair Folk noble.
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession3 : Havoc, Traveler, Kaksua, and Wu-Go run amiss of a fair maiden, a vicious warlord, and an old friend as they take a Calibration jaunt to the Underworld.
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession4 : Havoc, Wu-Go, and Kaksua get involved in... an all-male beauty pageant?!
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession5 : Havoc, Traveler, Wu-Go, and Kaksua battle akuma, track down a traitor, blow up yet another manse, and wind up in jail in this rip-roaring double-length episode!
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession6 : Havoc, Traveler, Kaksua Hino and Wu-Go round up a circle of brand-new Exalts and get a big surprise in the SEASON FINALE of YOU ZHAO!
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession7 : Traveler trains the rookies while the other three battle demons, steal children, and put on a rock concert! You'll not get this service at the other directional conventions!
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession8 : The team learns of a couple "little problems" buried in the old Convention's paperwork - that threaten to unravel the West!
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession9 : The team returns to the Underworld to follow some leads, run afoul of another very nasty ghost, and finish the job they started...with some help from the Eye of Autochthon!
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession10 : The Convention Sidereals take a field trip to the Underworld to visit their new acquaintance - but where have they met the Bodhissatva Anointed By Dark Water before? Afterward, they lend a hand to an old... friend, of sorts.
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession11 : The Thunder Bell Lady is questioned by the Sidereals. A master finds his student. The senior operatives go to a remote island to battle a monster... if they recognize it in time!
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession12 : Hino and Traveler Spar on the way back to Seafoam. Lakshmi arrives, wounded and bearing a message. The Convention faces a one-being assault, and suffers heavily until the senior operatives return.
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession13 : Read the transcript!
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession14 : The agents return only to find a line of beautiful women and lots of paperwork. A year passes. Wu-Go-Ma-Xa decides to have some fun with his fellow agents and has Hino help. Later Havoc's daughter tries to kill him, but in the end is sent after a new target: Chejop Kejak!
WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhaoSession15 : Traveler, Hino, and Wu-Go start a little war... but it's for the greater good! Havoc "finds himself" in the Southeast... and runs into an old acquaintance. Nosebleeds abound! Bonus moral: beware of Entertainers and red silk sheets!


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