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Chosen of Battles and Junior Operative of the Convention of Water

Associations: Bureau of Destiny , Crimson Panoply of Victory, Convention of Water 
Combat Abilities: self-taught knowledge of fist and blade
Favored Equipment: his fists, a good club
Astrological Certification: none
+11  : Born in Hollow.
+15  : Abandoned by parents, taken in by Easton (East Town) gang.
+20? : Becomes leader of Easton gang, takes its name for his own.
+24  : Exalts as a Chosen of Battles, retrieved and inducted into the Convention of Water  as a trainee.
MS. OBOL 'S COMMENTS: He's a good boy, even if he's kind of rough around the edges. He used his natural abilities to lead
his gang, and the Lesser Sign to protect them from harm.  By instinct or calculation, he had expanded the gang's territory
to its practical limit without exposing it to rivals - while not my specialty, Nuran told me that Easton's grasp of
strategy is excellent for anyone, much less an illiterate child who's lived on the street nearly his whole life.
NURAN 's COMMENTS: I am going to instruct Havoc to teach the boy Gateway, and test his tactical skill in whatever way he
sees fit.  My initial impression is that he has a talent that, if nurtured, could take him to the top of the Crimson
Banner one day.
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