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Fourth Game Session

The PCs


The Guest NPCs

WaiyaddoNoDan/Lixa, Western Goddess of Beauty and Whores
WaiyaddoNoDan/Genbu, Head Priest of the Temple of Lixa in Dormin
WaiyaddoNoDan/Kiru, Chief Councilor of Dormin
WaiyaddoNoDan/Nura, a Councilor of Dormin
The Three Gorgeous Silk Devils - Xanan, Yuro, and Senej

Summary and Random OOC Info

At last year's annual male pageant celebrating the glory of Lixa, Western Goddess of Beauty and Whores, the festival, rites, and sacrifice all went as planned - but Lixa did not receive even a dollop of quintessence. YOU ZHAO is being sent in to make sure the problem doesn't come up this year - or ever again. Unfortunately, only the head priests and the winner of the pageant are witness to the sacrifice - as the winner is sacrificed in Lixa's name!
Havoc finds himself pressured into entering the pageant under the identity Automaton ( "'Cause I'm a LOOOOOVE machine!" ), while Hino infiltrates the judges and Wu-Go keeps his eyes - and weapons - prepared for anything. Unfortunately, Havoc has to content with the Three Gorgeous Silk Devils - a trio of Dragon-Blooded musicians contending for their ultimate bid for immortality.
When all is said and done, Havoc achieves a tie with Xanan of the Three Gorgeous Silk Devils in a four-way swimsuit-clad battle royale, beating his opponents unconscious with a guitar up to and including a double KO. All three Sidereals lept into action during the sacrifice, killing the apparently treacherous priests - as well as the senselessly attacking Xanan, once freed - and perform the sacrifice themselves, executing Genbu - the head priest - while enacting the appropriate rituals.


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