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Brother's Blood

This is the story of Michaelis Maddock, a troubled young Sidereal, Chosen of Endings, and his brother, once Urel Maddock, now the Hidden Pontiff of Midnight's Wisdom, a Midnight-Caste Abyssal in service of the Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible. Through the manipulations of the Bishop of the Chalcedony Thrucible and Ten Thousand Virtues an ancient fallen Sidereal, the two will be brought together in a tragic conflaguration, bringing death and despair to everyone and everything they care about and making one of Ten Thousand Virtue's old prophesies of doom finally come true.

Unless those who love the brothers can stop it, only tragedy will come of this reunion.

  • Type: Normal. Ten-day turnaround time. Third-person limited omniscient, past tense.
  • Keywords: Sideral/Abyssal conflict
  • Themes: Obsession, brotherhood, manipulation, betrayal

Chapter and Queue Listing

  1. Part 1, by Seraph, due April 2
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