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Starting a New Story

There are currently no restrictions on starting new stories.

If you want to start a new story, add it to the front page. Use the existing stories as a template, or refer to this generic template. When you start a new story, you are also expected to construct an info page for it; again, use existing stories as templates. Your story info page should probably include:

  • A link to a story-specific discussion page.
  • A link to a page with information on the cast of characters.
  • A link to a synopsis of the plot thus far.
  • A statement of purpose for the story. This could be a short paragraph describing what the story is about, a list of themes, or anything else which communicates what you feel the story should be like.
  • Any special rules which will apply to the story, such as an unusual format or a nonstandard turnaround time.

A first episode is often longer than a regular part, but it doesn't have to be. The guidelines have some suggestions regarding what should and should not be in a first episode.