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Cricket and Kestrel

Cricket and Kestrel is a story of star-crossed love, Sidereal jokes aside. There's an albino Twilight from Sijan, barren and convinced love no longer exists; there's a Bronze Faction Sidereal only now discovering the possibility of love, and a jealous goddess who thinks love is only another word for control. It's a story of hope and redemption-- a little more touchy-feely than most of what has been previously posted. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter and Queue Listing

  1. Constellations of Secrets, by Dissolvegirl (Notes)
  2. Blossoms in the Wind, by Ikselam (Notes)
  3. Hours of the Night, by SandJack
  4. An Unexpected Visitor, by CrownedSun
  5. Daughters of the Evening, by Ikselam
  6. Lost Children, by dissolvegirl
  7. Part 7, by SandJack
  8. Inheritance, by SandJack