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Moon-Blessed Mate</I>

Cost: 6 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration:: Special
Type:: Simple
Min. Manipulation:: 5
Min. Ess.:: 3
Prereq:: Pack-Forming Presence

Blessed are the animals that Luna and her Chosen choose to grace with their companionship.

The only restriction on the character's mate for the purposes of this Charm is that they be of the same species as the character's totem. The character's species does not matter, but "mate" is meant literally, so most Lunars will choose to be in their totem form. Anyone who can become the character's totem species (or, convincingly fool the Lunar into thinking he/she is) is also a viable mate for this Charm.

For the duration of this Charm, which can only be activated while the character has a single regular mate, the character's mate becomes an astounding physical specimen and quite bright for an animal as well. The mate increases its physical attributes by the Lunar's Essence, and increases its Intelligence to 2 and its Perception to 3 if they were not already that high. It is never treated as an extra. The Lunar and his/her mate always infalliably know each other's direction and mood. The animal grows to 1.5 to 2 times its normal size.

If 2xp are spent, this Charm can be used (without the mating, but rather with an hour-long prayer to Luna) to give all of the above benefits permanently to the Lunar's Familiar. The Familiar, if of the right species, is still a viable mate for the normal version of the Charm and the benefits do stack.

This Charm does not provide the mate or Familiar.

<I>Auspicious Lunar Conception</I>

Cost: 15 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration:: One Lunar Month
Type:: Simple
Min. Manipulation:: 5
Min. Ess.:: 4
Prereq:: Moon-Blessed Mate

Though any of the Exalted of sufficent magical potence could spawn magical offspring, it is within the bounds of Lunar power to go even further when in their animal shapes.

The Lunar must spend a lunar month with the same Moon-Blessed Mate. They must mate at least every other day, and both must be faithful during this month. This Charm overcomes any normal breeding season restrictions. At the end of the month, a pregnancy will occur in the appropiate partner. Although at first, this Charm must make sense (as in, only male-female pairings will produce the pregnancy), at Essence 6 this restriction is lifted, though one must be creative as to where the unborn child ends up during gestation and how it gets out afterwards.

The pregnancy lasts the normal length and is no more dangerous than normal for the species. The offspring is always an animal of the character's totem species, unless the Lunar, in human form, mates with a human who has tricked the Lunar, while regularly mating with him/her, that he/she is an animal of the Lunar's totem species, in which case the offspring is human. Any other pairings produce an animal instead. The offspring is a godblood of the appropiate sort for the pairing, usually Lunar Half-Caste, again barring some being of superior Essence or divine right of parentage tricking the Lunar in order to mate with him/her.

The Lunar doubles his Essence for the purposes of determining the Inheritence of the offspring. Such offspring are, of course, heroic characters.

Characters who can perceive essence flows can instantly tell if a Lunar parent and offspring created by this Charm are related. Offspring created by this Charm that gain the merit Awakened Essence automatically gain the Aura of Power flaw, receiving extra bonus points as normal.

For 4xp, the Lunar can expand this benefit to his Familiar permanently by praying that Luna favor her Familiar for 3 hours during a new moon. The Familiar becomes a Lunar half-caste with an Inheritence equal to the Essence of the Lunar. Apply all bonuses immediately-- from that point on, the Familiar gains xp at the same rate as the Lunar-- the Lunar's player decides on how the Familiar spends the xp (it is recommended to start a second sheet for the Familiar). Such Familiars are, of course, heroic characters. Using this Charm to boost one's Familiar's Essence and then using it again mating with said Familiar to produce exceptionally powerful offspring is a quick path to breeding a powerful pack, but the Lunar should be sure he/she can control the loyalty of that many powerful dynamic magical beasts.

<I>Battle Call of the Wild</I>

Cost: 12 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration:: Essence in Turns
Type:: Simple
Min. Charisma: 5
Min. Ess.: 4
Prereq.: Lion Roar Method, Glorious Battle Presence

The Lunar roars out a battle call that brings out a predator's battle fury in his followers. All friendly combatants fighitng on the side of the Lunar within the Lunar's (Essence x 10) in yards add their own Valor in dice to all rolls involving physical attributes for the Duration of the Charm. Multiple cocurrent uses of this Charm do not stack.

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