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Tornado Gust Technique

Cost: 4 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Min. Thrown: 4
Min. Ess.: 3
Prereq.: Loyal Weapon, Crosswind Offense

Reaching out with a whip of air-aspected essence, the Dragon-Blooded snares an errant projectile from the air and snaps it towards herself. The character makes a Wits+Thrown roll against the original roll to fire/throw the projectile, adding her Essence in automatic successes. If the character exceeds the original attacker's successes, the attack is redirected at the character with its original number of successes. This is an all-or-nothing attempt-- on a failure, nothing happens and the essence is wasted. On a botch, the attack is redirected, but so suddenly and unpredictably that the character is considered unaware of the attack. This Charm has a range of (20xEssence) in yards.

Attacks redirected by this Charm may subsequently be redirected again via Vengeful Gust Counterattack or any similar Charm. Attacks immune to enviromental penalties due to wind are similarly immune to this Charm.

Reach of the Wind

Cost: 1+(base damage of weapon) motes
Duration: One Turn
Type: Reflexive
Min. Thrown: 5
Min. Ess.: 3
Prereq.: Tornado Gust Technique

The Terrestrial whispers through the wind, and a downed projectile snaps to attention in response. The Dragon-Blooded may indicate a visible arrow or thrown weapon within (5xEssence) yards-- the weapon leaps into the air and is considered in-hand for the Dragon-Blooded for the rest of the turn-- its range is considered to extend from where it fell, instead of from the Dragon-Blooded himself. He may attack with the weapon using the Thrown ability as normal.

Arrows affected by this Charm are considered Thrown weapons with no accuracy bonus, a rate of 2, and a range of 20-- they do Strength+(arrow modifer) for damage, with no cap.

This Charm may not be used upon downed artifact Thrown weapons or artifact arrows, nor may it be used on weapons in the hand of another character, though it may be used on arrows from an archer's quiver. It may not be used on any weapon already in flight, or on a weapon magically imbeded in another character. If two users of this Charm attempt to control the same projectile at the same moment, the higher-Essence user wins. If they have the same Essence, then they make a contested Essence roll to see who wins.

Gale-Blessed Arsenal

Cost: 6 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Thrown: 5
Min. Ess.: 4
Prereq.: Reach of the Wind, Vengeful Gust Counterattack

For the rest of the scene, all downed arrows and Thrown weapons within the character's Essence in yards snap up to revolve around the character for the rest of the scene, ready to be used at his command. This power automatically activates against any ranged attacks the character successfully defends against, but provides no defensive benefit itself. Weapons ensorcelled by this Charm as treated as if under the effects of Reach of the Wind (with similar restrictions) until the character uses them to attack or until the Charm ends.

This Charm does not interact with attacks redirected via Vengeful Gust Counterattack by its user.

Steel Wind Monsoon

Cost: 5 motes, plus 2 motes per weapon, 1 Willpower
Duration: Instant
Type: Extra Action
Min. Thrown: 5
Min. Ess.: 4
Prereq.: Gale-Blessed Arsenal, Persistent Hornet Attack

The character needs not hands to send her weapons for her opponent's blood, merely her own connection with the winds. Upon invoking this Charm for 5 motes and a Willpower, the character makes an attack with every weapon he currently controls via the Charms Reach of the Wind or Gale-Blessed arsenal, paying an extra two motes per weapon he attacks with. All attacks are rolled and defended against seperately.

Mela's Capricious Touch

Cost: 15 motes, 1 Willpower, 1 health level
Duration: One Turn
Type: Reflexive
Min. Thrown: 5
Min. Ess.: 5
Prereq.: Steel Wind Monsoon, Wind Armor Technique

With an open palm, the Dragon-Blooded gently strikes the air as if placing her hand upon a wall-- the winds all around her temporarily solidify, barring the passage of everyone but the Terrestrial herself and making ranged attacks near impossible without the aid of magic.

This Charm has a range of (40xEssence). All non-magical ranged attacks within this area fail, falling to the ground as they are fired. All attacks made using artifact weapons or enhanced with Charms add the Terrestrial's Essence to their difficulty. Everyone in this area divides their movement distances (including Charm-enhanced movement) by the Dragon-Blooded's Essence, rounded down. These are all perfect effects.

None of the above penalties apply to the user of this Charm. Attacks made using Charms that state they are immune to enviromental penalties caused by the wind are unaffected by this Charm. This Charm may be used defensively to interrupt an incoming ranged attack.

Lord of the Winds

Cost: 20 motes, 2 Willpower
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Thrown: 6
Min. Ess.: 6
Prereq.: Mela's Capricious Touch, Crosswind Feint, Crosswind Gale, Crosswind Empowerment Technique

The Dragon-Blooded assumes control of the element that is his birthright. Nothing passes through the air within his power without his knowledge, and naught a breeze blows without his personal understanding of it. The winds within his domain are his and his alone.

This Charm has a range of (50xEssence). The Terrestrial may alter the path and flight of projectiles within this area. No matter what ranged weapon he uses, targets within this area are always within range for him. He ignores penalties for cover and shields. He may add his Essence in auto-successes to all of his ranged attacks.

All downed projectiles within the Charm's area of effect automatically come within the character's control, using the rules for Reach of the Wind.

Non-magical ranged attacks made by other characters are completely at the Terrestrial's whim. He may add or subtract his Essence in successes to each attack. He may reflexively, at a cost of 2 motes, redirect the attack to any target within the area of effect of the Lord of the Winds Charm. Against magically-powered attacks, the Terrestrial may, if he chooses, roll a contested Essence roll with the attacker. If the Terrestrial wins, he may take control of the attack as if it were a mundane ranged attack. This is not a perfect effect-- Charms such as Accuracy Without Distance will still hit their original targets, and Charms immune to wind-based enviromental penalties cannot be affected at all.

If another character attempts to use Tornado Gust Technique, Reach of the Wind, or even Lord of the Winds or any similar Charm that affects projectiles at a distance, within the radius of this Charm, they must win a contested Essence roll with the user of this Charm in order to do so.


Is it just me, or are Reach of the Wind and Gale-Blessed Arsenal rather expensive for what they do? Maybe I'm missing something; all they seem to do is allow a normal attack, possibly with a slightly extended range. Wind Weapons generally provides a superior effect. And the variable cost for Reach of the Wind means that it's drastically more efficient to use chakram/shuriken and target arrows than anything else, which may not have been your intention. - Quendalon

Reach of the Wind allows you to make attacks outside your normal Thrown range-- range for the weapon is measured from the point you pick it up. It's also useful as a tool if you run out of ammo and there's other Thrown weapons strewn about the field-- I might make a point of extending the range of the Charm for that purpose. It makes for excellent surprise attacks AND attacks from behind, if you're clever. Yeah, it's a trick Charm for trick situations, but I seriously believe that's what the Dragon-Blooded are best at.

It's more efficient, yes. You also tend to notice the hit you take in the damage rating of the weapon-- weapons that do more damage are more expensive. This could become a balance issue with target arrows, though-- I'll think about it.

Gale-Blessed Arsenal is meant to be a scene-long investment if you aren't carrying weapons on you. Note that any ranged attack stopped by your defenses (like, say, Whirlwind Shield Form) are immediately snapped up by the Charm's effect-- basically, you can build up a huge amount of ammo, without having to hold it in hand or on your person. If you play a game like mine, where there's a real limit to how many knives or javelins you can carry on your person, it becomes useful. It's also useful against tons of extras, where you might need a lot of ammo. Dodge away, take their ranged weapons, and snap them back at them.

You'll note that Gale-Blessed Arsenal is an extremely nice way to build up for Steel Wind Monsoon. But I do see your point-- I'll think about it and maybe reduce the mote cost some. Thanks for the comments. - TheMyriadOfShades