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(House rules: As PC revisions, except Spider-Foot Style also costs 5 motes and doubles running speed-- Lightning Speed, SFS, and Feather-Foot Style's speed bonuses all stack. Cloud-Foot Style does what its name says it does-- it lets you land and walk on clouds, pillars of smoke, and other esoteric things you wouldn't normally be able to walk on. No flying, though-- you have to leap from cloud to cloud, unless you have some seperate flying effect. Soaring Crane Leap can be activated mid-fall to avoid damage.)

World-Cracking Blow</I>

Cost: 8 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Simple
Min. Athletics: 5
Min. Essence: 4
Prereq.: Ten Ox Meditation

The Solar centers himself and focuses on the destruction of a single inanimate object. Channeling essence, he strikes with all of his body and spirit. Very little can stand up to such direct attention. The Solar makes a normal attack against an inanimate object using any weapon of his choice. He adds 10x(Essence) to the raw damage of the attack.

<I>God Body Prowess</I>

Cost: None
Duration: Permanent
Type: Special
Min. Athletics: 5
Min. Essence: 5
Prereq.: World-Cracking Blow

The greatest of the Solars are, at all times, weightlifters beyond the ken of mortal men, muscles bulging underneath everything they wear and diamonds cracking in their fists. Against them, nothing can stand for long.

The Solar may purchase this Charm a number of times equal to his Essence. For each purchase, he adds 3 to all Str.+Ath. pools, such as those for leaping distances and the feats of strength chart. He adds an automatic success to all Strength rolls, and to damage rolls. These bonuses stack for each purchase-- for example, a character who bought the Charm 3 times would jump 9 yards higher vertically, add 3 successes to Str.+Ath. checks (like the contested one you might make against the hordes outside trying to bang down the door you're holding up), and add 3 health levels of damage to all attacks that roll damage.

<I>Golden Hare Combat Method</I>

Cost: 10 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Athletics: 5
Min. Essence: 3
Prereq.: Racing Hare Method, Foe-Vaulting Style

The Solar adopts a low stance, ready to leap and move at any moment. Anything could set her off. She could suddenly be halfway across the room at any time. Her mobility makes her a dangerous opponent.

For the rest of the scene, the Solar may spend essence in conjunction with an attack, in response to being attacked, or in conjunction with her movement action. She may spend a single mote to leap her normal leaping distance, or she may spend 3 motes to leap her Strength x 10 yards-- the character's horizontal leaping distance is double her vertical distance, as per normal. The character must end her leaps on a valid surface-- normally a solid, largely horizontal one, but the character may have other magic to allow her to land other places.

Other than making her very mobile, a Solar who bounds about at high speeds is wildly disconcerting to her opponents. If she uses the 3 mote leap as part of an attack, the defender loses her Dexterity from all defensive pools. If she uses the 3 mote leap in response to an attack, the attacker loses her Dexterity from his attack pool.

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