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Silver Fury Claws</b>

<b>Prerequisite Gifts: Savage Moonsilver Talons, Horiffic Might
The character's claws and teeth are as sharp as the nails of Luna herself, the mysterious half-wild goddess. The Lunar converts a number of damage dice equal to his Essence into successes on every successful claw or bite attack.

Creation-Hound's Fangs</b>

<b>Prerequisite Gifts: Savage Moonsilver Talons, Ghost Sight
The Lunar Exalted share something in themselves with the Wyld, and as such they stand the best against it. For this and other reasons whenever the Solar Exalted needed to flush out their enemies, they sent the Lunar Exalted, long referred to among the Fae as the Great Hounds of Creation. The Lunar's claws and bite do aggravated damage to Fair Folk, wyld-tainted creatures, and dematerialized spirits, and can permanently kill such creatures. Said creatures instantly recognize that a Lunar has this power, no matter his form.

Luna's Storied Nails</b>

<b>Prerequisite Gifts: Silver Fury Claws, Creation-Hound's Fangs
There are secrets to the manner in which Luna acts in Creation which find expression even in the deepest aspects of the Wyld. The reprecussions of these hidden principles reverberate in the stories told about the Lunar-- he becomes a fearsome stalker defined by his terrible natural weapons, that are in themselves worthy of wonder. Both Wyld and Creation fall out of respect for these deeper truths. The Lunar adds powers to his claws and bite as appropiate for an Artifact 5 weapon. His claw and bite actions are immune to penalties imposed by the Wyld or Fair Folk powers. When a character with these claws kills a Fair Folk noble, he takes control of one of the noble's possessions, such as a glamour spell or a behemoth.

Limber Beast Blessing</b>

<b>Prerequisite Gifts: Two purchases of Horrifying Might
The most physically adept of the Lunar Exalted are the strongest, fastest, toughest beasts in Creation. A Lunar with this Charm displays awesome physical prowess. The Lunar increases every one of his physical attributes by the number of times he has bought Deadly Beastman Transformation.


I kind of like pretty much all of these gifts, but I have two or three bits of criticism to share. The first is that I think Luna's Storied Nails shouldn't be a gift, but a charm, and it should have some form of system built into it to determine it's power level. The second is that most of the other ones seem to have two effects built into them, such as Creation-Hound's Fangs, which not only does agg to a whole lot of antagonists, but also permanently destroys spirits. Even if it has a bunch of pre-reqs it doesn't function like typical gifts from cannon do. The other thing I suggest is that you have Silver Fury Claws just convert the successes equal to essence, but don't make it eat up armor. It's allready broken as hell, and reminds me of Mega-Strength in Abberant. The fact that it's a gift means that it doesn't cost you any more to use it, and it basically has the effect of a 6 to 10 mote charm in it's effectivness with each attack. Very, very creative, though, and I really think you're on the right track ^^ -EndlessChase

My intention was for the second two gifts to properly reflect what Essence 4 and 5 Celestial powers look like. I agree that the Artifact system for Luna's Storied Nails could use some fleshing out, but as I didn't want to write a 2-page gift, I may have just left it for an individual ST to figure out. Essence 5 with every one of your gifts going towards obtaining this gift isn't that overpowering at all. A Charm I'd be more concerned about-- buying Charms doesn't make it impossible to get other Charms. Buying Luna's Storied Nails at Essence 5 means you don't have any gifts not dedicated to anything but claws.

Creation-Hound's Fangs requires Essence 4 to get. It's based off spirit-perception and claws that damage unmanifested spirits, so I figured it would have similar effects to the Lunar Charm that does aggravated damage, and a lot of it, to dematerialized spirits and permanently destroys them. Also, since you run in the Wyld a lot as a Lunar, the second effect is so that you can fight the Fae without having to haul around iron all the time. You're a dedicated god-beast who's very much into killing supernatural threats, and since you're an Essence 4 Lunar with 4 DBTs and all of your gifts dedicated to this purpose, I figure they'd be good at it. When a Lunar comes after prey he specializes in hunting, you better bet he'll be extra-dangerous.

Silver Fury Claws you may be right on. It's only Essence 3, and it may be a little much for it to wipe out armor. I'll edit that out, since the auto-damage is a pretty nasty effect anyway, especially in Power Combat. -TheMyriadOfShades

The main point that I was trying to get at was that gifts tend to do only one thing, and many of them have a pre-requisite that is completely replaced once you get it. Some of the ons you've made here do multiple things, and they still leave the pre-reqs alone. While the stuff here is cool and all, they seem a little off from how the cannonical gifts function. --EndlessChase

The canonical gifts all require Essence 1 or 2 to get. These are all in the 3-5 range. You better bet that they're both weird and more powerful. -TheMyriadOfShades