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The Gold Faction originally argued against the Usurpation, and now that the Solars are reappearing in large numbers, the Gold Sidereals are doing their best to aid these reborn heroes... on their own terms, of course.

Known Sidereal members of the Gold Faction:

Ayesha Ura (COI p48); Lupo (COI p. 51); Rol (COI p54); Sapphre Sparrow (COI p56);

Known non-Sidereal Gold Faction Supporters:

Lytek, Daimyo of the Division of Exaltation; Nara-O of the Hundred Veils, Keeper of Secrets; Vanileth, Shogun of Artificial Flight; Wun-Ja, God of the Shining Metropolis

Solar supporter/cult members:

Glimmering Horizon (COI p61)and ; Krinstet Orr(COI p60)

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