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Brainstorming ideas for Sidereals, and having them conform to my wishes. This will require reworking many charm trees to integrate the loss of Linguistics, and fix Sidies for their new purposes. Endings has been removed. They were too miscellaneous, and the abilities fit better now. Endings were cool, but they just didn't quite fit.

Sidereals get 9 favoured Abilities. Martial Arts is automatically one of those, and they must choose at least 4 more from Caste Abilities, but they are not required to favour all of their Caste Abilities.

For Charms: MoSiderealCharms



  • Bureaucracy
  • Craft
  • Lore
  • Martial Arts
  • Paths

Battles - Overcoming obstacles

  • Brawl
  • Melee
  • Presence
  • Resistance
  • War

Journeys - Making sure things are where they need to be

  • Archery - Putting weapons where they need to be
  • Athletics - Getting to where you need to be
  • Ride - Forcing your way to a place
  • Pilot - Using the world's forces to get to a place
  • Thrown - Moving an object to where it needs to be

Secrets - Knowing things, and keeping secrets

  • Awareness - Noticing things
  • Investigation - Finding things
  • Larceny - Keeping secrets unknown
  • Occult - Understanding the secrets behind things
  • Stealth - Keeping physical secrets

Serenity - Making life worth living

  • Integrity -
  • Medicine - Maintaining health
  • Performance - Making temporary beauty
  • Socialize - Acting in accordance with nature and a social frame
  • Survival - Acting in accordance with nature and a natural frame

Sidereal Essence Pools

  • Personal: Essence + Willpower
  • Peripheral: Essence x 5 + Highest Virtue + All Connections and Backing

On to MoSiderealCharms


I don't like Resistance for Serenity or Bureaucracy for Battles (although I can see the latter more than the former). I would personally give Battles Resistance, Secrets Bureaucracy, and Serenity Awareness. Granted, the last works best if you have my peculiar the-artist-is-particularly-aware mindset (and I love thinking of the Chosen of Serenity as poets and artists) but I think it works for your purposes ... something along the lines of "Awareness -- Serenity -- noticing and being in tune with nature and beauty". As for Bureaurcracy, I think it just works best with Secrets for obvious reasons, and I think Resistance works better for Battles for the same explanation you give under Endurance. Personally, I would also give Endurance to Journeys and then replace it with Athletics or maybe Archery or Dodge, but I think I understand your choices there, and agree with them a lot more than with the other stuff I've mentioned.
~ Shataina
PS: I put up a note about the ability favouring ... let me know if I was wrong, but I think I remembered what you said correctly ....
PPS: Rather than making MA Casteless, why not make it Caste for all Sidereals? Since you're giving it to Castes of other Exalts I thought that might be more consistent.

Personally, I think the idea of the "Assistant subminister for Death" is cool enough that I would keep the Chosen of Endings. If you want to drop Linguistics (an idea which I like) I would just drop Linguistics and be done with it. The Chosen of Serenity Caste abilites are so good that you don't really have to give them anything to replace it with. But I'm coming into this project kind of late, so I may be missing something -MeiRen

Not at all. I really appreciate your comment. And I agree, that Endings was something good. But I never thought it fit into the scheme of the Exalted world, and I'm of the opinion that if you generalize things first, you can make specific things cooler easier. I just can't abide uneven abilities. Every caste needs the same number. Now, Exalted takes that principle to extremes, which is why I don't mind eliminating Saturn much. I did have two Sidereal Chosen of Endings. PCs. One will be Battles now, and the other Secrets. I can find new ways to make them cool. -

I do appreciate comments about these ability distributions, but I'm gonna stick with the way I have them for now. The charms will need to be rewritten. If anyone is interested for my specific justifications for any of the abilities, I'd be more than happy to expound. Thanks. - Morpheus

I find it sort of interesting that you can't abide uneven abilities, yet you shorted Air and Fire in your DB rules. Removing Saturn Sids breaks up the fivefold symetry that dominates all of Creation. That's been a consistent theme among all Exalted since the start. Lunars broke it by screwing themselves up, but they originally did have the five-fold dynamic everyone ELSE has going on. I don't see how the Purples were any more misc then, say, the Blues. Purples dealt with the orderly and proper ending of things, the progression from old to new. Go watch Batman Begins for a whole BUNCH of mean, nasty Endings. They totally fit. - Telgar

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