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Subject: Wow. Sidereals vs US\\ jabberwock - 10/25/2003 13:40:49

>>It's noted that there's a belief that the MoSer is most concerned with her own pleasure. <<

This gives me a whole new idea for referencing the Maidens in the Sidereals' bureaucracy!

Just like military people shrink down "human intelligence" to HumInt, "signal intelligence" to SigInt and others, the Maidens:

"I'm on a task force for MoSec. Who are you to stand in my way?"

"I am Seventh Brother, with MoBat. I've a mission to follow, and no one will stand in my way."

"None but I! My directives from MoEnd tell me this man's time is not now!"

"C'mon, let's party! At least, that's what MoSer says..."

"No. It is time to leave this place. So my Maiden tells me, and MoJo is never wrong!"