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Incomparable Spectral Defence

Cost: 6 motes, 1 willpower
Type: Reflexive
Duration: Instant
Min. Dodge: 5
Min. Essence: 3
Prereqs: Flickering Wisp Technique

No Matter the form it takes, it cannot strike a true child of the Abyss: For when it is said that Nothing can evade a blow, then it is with but a laugh that you embrace this truth, and become the very nothing that cannot be struck. Discorporating instantly into a nonexistent shade, the abyssal may dodge, without rolling, any attack you are aware of, even those that are normally impossible to dodge: The abyssal shimmers into existence a heartbeat later, up to their essence in yards away. This is a perfect defence.


Standard convention is for HGD dodges to cost 3m, 1w. ~Capric

Abyssmals are attackers without equal, but defence isn't as much their game. Dasmen

This page should by AbyssalMelee/Molikai or something. And this charm is over-priced. 4-5 motes, 1 willpower. - Telgar

Yeah. The Abyssal HGD (Incomparable Sentienal Stance, I think...) is 3m, 1W. HOWEVER, the teleporting effect is fairly powerful- it can really screw up someone that can't keep up. Hm. Just got an idea for a DB Charm :) -- DS

Well, yes, the standard cobversion for true perfect dodges are generally just a direct translation of the true perfect parries. However, I bumped the cost and prereq's for 2 reasons: 1, the addition of the dodge effect, and 2) It is a /lot/ harder to make it impossible for someone to block than it is to make it impossible to dodge. For the first? Adisarm. Parrying requires a weapon. Dodging does not. THat, in my opinion, merits a higher cost. - Molikai

Only problem with that is that disarms are almost impossible to set off and few armed combatants are ever unarmed. Also, you can parry with Brawl or unarmed MA which DOESN'T take a weapon. Dodge is weaker, it's charms should cost less not more. - Telgar

Well. Sort of. You can parry using Bralw or MA with a stunt, or with a charm. It's not an innate property of the skill, and I, for one, am going to require you to have a true perfect parry for that skill: You can't use HGD with a brawl parry, even if you pull the stunt off, because your parry came in the door marked 'brawl' not the door marked 'melee'. Dodging just works. - Molikai

Improvised weapons work with either Brawl or Melee. If you can manage to stunt a parry with an improvised weapon, you can use Melee and, therefore, HGD. Depending upon how free your game is with stunts, this is pretty much always possible. For a brief moment, her very will to live solidified before her in a corruscating arc of Essence. She grasped it and brought it forward to meet the attack... -szilard

Yes, dodging "just works". That's all it has going for it. Melee can attack as well as parry. Brawl and MA likewise. You can write an HGD in Brawl because Brawl has the ability to parry all by itself. Of all the combat abilities, Dodge is the ONLY ONE that can't possibly attack, the ONLY one restricted 100% to being defensive. Everything else has the ability to do both. - Telgar

I point out that there's no reason you -can't- write a dodge charm that attacks. It'd just be weird. Redirections, on the other hand, are almost attacks, and much more common. Even the DB's get one.
-- Darloth agrees with telgar there, but is just postulating weird charm ideas anyway

You can't write a Dodge charm that attacks for the same reason you can't write a Ride Charm that reads books. - Telgar

Learned Mount Prana (5m, 1w, simple, scene, prereq: spirit-steadying assurances): Carefully encouraging his mount, the Solar extends the light of knowledge to his steed, allowing it to breifly comprehend enough to read simple passages and maps. For the duration of the scene, the horse or other mount may read maps and understand text as a int 1, lore 1 peasant. Any knowledge gained during this time will be retained--this charm is most often used to familiarize a favored mount with maps of battlefields or complicated tactics, but some eccentric solars have successfully cultured their horses for when they find themselves mounted at an opera or important social function. ~Capric
Capric is my new hero. Also, I adore the flavor text on the dodge charm now. Props to you both. -- GregLink

Ride Charm that lets YOU read books when not riding something. Bah. - Telgar

Sorry, it was just too silly not to write up. Although seriously, I think you probably *could* write a non-joke reading-enhancing ride charm, especially if it was DB charm (which often have weird effects, IMO) or a top secret hidden Sid charm or something. There is dragon-blooded counterattack dodge charm, after all... ~Capric