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But I Really Want To Direct

This is a feasibility study for an idea which came to me a week or so ago. In the absence of an actual gaming group, I need my story-telling fix, so I'm proposing the start of an Exalted round-robin story. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, this is a story which unfolds in episodes, with a different author each segment. You may have done something similar to this in writing classes in highschool or university; what I'm proposing will probably be a little more structured. If you like to write, or would like to practice so you can write better, it could be a lot of fun. If enough interest is expressed, I'll draw up a more detailed proposal which contains actual guidelines and protocols.

If you want to see an example of what I'm proposing, visit www.improfanfic.com. This website has been fairly stagnant for a long time, but a few years ago, when I was an active part of it, it was pretty exciting. If I get support for this idea, what I come up with will probably bear a passing similarity to Improfanfic methodologies; however, I've got some ideas for how to make it significantly more transparent and open-ended, as befits wiki.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, either leave a post here, or email me at nadrek@lensmen.net.


I would love to see the guidelines! What exactly do you have in mind for the story topics, I wonder?  :-) Balthasar

Sounds fun. - FWW

Between E: Kombat and this I might not spaz so much with a lack of Exalted gaming to do... Sign me up! -MidKnight

This sounds interesting. - Quendalon

Sounds cool -- Senji

Hey you've got my attention man bring it on - Ageis

  • Up For It * - Hidden

Hmm...you've got my attention. Are you going to mastermind this endeavor? hplovescats

Okay, folks, turn your big googly eyes toward theIkselam/DetailedProposal.\\ _Ikselam

I am not only up for it, I heartily approve. I also was part of the ImproFanfic scene, and I miss it. In case you're curious, I'm hosting a webboard for a very similar project. If you'd like, I can make you guys a section on that board and make Ikselam and some others admins/mods of it. Wikis are cool, but if you guys feel more comfortable with something else, it's also fine. In any event, I'd love to write for a round robin story.

Ikselam, these kind of ideas are why I treasure you as a member of ExaltedWiki :)

-- DaveFayram

No shit! What stories did you write for?\\ As for the MB thing, I really want to try and see if this works on wiki. I think the almost complete transparency has the potential to eliminate most of the annoying crap that enters into the picture with board-based stuff, or an admin-based system like Impro.

On a somewhat related note, I'm pretty sure the event which sparked this idea was you asking me to proofread the story you'd written about your character wasting the Tepet Legions.\\ _Ikselam

Offtopic, Ikselam. \\ On the subject of weblogs, check out mine. You'll notice I'm doing something about your blog, and I'll make sure to get it working when I get back. It's easy to forget that I am in a kind of perpetual hacker fugue state. Rublog has some very sexy properties that hackers like, but that makes it a pain for average users. You people who live in the real world need to remind me when my head (and thusly my perspective) float away. MovableType (yes its spelled right) should get you going right quick, and it'll let you admin the blog yourself, which will mean less waiting and more catering to inspiration.

We'll see how it turns out.

As for ImproFanfic, I kept getting on the queue, but late enough that by the time it finally got around to me, I walked away in disgust. The most pronounced case of this was with the Slayers Virtual Fic. It started off as a good idea and then fell away into total bullshit. :P

A lot of the GMCA people are former ImproFanfic people. You might want to try hanging out and talking to some people there. I offered them a wiki, but they declined, so I produced a message board.

Anyways, I'm off for my long drive. Merry Christmas, Ikselam.

-- DaveFayram

I'd like to sign up if people don't mind my prefered shadowy style of writing. I don't get to use it much STing Exalted, but it's how I like to write. You'll never even see my posts. You'll just be filled with a sudden sense of awe and ominous evil! Or something. - Telgar

I'd definately like to get in on something like this, I spend more time at school thinking up exalted crap (characters, plots, artifacts) than i do learning.


Sweet. I was thinking to myself from the format that this looked a lot like Improfanfic. I was a watcher, a lurker, but all I did once was put in a submission for a series...I don't rmeember which contest it was, maybe #2 or #3. It was the contest that submissions were done with the night Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out, that's all I remember. Anyway, the story was called "Islands", it flopped, and I moved on.

Ah, memories.

But the idea sounds fun. I'm game!! - Mockery