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The Dominion of Ageis


Stories about a newborn sidereal.

Some of the odd background stories created for my Sidereal character Caras' Val

Brief introduction for a very strange character who's still wandering about the One Thread to this day.

A solar flash back for my abyssal character melodramatic but i like it.


In an attempt to make better use of the wiki page I have been so generously granted I've decided to start putting up the numerous exalted projects I adopt (and in most cases abandon unfinished.)

Sidereal game ATangledWebWeWeave


Is it good, is it bad? Do you have a sugestion for a story or what should happen next in an existing one? Feel free to role out various ideas.

It is cool, very cool and I want more!!! Sunjumper Haha I should have expected your arrival :)

Did I mention that "I WANT MORE"? Sunjumper

Thats all very well man but did you have to delete the web address i was keeping here? Ageis

I deleted and address?! Damn, I am very sorry I did not notice. *hangs head in shame* Sunjumper

I really enjoyed the stories. hope there is more coming. Elander

Look at that Sunjumper!!!!! anouther person found my page and typed a comment. That only took eight months kick ass. Glad to hear you liked them Elander --Ageis

"Jupiter bathed in her crimson light"(at the end of Delphi II} is this ment to be Mars or is it ment to be emerald, or is Jupiter red for some strange reason. - HeWhoSpeaksOfDarkness

I was thinking of the planet and crimson sounds better than orange. This was written before the sidereal book came along to tell me that the maidens were represented by stars and contstellations. Ageis

I just got through the Delphi stories and I though that they were great. i like the way you showed the village dealt with the local spirits. dameon16

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