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Who am I? Just some guy, who sometimes does fun stuff, sometimes ends up pissing people off.

The story of the first Exalted character I got to play in a face to face game is summed up at IanPrice/CharacterTimeline.

I've played plenty of other White Wolf games too. A little of everything WoD, as well as Adventure and Aberrant. Been storyteller as much as I've played, and people seem to enjoy it. I came here doing some research at first, specifically, trying to find some good house rules for two-weapon fighting. My friend who will be running the game decided on his own set of rules instead, but the entries here were educational.

I'm also a freelance writer for White Wolf, so hopefully I can get some work on an Exalted book or three. Or more. We'll see what happens. For now, you can find my name inside the cover of Ghouls for Vampire: The Requiem.

My friend and I are working on some MortalMartialArts for his game. Sneak preview available now. One of these arts will be inspired by Konsekai: Swordwaltzer (http://www.xerjester.com/). The feel of this comic is very good for Exalted.

Love and Peace!

Edit 10/12/2005: Updated MortalMartialArts with more information on the two styles mentioned so far. Swordwaltzer styles will come next.

Edit 10/13/2005: Inspired by BrigandRansom's NarutoMod, I have created a BleachMod. Or rather, started to create one.

Edit 10/16/2005: Contributed to MartialArtsRelay and MartialArtsRelay/MorningGloryStyle. That was fun. ^_^

Edit 10/26/2005: I have some thoughts about mass combat. I will be archiving them at IanPrice/MailAndSteel.

Edit 11/06/2005: I had some ideas, and so, SolarResistance/IanPrice now exists.

Edit 11/11/2005: Whee, violence on Armistice Day. SolarMelee/IanPrice now exists, to contain charms for one of my favorite anime shticks.

Edit 11/13/2005: I was bored, and somebody suggested it, so go check out SolarStealth/IanPrice. Then shake somebody's hand and watch the confusion as the person behind you dies horribly.

Edit 11/14/2005: GregLink found my weakness: he suggested a cool idea that needed to be done. So, we're doing it, under the auspices of SolarLore/IanPrice.

Edit 11/18/2005: I suppose I ought to link to IanPrice/TrialHouseRules here, since I'm going to ST some of the fights in the Trial By Fire.

Edit 11/21/2005: Oh yeah, right. SolarEndurance/IanPrice. Heh, knew I forgot something.

Edit 12/01/2005: Archived Sunburst Dragon Crash and some other old comments.

Edit 12/02/2005: Behold.

Edit 12/06/2005: SolarInvestigation/IanPrice - home to another randomish idea.

Edit 05/30/2006: I return! So much time has passed... and in that time, I published more books, played a bit more exalted, and became president of my own startup company. Oh, and graduated from college. Not necessarily in that order. Anyway, I have now updated the Trial By Fire for 2ed, and I do wish to have it occur! This has invalidated the thing I put at IanPrice/TBFFinalBoss, but meh, that wasn't so important. I created a new nifty thing at SolarMulti/IanPrice, inspired by the new Excellency system. All in all, I am very happy with the new edition. Very happy indeed.

Edit 05/31/2006: Artifact Relay.

Edit 06/01/2006: Solars and Communication Theory.

Edit 06/07/2006: Winged Serpent - a new martial art.

Edit 06/12/2006: The perfect way to start an Exalted chronicle.

Edit 07/05/2006: Artifacts/IanPrice

Edit 01/05/2007: New content again at last, bolstering an area I've always felt lacking: terrestrial martial arts. The Fifteen Cyclic Elemental Styles each correspond to a month in the year of Creation.

Edit whatever: SolarCraft/IanPrice and SolarOccult/IanPrice - been up there a bit but I forgot to link from here.

Communal Project: Rhetoric.

My favorite stuff atIanPrice/Favorites.

LoreOneExalted is cool.


Golden Serpent

(Page created by, strangely enough, IanPrice)

Idea Pile.

My storyteller is using this set of house rules, which I rather like, for dual-wielding weapons:

  • The trait minimums to wield the weapons paired are equal to the highest minimum either weapon has for each trait, plus one.
    • The off-hand penalty is considered to subtract one from the Strength of that hand, as an extending interpretation of the normal -1 off-hand penalty. So, rolls with a weapon in that hand are at -1, and the Strength of that hand is one less.
    • So wielding two Chopping Swords requires Strength 4; the minimum for each is 3 when dual-wielding, but the Strength of the off-hand does not meet that without strength 4. Two Hook Swords would require Strength 4, Dexterity 4, and Martial Arts 4.
    • The Ambidextrous/Omnidextrous Merit removes the Strength penalty as well as the normal one.
  • There are two ways to use two weapons: together as one weapon used in tandem, or separately with one acting like a shield in defense and one acting as normal.
    • In the first mode, add together the Accuracy, Damage, and Defense traits of the two weapons (negative values subtract from positive values as one would mathematically expect). Add the Speed traits together and divide by two, round up. If using Power Combat, then Rate is handled according to the official ruling (we don't use PC, so doesn't impact us).
    • In the second mode, the weapon devoted to defense adds its Defense trait to the difficulty of all melee attacks made against the character. The primary weapon continues to be used as normal. A single weapon cannot be used to defend this way.

  • In Exalted 2, the above requirements for wielding paired weapons still work normally.
    • Weapons noted as intended for paired use do not suffer the penalty, thus allowing a character to function as if Ambidextrous. Also, these weapons do not require any higher strength than indicated to wield paired.
    • When attempting to dual-wield normally 2-handed weapons, the strength requirement increase is factored in before the requirement is tripled. Thus, dual-wielding Greatswords would require a strength of 13 (or 12 with Ambidexterity) to suffer no penalty for missing the minimums.
    • Standard rules allow each weapon in a pair to make attacks up to its Rate. In addition to this benefit, we in our game allow an off-hand weapon to be used to Guard in a Flurry, preserving Parry DV even though attacks penalize Dodge DV normally. This guard may not be aborted like the normal guard action.
    • We also allow the Defense of each weapon to be added to the Parry DV calculation.
  • The rate rules in Second Edition make it un-neccessary to add potency to the two-weapon choice as compared to sword and shield or two-handed weapon.
    • We are interpreting "may attack with a weapon up to its rate" to mean that each weapon weilded may be used up to its own rate.
    • Yes, this means you can attack three times with each fist and twice with each foot, if you want to take the multiple-action and DV penalties for a 10-action non-magical flurry.
    • This also allows unarmed attacks with free hands and/or feet, which could be important if holding non-form weapons and attempting to use MA charms.

Specialty house rules:

  • You may take only a total of three specialties in non-favored, non-caste abilities.
  • You may take any number of specialties in favored or caste abilities, but may not benefit from more than three at once. Any individual specialty may be purchased up to three times.
  • If you have the Prodigy merit for an ability at the level beyond favored, you still may not buy any individual specialty more than three times, but you may benefit from all applicable specialties in a situation. (so if you had Socialize specialties in Partying and Drinking at two each, you'd get four bonus dice for a drinking party)

Prodigy house rules:

  • Charm costs in the prodigious ability are reduced by a further 2 xp.
  • The extra die granted with the ability counts as another dot in the ability for any prerequisite fulfulliment purposes.

Craft house rules:

  • Like Linguistics, each dot of Craft lets you learn one of the "languages" of the Ability.
  • Unlike Linguistics, there is no "native craft," so characters do not get one more crafting ability than they have dots.
  • All crafts fall under the Elemental areas or Magitech, Fate, or Glamour.
  • Specialties may not fall outside of the character's known "craft languages," nor may a specialty purchase a new one.
  • Since the extra die granted by Prodigy counts as a dot in an ability, it grants an additional "craft language."

Linguistics house rules:

  • Linguistics specialties may buy new languages. These specialties do not count towards limits, and each may be purchased only once.
  • Specialties in a dialect are treated as standard specialties, along with specialties such as cryptography.
  • Tribal tongues are purchased at a rate of (Intelligence) languages per dot invested, not a flat four.
    • If Intelligence increases after purchase, the additional languages may be freely learned with a few days' exposure.
  • If tribal tongues are purchased with a specialty, half as many are learned.

Martial Arts house rules:

  • Any MA style which allows armor also allows fighting gauntlets, cesti, iron boots, and artifact versions of the same.


Ian - I'm working on my martial arts submission for the TrialByFire, and, have some questions on how you might interpret certain things. Due to security through obscurity, however, I hate to ask them openly on the Wiki, as, well, it'll give what could be my mad strategeez away. Would you be willing to communicate over email about such things? If so, find my email address at Greg's Contact Info and send one my way, with Exalted in the subject, so I know about it. (This way your email doesn't need to be posted on the web for spambots to find). -- GregLink

And here I thought Link was some obscure reference, but it's your real last name. Huh, that's pretty cool. Well, I guess my name's somewhat odd too. - IanPrice, guessing Zelda jokes would be beating an undead horse...

You've got mail! And yeah, I'm a real person. Considering changing my Wiki name soon though, to prevent my real name from getting googled to an Exalted Wiki, rather than my actual personal website, which currently has the #1 hit for "Greg Link".

Niffly page! ^_^ Thought I'd say hi back atcha :) I see that you've been busy working on that martial arts form today, too. Maybe you can give me some tips sometime, I've considered making one myself at one point but honestly I don't have the knowledge or experience in the game to even know where to start T_T - KittenyKat

Well, thanks for the compliments. Really, the best way to learn is to read a whole bunch of the fan-styles on this here wiki and the comments people have made on them, as well as reading the canon styles. Also, remember to sign your additions, so people know you wrote them. I fixed that for you this time. ^_^; - IanPrice
Whoopsies, thanks ^_^; I was a bit rushed >.> - KittenyKat, Hyperkitteh!

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