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Reality-Creating Disciplines

Chaos-Smoothing Approach</b>

<b>Cost: variable motes, 1+ willpower
Minimums: Lore 5, Essence 5
Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Obvious, Combo-OK, Shaping
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Wyld Cauldron Technology, Order-Affirming Blow

Sometimes, the Wyld infects reality, tearing down its walls. At the edges of the world, where Creation and Wyld meet, new ground can be taken either way. The Wyld wins most often in the Age of Sorrows, because no longer do the Lawgivers uphold the primacy of Creation's order over the Wyld's chaos.

This Charm is a dramatic action to remove the Wyld taint from an object, person, or area. The length of time it takes and the cost to cleanse this taint are determined by the worth of what is cleansed. For objects, use the Resources or Artifact value. For areas of land, use the Resources value. For people, use the Allies value (minimum 1, even if the person is an extra). For Manses, use the Manse rating. Mundane items take a number of weeks equal to their value rating to cleanse, and 10 times the rating in motes must be committed for this period. The Solar must actively tend to the person or object to be cleansed during this time, though she may also engage in other activities. Artifacts and Manses take double their rating in weeks to cleanse, and 20 motes per dot must be committed. At least 8 hours per day must be spent tending to the magical item under consideration, without interruption. Interruption of this period causes the process to fail; the motes are instantly flushed, and the whole process must be re-started, no matter how far along the process was. In addition to the mote cost, 1 willpower must be spent each week during this process, and willpower is not regained normally from sleeping while the charm is in progress.

When the Charm action is complete, roll Intelligence + Lore, with a difficulty equal to the number of weeks spent using the charm. If the roll is a success, remove any negative effects of the Wyld upon the affected object or person. This can selectively cure Wyld mutations, restore Tainted Lands, and bring true reality to objects created with Wyld-Shaping Technique. If applied to one of the Fair Folk, it might destroy them, or (with Storyteller approval) it may turn them into a heroic mortal, possibly a God-blooded of some kind, or even a Spirit. This charm cannot be applied to the Fair Folk without destroying them until Essence 6. The difficulty and time to change a Raksha in this manner is equal to twice the Raksha's (Essence + Mutation Points).

Reality-Creating Comments

...Are welcome! - IanPrice

I like the charm idea, but I think the cost is about twice as high as I would put it, especially with the enormous WP cost...then again maby not. Thing is, I think it depends partly on other custom stuff invoved. This is inferior vastly inferior to Diamond Weave Of Destiny, for exemple, which might, or might not tell anything. Besides, couldent alot of the effects just be acomplish with order affirming blow? I think I would also give it mechanic more similar to wyldshaping tech. Just my 2 cents -Azurelight

First of all, thank you for your cents! Also, a question, and a reply.
  • How does Diamond Weave of Destiny work? I'm not familiar with it.
  • As for Order-Affirming Blow, that destroys shaping effects. If I want to make the stuff I've created through Wyld-Shaping Technique permanent, I can't be destroying shaping effects, because the stuff IS a shaping effect. Order-Affirming Blow could theoretically do some of the same things for a tainted land, but it can only undo the effects of the Wyld, not drive out its energies entirely. Using this charm is like applying a permanent version of Chaos-Repelling Pattern at the same time as Order-Affirming Blow; the Wyld is pushed out, its effects healed, and Creation is ushered in.
The original purpose of creating this charm was to let me create permanently real things using Wyld-Shaping Technique without spending XP or sacrificing magical materials the way Wyld Cauldron Technology would have me do. - IanPrice

I get the original purpose, and I have no problem with that. However I do think tha order affirming blow would be a better way to heal a wyld tainted person or thing. The reality integration parta, I like. What Dimond weave does (Custom wiki SMA)n is that it showers an area with a radius of your essence in miles in fate, and turns wyld into creation. Technically, non-real stuff would then be made part of fate, and the stability of creation. Granted, it is essence 7 and costs 20 motes, 2 wp, but it is instant. Depeding on if this is balanced or not, your charm might be a waste. but i still like it,I jut think it is overly cumbersome. -Azurelight who'd like some comments on his own stuff.

Ah, see, "Essence 7." I think that Diamond Weave is probably balanced, but going above Essence 5 is something I wanted to avoid as well. Waiting 100+ years to achieve this effect puts it out of reach in most Exalted stories. - IanPrice

Reality-Overcoming Disciplines

Size Matters Not</b>

<b>Cost: varying motes, 1 willpower
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Lore: 2
Min. Essence: 1
Prereqs: None.

All things are ultimately composed of Essence, including forces such as gravity. It is a simple mental exercise to expend motes to counter such things. With the basic application of this exercise, an object becomes easier to lift when the Exalt touches it and channels Essence into it. Reduce the Strength requirement to lift an object or wield a weapon by half the number of motes spent; this applies to anyone's attempt to lift the object or wield the weapon, as it actually reduces the weight of the object. The requirements cannot be dropped below 0; there is no gravitic Essence left to cancel. The requirements may also not be lowered by more than Essence points. Those interested in such things realize that this is similar to the process of commiting motes to an artifact of the five magical materials; the objects still interact with things normally, falling and crushing things beneath them, being normally resistant to impact, etc. It is simply easier to lift and/or wield. Two-handed weapons dropped to a requirement 1 dot lower than a character's Strength in this way may be wielded in one hand without penalty.

Distance-Overcoming Meditation</b>

<b>Cost: 2 motes, 1 willpower
Duration: Instant
Type: Supplemental
Min. Lore: 4
Min. Essence: 2
Prereqs: Size Matters Not.

Using the principle that force is transmitted through Essence, this charm allows a character to perform any Simple action that would normally require touching something to be done at a range of Essence x 5 yards away from that thing. This includes picking a lock, grabbing a tool (the tool flies to the Exalt's hand), or making an attack. The Attribute + Ability roll for this task is made normally, using the same Attribute and Ability that would be used when not using this charm; the motion is the same, but the Exalt's Essence transmits it across a distance, much like Sandstorm-Wind Attack, or Uncoiling Serpent Prana. This charm is explicitly permitted to be in a Combo with charms of other abilities.

Time-Relaxing Contemplation</b>

<b>Cost: 5+ motes, 1+ willpower
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Lore: 5
Min. Essence: 3
Prereqs: Size Matters Not.

Essence is conserved in most magical applications. Though a few of the most powerful effects send it irretrievably into the Void, usually it simply disperses into Creation, and is later regained by some being through respiration. In understanding this, a Solar may gain mastery of it, preventing the Essence from dispersing as quickly. When this charm is purchased, the Exalt chooses one other charm she knows, which must have a duration of less than One Scene. That charm's cost is added to the cost of Time-Relaxing Contemplation. Time-Relaxing Contemplation applies the effects of that charm for a duration of One Scene. The copied charm may not be re-activated during that scene, because it is considered to be the charm in effect. Time-Relaxing Contemplation may not be applied to any charm with a perfect effect. This charm may be purchased multiple times, allowing multiple charm effects to be extended.

Directed Essence-Flow Manipulation</b>

<b>Cost: 1 mote/die, 1 willpower
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Lore: 5
Min. Essence: 4
Prereqs: Distance-Overcoming Meditation, Time-Relaxing Contemplation.

Having learned the principles of Essence as applied force and conserving Essence over time, the Solar is now ready to combine these lessons. A mass of Essence is created with this charm, which appears as a glowing ball until it is given some other shape (any other shape) at the will of the Exalt using this charm. This charm creates a dice pool equal to the motes spent for performing actions at any distance. This pool has three parts: Strength, Dexterity, and Ability. The Strength of this effect may be no greater than the Exalt's Essence. The Dexterity of this effect may be no greater than her Intelligence. The Ability pool may not exceed her Lore.

This charm allows any Strength or Dexterity-related task to be performed anywhere within the range of the Exalt's senses. The task is performed by the mass of Essence created by this charm, which changes shape for each task to be an appropriate item. Attacks made by the mass do bashing or lethal damage, at the option of the Exalt in control. The mass may move Essence x 5 yards per turn. Performing actions with both the mass and the Exalt's real body incurs multiple action penalties.


Here we go, Greglink. You ask, I deliver. - IanPrice

Interesting charms. A few comments: I'm not sure if I see telekinesis or gravity manipulation as a part of the Solar schtick. Certainly sorcery could do this sort of thing, and one of the Presence charms I wrote allows a Solar to command the small god of an object to do things like "rise!", but I'm a little doubtful of TK fitting under the idea of a god-king, or excellence. Beyond that, to the mechanics: this may not be the best place to talk about physics, but note that reducing weight is not necessarily the same thing as reducing mass or inertia. One might be able to reduce the wieght of a mountain fairly easily with a Charm like this, but overcoming the inertia of the mountain to actually move it is another thing entirely. I'm not sure this is reflected in the mechanics, or how to do so properly. As for balance: I would suggest adding a limit to how much one can reduce the weight of an object. As it stands, Size Matters Not may be easily used to destroy armies by making the area upon which they tread weightless, lifting it up, turning it upside down, and dropping it. That sort of thing I would prefer to see in the domain of Solar circle sorcery, not an Essence 1 Charm. - Madwand

Simple solution, yes: I just forgot to limit how much reduction can be achieved. A limit of Essence ought to solve things nicely. As for Telekinesis, well, if you read the flavor text it's not really TK. It's the Solar saying "my Essence overcomes such paltry limitations as size and/or distance." The inertia issue is really rather a non-issue; magic is being used to overcome the forces involved with something of large mass. - IanPrice

First off, thanks! I love the ability to ask, and receive. Next up, I've got to both comment on the charms themselves, and then reply to Madwand, who makes some points, but I think I'm on the other side of most all of them. (No offense meant, I'm just saying I disagree) Here goes:

  • To IanPrice, about the Charms Themselves: So we're starting with two charms, both of which have reasonably clear color-text, explaining what they do, and how they work. To avoid confusion and problems, then, I start with the first question - do you need to actually touch the object that you're using Size Matters Not with? Or can I use it from a distance for weird purposes, such as helping someone else lift something, even though I'm a mile-and-a-half away, using Keen Sight Technique? Second one - we can't drop the requirement below zero. As far as I understand it, what does a Str requirement of 0 mean? Does it mean effectively 'weightless', then? So if the charm lasts for a scene, and I have an enemy's weapon in hand, can I just use this charm and toss it upwards as hard as I can? Effectively throwing the thing so dazzlingly high that it won't come back down until the scene is over? Or alternately, does weight requirement 0 mean that it's just as heavy as anything people use on a regular basis with Str requirement 0, which is to say things like pots, pans, and knives? That allows you to pick up mighty logs, but not toss them into the air to fall on your enemy's castle, which is 500 yards away. (Which, by the way, is a great image for a Dawn Caste with a higher-Essence version of this. Nothing like boulder-tossing as a form of seige). On to Distance-overcoming Meditation So as to naming, since size matters not, we can also overcome distance. Good thematically, as it continues with the "I ignore reality" theme. This, for a rather hefty 5m 1WP, gives you an 'instant' duration to do something at range. From a charm-creation standpoint, I think that's quite a bit too much, in my opinion. I'd guesstimate it at only 4m, personally, because an instant effect that isn't really doing anything supreme (such as, say, Agg damage, or ignoring soak) that costs 5m 1WP should really be much longer in effect than instant. If you think the power is still quite high, 4m to me would be a comprimise I could take without too much complaint, though I'd prefer 3m. Alternately, we could consider upping it to more of a multi-turn effect, but I'm thinking that'll wait for Essence 3. As to the effect, its wording is slightly incomplete, in my head. You can do anything a simple action would require, and include an attack, and grabbing a tool (which flies to your hand). Thing is, does the attack use a weapon you've got that you toss out and whip back, yo-yo like? When you 'grab a tool', must you fly it to your hand, or can you attack with it? If you can attack, when you're done, can you whip it back to your hand as well? (After all, if you can attack with your Daiklave, and have it whip back, why not the Daiklave some guy left on the ground?) Which brings up the final possible confusion - what happens when I try to do feats of strength, or contests with this? Does it use my physical strength, or something weirder, such as my Int? Due to the seemingly "range of sight" of this charm, it could be very fun for grabbing enemy weapons, tossing torches onto enemy wagons, and all sorts of other things, the concept of what you can lift, and how far you can move it, seems like there needs to be some minor explanation. (My guess is you lift with your Int+Lore, not Str+Athletics, and you can move things as far as your normal combat movement rate, and that strangely, a brawl attack at a distance would do damage as per Int+other)
  • Size Matters Not ought to require touch, since the tree has not at that point progressed to let you channel your Essence like that at a distance.
  • I'd say that the "weight 0" item feels weightless, but will still fall and interact with things normally. It's simply treated like an attuned item for anybody who wants to pick it up. The one mechanical effect of this is that a Str 0 Greatsword could probably be wielded in one hand easily.
This is, of course a houserule, but a handy system I've used in the past states that a weapon can be wielded one-handed if your Strength exceeds the Strength minimum, and must be wielded two-handed if your Strength equals the minimum. (An extension of this for two-weapon users is that you must be able to wield each weapon one-handed, and meet the weapons' combined Strength minimum.) Using a system like that would make clear the effects on weaponry of this Charm - yes you can dual-wield greatswords if you choose. - Hapushet, with a great deal of admiration for these
  • I could see lowering the cost of Distance-Overcoming Meditation, but I think that all of these charms ought to have a Willpower cost.
  • I would like to keep DOM where it is, and make further charms following it for the extended-duration effects.
  • I left the effects of DOM intentionally vague. I want people to stunt this however they like. The force could be transmitted, or they could manipulate objects at a distance, or whatever. Any or all of the things you mentioned are possible.
  • Did you miss that DOM only overcomes Essence x 5 yards of distance? Is a good-ish range, but nowhere near "range of sight." That's for higher Essence.
  • DOM uses your physical strength, at this point. The reason being that this charm only allows the Solar to transmit the force she would have created anyway using Essence, much like Sandstorm-Wind Attack still uses your normal Strength etc. Later charms will allow a transcendence of this, probably using Essence as the Attribute and Lore as the ability, whenever such things are needed.
  • How far you could move an object at this point is therefore determined by how far you could throw it using your normal strength.
  • The charms have been edited to reflect all this.
  • To Madwand, about theme: While I can understand your caution about TK or Grav manipulation, one of the reasons I was looking for these charms was to 'push the boundary' a bit. To me, Lore is already the Solar region of "and oh look! Reality itself bends to my will!" due to things like Integrity-Protection and Wyld-Shaping. When you start doing things with Lore, it's because of your mad knowledge of the way things work, and your intimate understanding of the Essence flows involved in the Creation equivalent of F=M*A. Just like CoCT allows you to break reality by throwing dozens of weapons you don't even have, and thus totally ignore reality because of you mad coolness, to me, these charms allow you to ignore the limitations that Lore would normally impose on life. Plus, there's nothing like the image of an old wizened sage-slash-Twilight standing calmly in the middle of a battlefield with the Essence 4 and 5 levels of these charms, simply shifting his gaze slightly at the incoming barbarian attackers. With a nod, the front lines of the charge are hit as with a ram, thrown back 30 yards through the remainder of their forces, and left wondering what the heck just happened. As to the mechanics, you bring in weight and inertia. First, and to get it out of the way, I'll simply summarize what has been yelled at me so many times. "Keep your science out of my Fu!". Now that that's complete, to actually reply. You're worried about the difference between weight and inertia, and how it would apply to wielding a weapon, I'm guessing. Even a supremely 'light' super-sledge would be difficult to spin around quickly, due to inertia. More to the concern, if you reduce inertia, you reduce the damage that it would do. If you don't reduce inertia, you can't change it's course quickly, so it's still a bear to wield. While I can understand this concern (in the semi-real world, it'd matter a whole lot), I'm inclined to simply go ahead with a "It's a Solar, bending reality to his will, and attuning not to a magical material, but to this tree, which he just hit you with for even questioning his awesimitude". More importantly, by mentioning attunement, IanPrice calmly sidestepped your question altogether. It's canon that a Daiklave is normally quite heavy - 50 pounds or so, if I recall. Thing is, you attune to it, and it weighs like 5 pounds, but still hits like a ton of bricks. You attune to it, and whip it around like it isn't a 50 pound 7-foot sword, but it'll still slice men in half. My guess is that the same meta-mechanic that allows this kind of easy control, without impacting the inertia of the Daiklave also applies here. Finally, I simply mention one thing about the mountainous example you provide. With this charm, it'd take 10 motes to even reduce weight by 5 "dots", meaning that you're quite out of the realm of mountains, and much more in the realm of wagons, or something. At that point, it's ok to let the Daiklave-effect take over. Yeah, inertia might matter a lot more with mountains, but they're so far out of range of this charm (at 500 pounds per point of Str+Athletics over 20-something, and dirt is roughly 4000 pounds per cubic meter, that's not much!) that it's ok to ignore. Therefore, your secondary comment about making an area on which they tread weightless is kindof off-base. It takes 16 motes just to move a cubic meter of dirt, which is by no means Gaia's Rebuke.

-- GregLink

I'm still putting a limit on it, just because it's an Essence 1 version of the charm. I'll let 'em spend what they like at Essence 4, without worrying about touching the thing. - IanPrice

It all sounds good and reasonable so far, though I'm not sure why the comment of "... I think that all of these charms ought to have a Willpower cost". I don't see why WP is innately part of this tree over any other, as many trees have far-reaching or non-physical effects. Much as survival charms let you find food, even in the Arctic, because "Hey, it's magic", I don't see how these are any more or less WP requiring than any other charm. Given that most WP-requiring charms either do big effects or scene-long effects, I'm not seeing how these are WP-lovers. Thoughts? -- GregLink, who didn't actually remember the whole "distance = to Ess*5" thing at the time he was writing. Oops.

These effects are extremely flexible, and bend reality in a way that honestly is rather similar to Sorcery. For those reasons, I'd like to keep them with willpower costs. Consider that DOM lets you do literally anything you want at a distance. At Essence 2, I want to limit the number of times somebody can do anything that flexible. At Essence 3, I've just made the next charm; my reasoning behind the WP cost is that it takes immense concentration to keep track of the Essence that's floating around out there. Concentration = effort of will = WP cost. Perhaps around Essence 5 I'll feel comfortable letting people not spend Willpower to do these things, since at that point it could be considered much more effortless. - IanPrice

Have you considered making the currently supplemental charms last for Willpower or Essence turns (explicitly comboable) to make that expenditure of willpower seem less annoying? That would give you one or two extended actions, but without allowing someone to move something around for an entire scene.
-- Darloth suggests a half-way possibility. Never do see many mid-duration charms nowadays

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