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I've changed my nick to SRNissen, that's where you'll find my page in the future.

So this is my page, eh? Nifty

Hi, I'm medivh. I haven't been playing Exalted all that much (Started fall, 2003) but I'm enjoying this game immensely. I go to what in my country passes for Highschool, although I'll get out of that sometimes during the summer of 2004. I do Kung Fu, and can perform all the forms from exalted (HAH! I WISH!) Okay no, I do Dragon Fist Style Kung Fu, I have a white sash (and before you say it, I *know* what the chinese think of the colour white) and have had it for the last half year. I was *sick* during the last graduation! AHH! Life is entirely not fair.

Besides Exalted I play Vampire (we're entirely ignoring the metaplot), D20 Modern (Dwarves with guns, elves with mohawks and black leather, soldiers with spells! Yay!), and D&D3.5 wich rocks, no matter what people say.

The campaign I'm in

Uhm, yeah. My character is Al Haqim ibn Said ibn Asai ibn Haqim ( Just Haqim for short), whose family moved from the southern lands some six generations ago. Haqim grew up south east of Nexus ( a good 800 miles away, but that's the general location), the son of a fairly rich trader and farmer. Tiring of his administrative duties he left his fathers hall to spite him, wich was the only thing that saved him from the cynis strike group that attacked the farm. Haqims father was heavily involved with the resistance group known as the White Wolves. Anyway, as my character saw his fathers burned-down farm he exalted AND swore vengeance upon Cynis Ivaku, the local Prefect (or satrap, I forget)

Anyway, my character is Eclipse caste, with an abundance of martial arts charms (Snake Style) and social/bureaucracy charms. Stats-wise he's pretty much what you'd expect from a rich mans son, with the exception of a dot in survival ( I must've learned SOMETHING while out hunting, right?) and more dots in dodge than I can reasonably explain why. "I was exalted and became cooler. Yeah, that's the ticket."


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al Haqim ibn Said ibn Asai ibn Haqim

This is the raw, un-edited prelude for my character, Haqim ibn Said, cut directly from the mIRC log. It is very rough, and written in two languages. I include it only because aspiring ST's might want to see what a prelude looks like when it's being performed. It has text lines in wrong order, OOC stuff that should have gone in the OOC channel and other stuff like that. In short: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here - SRN-HaqimsPrelude01

This is the edited prelude for my character, Haqim ibn Said. This is the version I recommend reading, if you want to know about my character - SRN-HaqimsPrelude02

Crimson Mane

This is the Prelude for Crimson Mane. His player is going to ST some group or other, and he wanted experience with preludes, so I ran one of his characters through a short one. SRN-CrimsonManePrelude01 is the MSN OoC Chat log, SRN-CrimsonManePrelude is the IC mIRC Chat log.

Rules discussion

Some people don't get how virtues and the Great Curse works. Here's a thorough analysis for Solars SRN-Virtues01

Grasping Mantis Defense is a really hardcore evil Charm. Read why I think so here: SRN-GMD01

I've made a revised version of Grasping Mantis Defense for Players Guide powercombat: SRN-GMD02

Dodge needs a counterattack. If Melee can defend, Dodge can be offensive. Care must be taken, though, to ensure appropriate themes are preserved. I think I succeeded with this Charm SRN-EFR01

Setting discussions

Travelling is a big deal. You don't do it just for fun, and especially not if you're leading an army. SRN-Travel

The ages of Exalted are varied, but they're not as abruptly changed as some would have you believe SRN-Ages01

Random stuff I want a link to

Commentary Section