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Exalted Beach Volleyball -- Live!

Log of the game played on 05/03/04. This was the first game played through to completion!

Session Start (gryphon.magicstar.net:#exaltedbeachvolleyball): Mon May 03 21:13:00 2004

  • Yieng runs up, panting. Her hair is unbound and dissheveled, and her bathing suit is torn and slightly spattered with some kind of bluish fluid.

<Yieng> "Aah! I'm so sorry I'm late! Have you started without me already?"

  • Dream blinks in surprise. "Yieng, whatever happened to you?"

<Yieng> "Some kind of horrid sea monster rose up out of the ocean and attacked me on my way here." She hefts her sword. "I was able to defeat it, but I fear it left me something of a mess!!"

  • Yieng glances down at herself.
  • Yieng notices that her suit is torn.
  • Situro notices too from his seat beside the playing area.

<Yieng> "Aah!"

  • Yieng picks at the torn midriff of her suit. The rip goes almost all the way across her belly.
  • Dream chews her lip in concern. "Well.. I'm glad you seem to be all right.. Are you up for playing?"

<Situro> "Picking at it just makes it worse."

  • Kraken idly ponders he should change nicks fast. being a tentacled monster cannot be healthy with attractive maidens in swimsuits about...

<Yieng> "It's a good thing that c;aw didn't go any deeper."

  • Yieng sighs, and takes out her sword.
  • Yieng slices off the damaged part of her suit, blushing furiously all the while.
  • Yieng is now wearing shorts over a bikini (of sorts).
  • Yieng sheathes her sword and flicks the last drops of monster-ichor from her (now drastically reduced) swimsuit.
  • Situro can't help but smile a little and nods as the other two players arrive on scene.

<Yieng> "All right, I'm ready!" Despite her can-do attitude, she is obviously quite embarrassed to be wearing such an uncharacteristically revealing outfit.

  • Kyumi shows up! Wearing a skirt bikini!
  • Dream begins to stretch her arms self-consciously, wanting to prepare for a night of good serves.

<Dream> serves=saves

  • Yieng setes her weapon aside and runs through some quick warm-up stretches. She looks like she's worried her "bikini" is about to fall off; she keeps tugging the top's hem down... and then back up, when she notices what it does to the upper portion of the garment.

<Situro> "Today Shego and Aise couldn't make it, but my good friend Matsumo has been kind enough to come down from the life of a married man and join us for a game.

<Situro> "

  • Matsumo arrives wearing a long cloak of white feathers, some golden speedo's and a bead necklace, a present from his wife, slipping the cloak off as he steps onto the court, stretching
  • Kasumi is now known as Jhameren
  • Dream looks at Matsumo for a moment, and then averts her eyes uncomfortably. She's not used to seeing older men dressed so immodestly.

<Situro> [could Jydan and Kraken please quickly put their characters up here (Link: http://www.lensmen.net/wiki/exalted.pl?[[ExaltedBeachVolleyball|exaltedbeachvolleyball]ExaltedBeachVolleyball/Game01/League)http://www.lensmen.net/wiki/exalted.pl?[[ExaltedBeachVolleyball|exaltedbeachvolleyball]ExaltedBeachVolleyball/Game01/League ]

  • Kyumi smiles, and begins streching, going through some strange martial arts technique.

<Kyumi> ((Uhmmm... Just list the name?)

<Jhameren> * A scruffy looking gentleman, unshaven, wearing shorts and a tourists' floral shirt, and with long silvery hair tied back away from what after the first look is an extremely handsome face, dumps a picnic basket and a beautifully worked orichalcum Reaver Daiklaive in the sand, before sitting.

  • Matsumo isnt old damnit! just she was rather insistant we were already married, see?

<Jhameren> "You better damn well win, Matsu, I've got money on you."

  • Kyumi blinks at the scruffy man.
  • Situro thinks all the guys here are app 4+...

<Yieng> (it's not "scruffy" it's "roguishly handsome"!)

<Kyumi> ((Kyumi isn't really into guys, okay? So it's scruffy.))

  • Jhameren flips open the picnic basket, which is mostly filled with bottles, and removes some very fine liquor, muttering under his breath. "If that goddamn Dawn can't beat a bunch of little girls and that freaky lunar..."
  • Yieng Caste Mark is glowing faintly. She's a Dawn, too!

<Kyumi> Jha? A very sharp caligraphy brush breaks your bottle of liquor. ^_^

<Jhameren> Actually, the Daiklaive spins out of the sand and deflects the brush. He's fast ^_^

  • Kyumi sticks out her tongue.

<Jhameren> ...but if you try perfect attacks...well, he has more bottles :)

<Kyumi> Heh. MA. No perfect attacks.

<Jhameren> "Nice try, but it's rude to assault spectators when they're just trying to get quietly drunk and gamble on their friends. Back to your game, missy."

  • Situro rolls his eyes, and maintains the inflappable cool of the ref. "So how should we choose teams today? Random selection?"
  • Dream eyes the big, sweaty men uncomfortably.
  • Yieng looks at Dream. She doesn't want to be on a team with Matsumo, either, especially in her current state.

<Situro> "Random selection it is then."

<Yieng> "We'll play together."

<Situro> #dice

<Yieng> "Aah!"

  • Situro seems to have not heard your words as he rolls some dice.

<Dream> anime tears well up in Dream's eyes.

<Jhameren> Dice Script Deactivated

  • Kyumi frowns. "I've got to play with him? But he's not cute..."

<Situro> "And the teams for todays game are Matsumo and Yieng playing against Dream and Kyumi."

  • Kyumi smiles. "Yay!" She bouncies up and down.
  • Yieng takes a deep breath and walks over to Matsumo's side of the net, very carefully not looking at him. Or his speedo.

<Jhameren> "Two Dawns, eh? Don't you dare lose, Matsu, I've got a talent of orichalcum against Koji's talent of starmetal on this!"

  • Dream while relieved at not having to play with Matsumo, shoots her friend a look of sorrow and pity.
  • Yieng schools herself to impassivity.
  • Situro tosses the ball to Dream. "Well then it goes to you to start todays game Dream. Everyone remembers the rules I hope?"
  • Yieng calls to Dream. "I hope you don't think I'll go easy on you, just because we're friends! Prepare yourself!" Her smile takes some of the edge off her words.
  • Dream nods, taking the ball, and then turns to Kyumi. "Er, nice to meet you, incidentally."

<Matsumo> "Don't worry Jha, I'll win you your talent, just dont tell her where you won it?" turning to regard his teammate, alittle sorry to see her spllit from her usual teammate

  • Dream can't help but grin at Yieng. "I'll play my best. You do the same."
  • Kyumi smiles. "Thanks. Nice to meet you, too." She sticks out her hand.
  • Dream shakes Kyumi's hand firmly and gets ready to serve.

<Dream> With a deep breath and a quick glance at the sun, Dream swings her arm back and hits the ball, sending it in a smooth arc with a quiet popping sound.

  • Yieng flips her hair back behind her with a quick toss of her head, then steps up to meet the ball. She extends her hands and bumps it to Matsumo... still without actually looking at him.
  • Matsumo watches Yieng move for the ball, amazed at how well she hits it at him without watching, leaping up and punching it down across the net

<Dream> Shaking her head slightly, Dream dispells everything around her except for the pure clarity of thought. The world around her drops away, and nothing cheers her on but the muted sound of the ocean as she leaps to hit the ball, gracefully guiding it to Kyumi.

  • Kyumi raises her hands, hopping up, and hitting the ball hard, knocking it up into the air and towards the net, smiling as she comes back down and the ball falls to the other side.
  • Matsumo runs towards the ball, easily catching it and sending it up towards Yieng
  • Situro leans against one side of his chair, watching the ball fly back and forth, up and down, and at the shrine maiden in the bikini.
  • Yieng hears the thump of the ball against her teammate's hands, and jumps up to intercept it, her fist lashing out to spike it -- but hesitates at the last moment as she catches sight of Dream's face.
  • Kyumi watches the ball coming, moving over to it, and getting right underneath it, before loosing her nerve and covering her face with her arms, shrieking cutely as it spirals towards her. Miraculously, the ball bounches off her forearm in a perfect hit, the ball flying up into the air in a perfect arch towards her partner.
  • Dream leaps gracefully to her feet, silver grains of sand shaking loose from her cascade of long, blue hair like stars falling from the sky. Kyumi's energy, travelling with the ball, surges through Dream's fingertips as calm, aquatic reason possesses her. A single dewdrop of sweat falls from Dream's brow as she springs straight into the air, pummeling the ball with all the force her frail mortal arms can muster!
  • Matsumo blinks in suprise at the speed of the return, running across the sand toward its destination, sunlight gleaming off his muscled as he gets his fingers under it, flicking it up and across to Yieng for her to return
  • Yieng shakes her head in frustration, frowning at her earlier lapse. Is this how her master taught her? And what of her promise to Dream, just now? With newfound resolve, she leaps into the air and slams the ball across the net, this time throwing every ounce of conviction behind it!

<Situro> Kyumi heroicly gets rolled for by me, Dream can now return the ball.

  • Dream squints dramatically for concentration purposes as the sun hits her white teeth and makes them sparkle both dangerously and anime-ish-ly! She hits the ball.
  • Situro ducks under a flying sparkle before it takes his head off. Raising his head back up he smiles to the bikini clade shrine maiden as he watches her go for the save.
  • Yieng hops gracefully into the air as the ball approaches her. At the top of her jump, she flips backwards, allowing the ball to barely graze her now-exposed stomach before her ascending leg taps it, gently redirecting it toward Matsumo.
  • Yieng completes her flip and lands lightly on her feet, only blushing slightly as she realizes that the referee is clapping for her.
  • Matsumo watches his teammates moves in admiration, twisting as he leaps up, the sun flashing off his body and speedo then driving the ball down on the other side of the net
  • Signoff: GoldenH (Quit: no fate but what we make)

<Yieng> ((sounds like slogan for Sidereals, inc...))

<Situro> heh

<Dream> The changeling smiles in relief as she finds the speed that seemed to leave her in the wake of her separation from Yieng. The spot in the sand, the arch of her back, the angle of her body and the weight of the ball against her hand for just a moment-- all of these things, so blessedly familiar, supporting her in her support of Kyumi.

<Situro> Sadly however, she moves a bit too quickly and moves past the ball to let it hit the sand. "Point to Yieng and Matsumo. Yieng, would you do the honour of serving the next shot?"

  • Dream sighs in irritation, kicking the ball and stubbing her toe in the process.
  • Kyumi frowns, but goes and pats Dream on the back. "Good try."
  • Yieng nods. Distracted by Dream's yelp, she almost fumbles the ball, but manages to hang onto it.
  • Yieng mutters under her breath about staying focused.
  • Matsumo smiles sypathetically at Dream, watching his teammate serve
  • Dream blushes and readies herself.
  • Yieng grasps the ball tightly in both hands, pressing in on it as she takes a deep, cleansing breath. Her eyes open, and she skips forward, tossing the ball up and smacking it across the net.
  • Kyumi blinks. This time, she watches the ball, smiling at it and hitting it up, and knocking it in a perfect arch towards dream.
  • Dream frowns, thinking to herself. "No matter what I do, it's not good enough. What a load of shit. ACK! I thought 'shit?!'" She looks up and sees the ball coming for her. "EEEeee!" Instinctively, she bats it away from her and towards the other team, wanting it as far from her as possible.
  • Yieng knows exactly where Dream's return is going even before the young changeling's hand touches the ball; their time playing together has made her so familiar with the other girl's style that she can easily gauge the intent of her actions. The instinctive nature of the return makes its intent all the more clear...

<Yieng> ...but what is even more clear is the fact that Yieng will not be able to make it in time.

<Yieng> She dives for the ball, but it is too little, too late.

<Yieng> It thuds solidly into the sand.

  • Kyumi jumps up and down, joyful to their point.
  • Situro winces sympathetically as you dive but miss the ball and hops down to help you up and return the ball to the other team. "You ok? Good good." And with a flash of a smile returns to his seat.
  • Dream looks up in astonishment, both overjoyed at making her first point and sad for her friend. She scoots under the net quickly and helps Yieng stand, and then runs off to her place once more.
  • Yieng climbs back to her feet, brushing sand out of her much-more-disheveled-than-normal hair
  • Matsumo walks over, offering her a hand and a sympathetic smile "we'll win the next point, dont worry"
  • Yieng flashes Dream a mildly sheepish smile. "I'm sorry I underestimated you!
  • Yieng is about to take Matsumo's hand, but then hears the sound of Kyumi making teh serve!

<Situro> It is like the strike of a thunderbolt! Screaming through the heavens it flies like some sort of intercontinental ballistic volleyball right at the poor girl who just got helped up by all the guys on the field.

  • Matsumo reacts without thinking, dashing to the ball in a spray of sand and golden light, fingers outstretched as he flicks the ball up and back to Yieng, determined not to lose another point so quickly

<Situro> If only Matsumo had been paying attention to the game and not the cute shrine maidens...but no, he was paying attention to ripped suit shrine maidens and the ball strikes his head, falling to the sand for a second point for Dream and Kyumi.

  • Kyumi jumps up and down happily. "I'm so good!"
  • Yieng catches the ball just before it impacts her face, ricocheting off Matsumo's head.
  • Yieng offers Matsumo a hand, only slightly self-consciously.

<Dream> Dream's eyes go wide in astonishment, and then soften into simple thought. It is obvious that boys are too weak to play this girls' game.

  • Situro winces at the sound of ball striking head. "Well...thats thats 2 points for Dream and Kyumi. One point for Matsumo and Yieng. Uhm...you ok Mat?"
  • Matsumo shakes his head as the ball bounces off, picking himself up, rubbing his head alittle "yeah, I'm fine" damn but hes been hit by swords that hurt less.
  • Yieng hands him the ball. "I think we both need to work on staying focused," she says wryly.
  • Kyumi goes over to Matumo and gives him a kiss on the cheek. "Sorry... I didn't mean to hit you..."

<Situro> "When everyone is ready it will be Dream's serve again."

  • Kyumi nods, hurrying back over to her side and intop position.
  • Matsumo makes mental note to get hit on the head more often as he takes the ball, nodding to his teammate, then gently throwing the ball across to Dream
  • Yieng nods back, then squares her shoulders, getting ready to play.
  • Dream catches up the ball and smiles at it. Maybe she and it are friends again, after all. Only one way to find out..

<Situro> Clearly Dream is still feeling sympathetic for Matsumo as her serve is a slow and languid.

  • Yieng is much more careful this time ... not that she needs to be. The ball's lazy trajectory carrys it straight to her hands. She only needs to give it the lightest tap to send it back up into the cloudless sky, waiting for Matsumo's strike.
  • Matsumo holds out his hand for the ball as he leaps up into the sky, catching the ball just as it eclipses the sun, driving it down forcefully to land right at Kyumi's feet
  • Kyumi blinks, and panics as the ball heads for her feet, ducking down and hitting it up into the air.

<Kyumi> Not diving, just ducking.

<Situro> "Point for Matsumo and Yieng! Great setup Yieng. Matsumo it is your serve now."

  • Yieng grins and slaps Matsumo's hand. She blushes yet again when she realizes what she's just done, but doesn't turn away from him,.

<Yieng> "Do your best, Matsumo!"

  • Dream flashes her a consoling smile.
  • Matsumo smiles "I always do", knocking the ball up and over the net towards the other team, knowing whoever scores the next point wins
  • Dream has been spending most of this round debating within her own head; after much internal monologue, she has decided it would be best to end the game quickly by winning-- which, although sad for Yieng, would mean less time she was being ogled by spectators for wearing something uncomfortable. Gossamer threads of energy sparkle in the dying sun as the ball soars towards the other team, whistling through the air like a bird of prey.
  • Yieng backpedals, scuffing up little puffs of sand, as Dream's return goes long. It looks like she isn't going to make it... but then she arches her body backwards, hurling herself beneath the rapidly-descending ball. She hits the ground in a reverse-somersault, rolling back to her feet and springing forward, bopping the ball up into the air for Matsumo.
  • Yieng dashes back up into position as the ball arcs toward Matsumo.
  • Matsumo is ready for the return, jumping up in a spray of sand, sunlight gleaming as his muscles flex, his caste mark burning as he hits the ball down, a trail of sunlight gently falling behind the blazing ball

<Yieng> Unfortunately for Matsumo, the trail of Solar Essence makes the ball's trajectory easy to gauge.

  • Dream watches the volleyball soar like a comet towards her; she glances quickly at Matsumo's speedo once more, and then back at the ball. Wasn't he showing off enough without the pyrotechnics? She wrinkles her nose cutely and bats the ball to her parner.
  • Yieng once again falls back... but hears the scuff of feet in the sand behind her. Matsumo is also going for the save! She drops, kicking off from the ground as she falls. In a plume of sand, she skids backwards, passing right between Matsumo's legs. Even though her eyes are scrunched tightly shut to avoid seeing his speedo from such an embarassing angle, she still manages to hit the ball with her outstretched hands!

<Situro> your not her partner.

<Situro> wait your turn.

<Yieng> Oh foo!

  • Kyumi blinks. "The Ball!" She panicks back and forth, trying to remember what to do with the ball. Unfortunately, she takes too long to respond, and the ball bounces off her head and over the net. She rubs her head, pouting and rubbing her head. "Oooooow....."
  • Kyumi falls down and is knocked out cold!

<Yieng> ((my stunt is wasted! My beautiful, beautiful stunt!))

<MalikaiTheRed> ((better than slinking in super late like me))

<Yieng> ((okay, I guess that's what I do when the ball flies off Kyumi's head. and then Mat bops it down for the easy point))

<Dream> Is.. Is there someone who can help her? Or at least get her out of the sun? She might burn..

<Situro> "Someone should also pull her bikini top back into place...I don't think she wants those exposed. Dream would you please help her? And the winners are Matsumo and Yieng! Well done you two."

  • Yieng picks herself up from the ground, noticing for the first time that Kyumi has been knocked down.
  • Dream straightens Kyumi's top, and sort of drags her underneath a tree with gentle awkwardness.
  • Kyumi blinks. "Huh??? Why does my head hurt....?"
  • Yieng brushes sand off herself and ducks under the net, going to Kyumi and Dream.

<Kyumi> "And why are all those men leering at me?"

  • Yieng averts her eyes. "Ehm..."
  • Matsumo smiles at Yieng, offering her his hand to help her up, then walks over to the apir beneath the tree "It was a good game, I'm sorry it ended like that"

<Dream> "Er.. You hurt your head." She turns and picks up her beach towel and offers it to Yieng for the sake of modesty, for the time being.

<Yieng> "I... uh... it must be because they're worried you're hurt." Yieng blushes like a sunset at the lie.

  • Yieng wraps the towel around her shoulders like a cape.

<Kyumi> "Oh..." She waves, smiling at the crowd. "I'm okay!"

<Yieng> "I'm sorry the game had to end like that, too. You were a good partner, Matsumo." Yieng bows politely to the man.

  • Dream stifles an impish giggle.
  • Matsumo has the decency to look alittle embarrased for the girl, then returns the bow "thank you for playing with me"

<Yieng> "And I'm so proud of you! You played so well!"

  • Dream blushes happily and returns the hug. "Why do you look a little sad?"

<Yieng> "I wasn't sure you could do it. I'm sorry I ever doubted you."

<Dream> "Oh." She looks thoughtful for a moment. "I'm glad you don't doubt me any more."

<Matsumo> "Drinks are on me if anyone wants to cool down after the game" heading off to the bar (and I to bed. you kept me up til past 4am on this madness ^_^)

  • Yieng smiles. "And I'll never doubt you again, I promise!"

<Dream> When Matsumo is out of earshot, Dream leans in to whisper to Yieng in a parody of her own voice. "You were a good PARTNER, Matsumo." She giggles at her own ephasis.

  • Yieng blushes furiously for the umpteenth time today.

<Matsumo> (dont you go tempting me like that! I'm married damnit! and the wife will only want to eat you!)

  • Yieng clears her throat, her face still burning.
  • Dream simply grins. "I'll leave you two alone." She skitters off into the sunset.

<Dream> ((Good game everyone! It's time for bed for me. :) ))

<Matsumo> (me too...4:18am...)

<Yieng> "I'm sorry, my vows prohibit me from drinking alcohol. I'll just... go swimming? To cool down?"

<Kyumi> Night folks!

  • Yieng continues muttering excuses as she picks up her sword, then fairly dashes away, leaving a bemused Situro and Matsumo in her wake.