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Long time listener, first time caller...

OK, maybe not so flip. I'm a noob at the Wiki, so I hope you'll be patient with my barging around like a bull in a china shop. You can thank Haku and wordman for getting me here.

I'll be using this site to post up my Long Second Age setting over the next few weeks--an Alternate Exalted setting, in a Creation where the Solars didn't show up for two thousand more years than in the original. It's full of Steampunk, Western themes, gun-fu, and is an homage as much to Feng Shui as it is to the Final Fantasy series, and a little bit of Firefly as well.

Questions, comments, sweet whispers or hate mail can be sent to hubiestubert@gmail

The Long Second Age Setting



Didn't realize. Tips to do it correctly then?--JB

You'll find them under BestPractices. try TheLongSecondAge/AbilitiesAndBackgrounds , and stuff like that. ~ BrigandRansom , welcoming the newest Wikizen

Yes, you need to create TheLongSecondAge as a top-level page and have everything else be a subpage signified by TheLongSecondAge/PilotCharms etc, etc. Cause this is ass-ugly, basically. - Telgar

My bad, Jakk; I should've told you about all this stuff. Didn't really have time, though. Also, Jakk, buddy, in your Charms and Abilities sections, you forgot the <BR> for line breaks.  ;) - Seiraryu

And don't let us cracking down on you make you feel unwelcome. We're just making sure that the Wiki stays neat and tidy. If TheLongSecondAge is a higher tech-level setting, you may also be interested in looking at ExMod for some of the stuff that's being kicked around in there ~ BrigandRansom , giving people the opportunity to network

It could use some work, but I think the content is nifty. ~StarHawk

A-ah! I thought that I had put this into a sub-page, but I was sadly mistaken. I will attempt to redo this tomorrow. I will admit that most of the stuff is in a fairly raw form, at least in format--everything is either formatted in WordPerfect at home, or at www.patternspider.net, and to be honest, reformatting it is going to be a bear. I figured I would port as much as I could over, and then use these pages to put it back into the shape it's supposed to be in.

One quick question though--half of the time my html italics and bold tags aren't engaging. Whassup?

As for anyone "cracking down" on me--no worries there. My only question is how to get the pages that are already up into the desired format? Jakk Bey

A lot of your HTML italics and bolds are closed wrong. You close them as <i> instead of </i>. It's a common typo. As for how to reformat them, just create the new page, port the stuff over, and forget the old page. I don't know if there's a way to delete pages, but I doubt it's ever come up. Delete the stuff on the old link and forget about it. - Seiraryu

Hey, Jakk... sorry, I couldn't do up the page for you as promised. At least before you did... Still, it's good to see you here. ^_^;
~ Haku

Better! But note, there's no reason to stick your name on the page title. Just put your name as link at the top of the page or something. - Telgar

Actually, there is. Once I re-format the whole kit-and-kaboodle, I'm thinking about turning this lot on the setting, to use it, and play with it as they see fit. It would make more sense then, to know who authored which sections. While I will offer up the core of this home brew, I'm fairly certain that this band of ne'er-do-wells could come up with a few suggestions or expand on the setting. I just ask that you wait until I finish uploading the whole thing--which should be in a week or two--there's a lot of re-formating to do, so I hope folks are patient. Then, once it's done, and I drop off the last of the Golems and Mana-Net goodies, y'all can have at it? Seem fair enough? Jakk Bey