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This is DaveFayram's (the Wiki Proprietor) home node. It is quite empty because he doesn't like redundancy, and any non-exalted things he comes up with will be at his weblog, http://www.lensmen.net/ (easy, huh?). So only the exalted stuff is here, and some comments people have made. If you want to talk to DaveFayram, leave a message here, email him, or send an AIM to KirinDave.

I might note, this page gets updated sparsely. I tend to reserve it for stuff I'd like to keep on a semi-permanent basis, or for throwaway stuff. I am keeping a blog, which I update with more generic info, and I do so more frequently. It is here: http://www.lensmen.net/blog/dave/

Current Exalted Projects

  • I did some Solar melee charms, and I'd like commentary. Would you guys tell me what you think ofDaveFayram/MeleeCharms ??
  • I'm working on a new MA style,DaveFayram/PrismStyle. I think this has potential, a fun light manipulation and soft style.
  • Awhile back Mailanka and I taled aboutDaveFayram/ArtifactSealing as a way to allow unique weapons to fall into the hands of starting solars in such a way as to be affordable. It's a great adventure hook!
  • Mailanka and I are going to work on a review for fighting without solar style action charms. It'll be cool!

Stuff that'll screw over Dave if he ever runs for office


Dave Fayram (AIM: KirinDave) kirindave@lensmen.net

Some Junk

Don't need to pay much attention to this space. When I'm done with it, I'll be done with it.

Got anything to say to me?

Suggestion: On the main page set up a link tree for everything, ro havea link to a page w/ links to the Discussions pages, or, for that matter, all the discussion pages as i'm sure there will be many.

Also, where would you suggest to start a link tree for a homepage from? ~Sab

Out of curiosity, what wiki are you using to power ExaltedWiki? UseMod? Something else? -SoulToast

UseModWiki, and it's woefully inadequate. -- DaveFayram

That's what I use to power my wiki, and I'm pretty content with it. There are some things that I wish it could do, but then there are some things it can do that, say, PmWiki can't. Where do you find it lacking (besides the fact that it's written in Perl and not Ruby :) )? - SoulToast

It really lacks pretty much everything you see on the BurningWikiProject page. Really, the thing that I like the least is the fact I can't extend the markup easily. The code for UseModWiki, even by perl standards, is very poor. I've traced the logic and I disagree with the design on several levels. Perhaps this is because I'm such an OO freak. What I really, really want though are themes, a better XHTML 1.0 Trans compliant markup, dynamic sidebars, and whatnot. UseModWiki has no concept of DIV tags to block out regions. It has no concept of span tags instead of hardwired HTML styling. It has no concept of stylesheet-manipulatable block rendering of pages.

The worst part about UseModWiki is that all the patches are mutally incompatible. No one ever does multi-patch releases, when like every other wiki does.

Why then, is ExaltedWiki running on UseMod? It's what I had at the time. I understand its database structure. So I can convert it out. The markup is kinda universal, but would allow for extension with a future wiki. :) I was tired of making excuses not to run ExaltedWiki, so I just got off my ass and did it.

-- DaveFayram

Yeah, I gotta question. I'm thinking about running an RPG on Wiki. I think that would be great. Easy. Lots of fun. Any suggestions on how I could go about getting myself a wiki to do that with...

Though perhaps I could do that here. I'd rather it was a bit on the private side, but I guess I could just create the page, delete the link, and the post links whenever I thought it was appropriate. I dunno.

Thinking about it.

I just prefer the extreme flexibility of this to any forum, group, or mailing system...

Any suggestions? ~Mailanka

The major problem with using an orphan page as a "private" area is that every time you edit it, a link to it will show up in RecentChanges.


-- earion2000@yahoo.com "parad0x�"


I have created the page LunarMadness, but now I want to rename it to LunarFlux. Do I just copy the text to LunarFlux and delete after that the Text in LunarMadness to delete the dispensable page? Or what should I do?


Yes, that's the procedure. Then change all links to LunarMadness to LunarFlux. And you can just type in #REDIRECT LunarFlux in LunarMadness and it'll send anyone headed to LunarMadness to LunarFlux instead.

Thanks. Done. WyldSpawn

EditTestPage MoreEditTestPage

Sufficient testing.

It seems that ID 2842 from adsl-65-70-232-179.dialup.fyvlar.swbell.net got rather... upset. When I get home, that gets banned too. Poor guy. I wish I had that much time on my hands.

Thanks Dave! - Quendalon
You're more awesome than pie. Even pumpkin, and that's my favorite. -- Mnemosynis
Even more awesome than most ice cream, but not chocolate chip cookie dough but close! - haren