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killedshadowrun: stupid formula poetry...
killedshadowrun: we have to write one of those "I Am" poems for AP English 4...
[[KirinDave]]: Fucking poems :-)
[[KirinDave]]: "I Am"
[[KirinDave]]: by David Fayram
[[KirinDave]]: I am...
[[KirinDave]]: Tired of poetry
[[KirinDave]]: It's not more powerful
[[KirinDave]]: Free verse is not the cure
[[KirinDave]]: For the malaise of the mind
[[KirinDave]]: Talking with pauses...
[[KirinDave]]: Does not make you more profound
[[KirinDave]]: Rhymes and riddles
[[KirinDave]]: Are only for giggles
[[KirinDave]]: I am
[[KirinDave]]: Sick of people who are poets
[[KirinDave]]: and damn well wanna show it.

In high school, I once wrote a sonnet about how I resented poets. _Ikselam\\ Aha, found it.

This sorry sonnet that you see
Is my best attempt at poetry;
Once you scan it I suppose
You'll see why I favour prose.

Poet Envy
How grand to be a poet, able to
Make the ordinary seem sublime,
And do so with no more than a few
Well-chosen words and an occasional rhyme.
How wonderful to have others think one's
Soul is full of beauty and thoughtfulness
Simply because one can find the words for
Things which others feel, but cannot express.
Yes, we normal folk do not stand a chance
Against a poet, when it comes to romance.

A pox upon sonnets and poems,
A plague upon meter and rhyme;
Nothing anyone says will convince me
That they aren't a waste of my time.
Others perhaps may find pleasure
In composing a couplet or verse;
I find such a pastime unpleasant
(I can't think of a torture much worse).

Glorious. I once made a poem for class by randomly inserting line breaks in a Yahoo! news page, as a statement of some sort. I'm more partial to double dactyls, myself*:

Slashingly smackingly
Geoffry Grabowski
Wrote up a book full of
Charms, called Exalted
A man of the church of
My normal life since has
Damn all but halted.

~Jabberwocky\\ * Limericks too, but I won't even start with those. Isaac Asimov has some hilariously filthy books full of them, if anyone's in to that sort of thing.

Wow, this is one of the most amusing wiki pages I have read to date. :) ElephantPunch comes to mind as a competitor. -- DaveFayram