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About Me

I'm a computer science graduate student at Texas A&M - Corpus Christi, though I've got a BA in English. I've been gaming (though not as much as I'd like) for about eight years. I'm a big fan of WW's World of Darkness and Aeon Continuum, among other things. I generally play, but occasionally run when I come across across game that I think is really neat but no one else gets as excited about (Deadlands, Adventure!, d20 Modern, etc...). On this list is Exalted.
I've got a strange love-hate relationship with Exalted. On the one hand, it's neat. The over-the-top action and the scale of the game, I'm nuts about, really. On the other hand, the things I'd not crazy about and would otherwise ignore are treated like they're the real selling points of the game. Sometimes, the animé feel just grates on my nerves and makes beat the next person with ideas for converting the latest Square game to Exalted into a bloody pulp. Most times, however, I forget about the Lodoss War underoos, concentrate on what I enjoy about Exalted, and dig hardcore on how slick it is.
A while ago, when I was really disillusioned about the animé-fantasy aspect of Exalted, I started brain-storming about AncientWorldExalted, which is still needs a lot of work. This is just as well, 'cause I'm starting to glue together some ideas for a canon-setting Exalted campaign that will almost certainly be inflicted on Corpus Christi this semester.


  • AncientWorldExalted - Exalted, closer to what I originally thought it would be. Please offer comments/opinions/suggestions, 'cause it needs 'em!