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CrunchRelay Comments Archive

Just something similar to take a look at: Character Concept Trading . -- Miedvied

Something I'd love to see, Relay-wise, would be Spell and Oath relays for the new Fair Folk stuff. Would other people be into that, too? -TedPro

Arrrgh. Fairfolk crunch maeks yuo dei!!!1. Ahem. Sorry... I'll need another month or so to comprehend them, so not me. It sounds like a good idea though, especially for their weird spell-thingies.
-- Darloth
I would be fascinated by Spell or Oath relays, although I couldn't contribute to them. ^_^;; ~ G
Can we just fold those into ArtifactRelay? Like, you can post a behemoth, glamour spell, or adjuration as an Artifact of that rank. That way, we don't force people to use the mechanics if they don't have access to or don't know them. This is my problem with Thaumrelay - I don't like or understand thaum well enough to help keep it going, and additional fragmentation of the relays into splatbook-specific mechanics only exacerbates that. - willows
Well... I don't really see how it's 'forcing' someone. I mean, I've posted on a couple Relays, and I've never had someone come up behind me and go, "Post on this Relay right now or else!" with my protests of non-understanding ignored as they grab my hands and cause me to bang out a hasty 2-dot Hearthstone.
Less facetiously, I don't really understand the desire to keep the Relays totally seperate. Glamour artifacts might be an acceptable valid post on a GlamourRelay, but also possess their own- if people don't wish to update GlamourRelay often, it will simply... not... be... uh, updated much. So... .02&Arafelis
Yeah, um, basically... There isn't a lot of activity on the Relays as much as it is, and I think opening the existing categories to more diversity is a better way to enliven them (I like the Relays better when I am not the only one posting) than creating new, slow Relays is. I mean, look how thaumrelay limps along. It's like the redheaded stepchild of the category; even the benighted SpellRelay does better in activity terms. (I think they'd have done better to be one MagicRelay) - willows
Opening existing categories to greater diversity is not mutually incompatable with creating more categories! Relays do not currently overlap much, but that's not inherent to their structure. -If you want more activity, incidentally, what I'd reccomend is to change the order in which Relay objects are posted. Rather than progressing in linear order from 1 dot to 5, make it so that people can post at any level that does not already have an object (there's nothing wrong with posting new artis for the same slot if one has a really good idea, but it's not precisely the point of Relays). The first person who fills the last slot would get to post a new theme.
And yes, some Relays will be always be 'specialty intrest only.' It's unlikely I'll ever post a Charm in MA relay unless I get an awesome idea or am trying to make fun of something. It's unlikely most players will ever even consider thaumaturgy unless they're in a god-blooded game (and even then, not terribly much). I don't see how it follows that including these little-used Relays as part of other Relays will increase activity... they'll just be more or less forgotten. - Arafelis

As an experiment I modified the HearthstoneRelay structure slightly. I added a basic template and all the pages now start as part of the Archives, with the main page being a redirect to the current relay. This makes switching relays slighly easier(You just copy/paste the template into a new page off the archive and change the redirect). This allows one to index hearthstone as they are created(which was hard before, the page in the archives wasn't created till the relay was done, so only the person who swiched them could reasonably index the objects). -FlowsLikeBits

As said in the FluffRelay, I had the idea to add a Monster Relay, where creatures (but also mortals or spirits) are fleshed out to throw at your players. I'll think it would stick better to the CrunchRelay, as the monsters and creatures should get stats. If you consent, I'll open the Monster Relay. - Jiba

You have mine, for one, but be gentle. It's my first time...DeathBySurfeit