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The Trade

So, a friend of mine suggested that we start e-mailing each other one-line
concepts, and after a day, exchange our write-ups/stats. Below, is the trades
to date.

Note: Dex is more creative than I. So I'm sorry if his stuff is better
than mine; be glad you get to read both.

Also, I'd like to propose that we turn this into a Wiki-wide project; anyone
can toss up a concept (with their name attached, preferably) and anyone
can choose to take up the challenge of writing up its description and stats.
It could be cool.

  • Trade 1
Concept sent to me: Omphalan, the City that Walks
Concept I sent to Dex: High Governess of Malfeas

Firstly, this is just exactly like the Lexicon. Maybe people who like this should glance over some of the zillions of blank entries that are left and try writing one? ;)
So were you thinking of people just ... writing down ideas and other people picking them up and writing them? I'm sort of puzzled by the formatting -- should people should just write down names for others to invent in a big list on this page, or give a few more details, or ... what?
~ Shataina

I was thinking of people writing down a couple words of concept, and someone else coming along and doing a CS with description for it. Then again, I put this up right before I got into the Relay threads, and this would be pretty redundant with CharacterRelay, since they're so very, very similar.

On the other hand, I don't think either one is very much like Lexicon. - Miedvied

Really? They seem like it to me. Oh well.
Maybe you could make a Relay for this -- like an EverythingElseRelay or RandomConceptRelay? It could just relay stuff that isn't any of th following: umm .... characters / hearthstones / artifacts /charms / I forget what else.
~ Shataina