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She Who Lives In Her Name

Order, Hierarchy
Progeny Count: 6:14:8
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  • Munaxes, Fourth Soul, the Ravine of Whispers
    • Octavian, Defining, the Living Tower
      • Gethin, the Havester of Rarities
      • Luminita, the Deer That Hunts The Man
      • Primjerak, the Longing Blade
        Humanoid demons with greatswords and tremendous skill in their use, often summoned to act as bodyguards or shocktroops. (Moxiane)
      • Tomescu, the Clamorous Cloud Arsenal (PowerCombat/Tomescu)
    • Stanewald, Reflective, She Who Surmounted the Omphalos
      • Gallmau, the Hooded Lantern
      • Fetch, the Blasphemy in Robes of Flesh (EotBeholder)
        Skin-wrapped priestesses, one part demon cult leader and one part heavy artillery.
    • Eshemanti, the Hundred Eyed Shouter of Blasphemies - [canonical; may not actually be a demon] (added by Enchantress)
    • Evangeline, Messenger, The Whiplash Queen (Shemjaza)
      There are many who speak out against their masters, and many who seek wisdom forbidden to them. But for these indiscretions against the ultimate hierarchy there is a price to be paid, that price is pain.
      Demons know that this pain is called Evangeline.
  • Sagarduia, Seventh Soul, the River of Crystal Fire
  • Geneth, the Eye of the Flames (Quendalon)
    The eye that is Geneth burns forever within the second sphere of She Who Lives In Her Name. As it burns, it turns in an endless wheeling dance, gazing out across Malfeas' countless layers. Where flames can be found in the path of its gaze, a blazing eye looks out of the fire; where demons in the path of its gaze hold a searing passion in their hearts, whether it be hate or fear or love, Geneth looks out from behind their eyes. When Geneth turns its gaze upon an individual, it learns everything about them in an instant; when Geneth turns its gaze upon a city or a kingdom, it can burn out the eyes of every living being there, blinding them forever.
    • Khsiret, Defining, Bearer of the Fiery Chalice (FourWillowsWeeping)
      In his home, Khsiret is the inspiration for the Lightning Spider magic: a many-legged, lacy shape of shadow, in whose centre burns a many-coloured flame. In the winding halls of his Manse, he weaves deep magics. Summoned into the world, he appears as a shadow puppet of dark wood, carrying a chalice filled with flames. One who drinks from the chalice is filled with energy, and if he can contain it, it will bring him great might.
      • The Ember-Born (Quendalon)
        These clouds of powdery ash drift about of their own accord, as if on an unseen wind; their ardor varies with the light, such that they settle into dormancy in dark places. They absorb all forms of energy and take it into themselves, so as to glow red with heat, blue with lightning, or green with Ligier’s light. When so charged, an Ember-Born may set things afire and feed upon the smoke, taking the burnt thing into itself. On occasion, they feed on life or matter, leaving behind a warm corpse or a wisp of ash, but they prefer to devour ideas, perceptions, memories and dreams, stripping these things away from those they engulf.
    • Liellus, Defining, the Indexer of Archives (Quendalon)
      Resembling a bleached, too-tall corpse in gray and gold, bearing a massive codex bound in human skin, Liellus travels through all the layers of Malfeas to visit the glass libraries laid down by Orabilis. In each library, he traces his circuit among the shelves and stacks. He does not read the books nor study the lore that Orabilis has set down for the edification of the demon scholars. Instead, he records the title of each and every scholarly work in his codex, preparing a comprehensive index of the lore of the demon realm.
      • Gagoxyrn, the Maze Walkers (Kukla)
        Shaped like a human with three legs, three arms, one torso with three chests facing in three directions and no back, and one head with three faces, the Gagoxyrn gazes in all directions at once and never blinks. Their skin, which resembles a sooty green malachite, is marked not by pores or nipples but by thin folds and layered creases that creak as they move, and their hair, which lies thick on their bodies, is white and ash-scented. Their legs are all right legs, their arms are all left arms.
        With mad enthusiasm, the Gagoxyrn walk the passages of the Demon City, learning the crevices of the passages from one side of a layer to another, etching maps on to their bodies with sharpened fingernails. They are skilled cartographers and mappers, but their passion is not a joyful one, for their obsessive mapping is a compulsive, unhappy need which they must fulfill to grant relief to their constant anxiety and paranoia.
  • Hepyrtace, the Forsaken Star (Lucy4Luvzu)
  • The Punisher Of Sin (FrivYeti)
    • Shikara, the River of Sorrow, Indulgent Soul of the Punisher of Sin (FrivYeti)
    • The Outstretched Fist, Defining Soul of the Punisher of Sin (FrivYeti)
  • The Ravager Of Dreams (FrivYeti)
    • Terebius, The Stone Of Dark Truths, Expressive Soul of the Ravager Of Dreams (FrivYeti)
    • The One That Sits and Ponders, Wisdom (Nero's Boot)
      In the deepest libraries of Hell, there is The One That Sits and Ponders, a sage many in Creation will slay their heart's love to consult. It is said that The One That Sits and Ponders is an overmind, a unity of consciousness that links all minds as one. And indeed it is so, as The One That Sits and Ponder is an enormous brain, swimming placidly in a tank of glass and bronze, with the blood of a thousand virgins sustaining it. All minds, be they demon, mortal, or Exalt, are one in this demon lord, save that eldar Exalts, creatures of the Wyld, and the gods are beyond it's reach. Its magic is the magic of thought and idea, and no sage can resist its honeyed words.
      • Those Who Swim The Depths (Nero's Boot)
        In the depths of Kimbery are Those Who Swim The Depths, progeny of the subconscious, deep, unheard thoughts made flesh. For The One That Sits and Ponders is in the minds of all mortals, and may take their deepest, most unheard thoughts, and make of them entities. Those Who Swim The Depths are thoughts of murder, adultury, and envy, thoughts of betrayal and lust. Given the form of man-sized whales, Those Who Swim The Depths explore the watery abyss of The Sea That Marched Against the Flame, for it is said they seek even her forbidden thoughts, and when they find them, they will become more, transfigured into light.
    • Iscocele, Indulgent, The Infernal Chorus (Nero's Boot)
      The heart of revelry lies in singing, and in each joyful word of a song, one can find a trace of Iscocele. The Infernal Chorus manifests as a blindfolded grey woman who speaks and sings in three different voices at once, with eerie synchronicity. If one should remove the blindfold, one discovers that her eyes are not actually eyes, but miniature mouths. When she so chooses, each voice may change in pitch, volume and content, completely independent of the other. In addition, she can imitate any voice she has ever heard before, and she may imitate up to a hundred voices at once, hence her moniker of the Infernal Chorus. Iscocele is drawn to beautiful voices, and if a sorcerer can sing well for her, she will serve him or her willingly. Iscocele competes with Berengiere for voices, and is deeply resentful of the latter if The Weaver of Voices steals a voice she wanted to listen to. When bound, Iscocele is an entertainer past compare, her songs inducing transcendent bliss in all who hear them, and inducing the desire in them to forget everything in order to sing and dance without restraint. When enraged, she screams, and the razor-edged soundwaves cut like the sharpest daiklaive.
    • Neudema, Expressive, The Puzzle of Flesh (Nero's Boot)
      Neudema rejoices in completion, such as the way a pair of lovers complete and affirm each other. He is proud to be a part of his mother Sanceline, and a brother to his fellow souls, for together they fulfil each other. When Neudema is summoned, he does not appear in a readily recognizable form - instead, he arrives in the summoning circle as a mound of black lead pieces, which, when placed together properly, will form a miniature of a two-headed hound with a single eye on each. This creature is Neudema, and he resents being torn from the Demon Realm, where all (to him) is contentment, and this discorporate form is his way of expressing his displeasure. Assembling Neudema is essentially another form of the battle of wills between sorcerer and summoned demons, and spending Essence allows the pieces to be put together more quickly. So too do songs and arias of love, which make the pieces eager to rejoin, that Neudema may better enjoy their singing. Neudema serves willingly once he is fully assembled, and if the sorcerer wishes him to, he can vastly speed construction works (though not works that involve refining or cutting or otherwise removing pieces from the base material) simply by speaking ancient verses in the tongue of the Yozis, which compel organization and order from Creation. He despises summoners who use Charms of discorporation, and will pervert the commands of any summoners who destroy things in his presence. He possesses the ability to unmake objects as well, though he rarely uses it, and if a sorcerer compels him to do so when he is unwilling, that sorceror will earn Neudema's ire.


Great demons, Quen! I'm really interested to see Sanceline's souls. - FourWillowsWeeping

Thanks! And so am I; I have no idea what her souls are like. Feel free to come up with a few. :) - Quendalon

Not sure about the name of the Ember-Born. :) - Quendalon

There isn't a problem with me just adding my demon here is there? - Shemjaza

Negative. In fact, we encourage it :) DS

Eshemanti is canon and a servant of She Who Lives in Her Name, however his status here as a Second Circle Demon and soul of the Ravine of Whispers are not, but reflect his nature well. Enchantress

First time posting here; and I'm pretty sure my idea needs work. I just really wanted a demon of SHLIHN & Order, with a connection to the Maidens; and then the way Sidereals use constellations as archetypes spiraled into using the 7 component souls as masks and archetypes as well. Edit as seen fit. And I think Sanceline is cool as hell. I couldn't figure out how to use the break-function without messing up the whole order. =)Lucy4Luvzu

Welcome to the wiki! And nice demons there... especially the Buabele. Weird, but in a original way. Though Mastihos always looking like the summonner seems a little odd... It must have some form of its own on Malfeas, surely? All beings that tend to look like the observer have some manner of true form...

As for the break function, unless I misunderstood it, just do like I just did, with the <br> tags. -- GoldenCat
If someone has the time, Lucy4Luvzu's demons should be put on separate pages, with shorter summaries left here. The current descriptions are too long for the Taxonomy structure. - Quendalon