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Nero's Boot, otherwise known as The_Boot_of_Nero and TheBootofNero and NerosBoot. I'm a long-time gamer with a great love for epic fantasy, be it in RPG format or novel format. I'm also an anime addict.

Here are some random ideas I've tossed out on the Exalted forum, that no one seemed interested in, immortalized forever on the wiki.

The following are Exalted Artifacts, charmed and enchanted mortal artifacts, and other wondrous pieces of equipment:


The following is a list of enchanted and interesting places throughout the Exalted universe:


The following are NPCs for the PCs to encounter, romance, fight, and hate:


The following is a list of monsters, behemoths, and other creatures for the PCs to face in battle and interact with:

The many races ofNero's_Boot/SessileFolk are as follows:





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