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These Artifacts are Telgar's visions of the denizens of #WoD if they were Artifacts. They are listed in the order created.

The Char - level 4 Red Jade Grand Goremaul (Charlotte Irrgang) by Telgar

Forged long ago in the time of the First Age, before the world was fouled with common miscreants and interlopers from beyond, the Char is a mighty weapon of destruction. It's wrath is feared by all who have heard tales of the destruction wrought by it's awesome power. The Char was forged in the heart of the largest volcano in Creation, the last grasp of Earth as Fire claims dominion over the Furthest South.Though none can prove it, the Char is rumored to possess sentience. It certainly passes demented and twisted dreams of hellish realities into the sleep of whom so ever bears it's weight.
When used in combat, the Char bursts into black and orange flames. These flames superheat the armor of the Char's victims, adding 1/2 their armor-based soak to the Char's raw damage. The flames from the Char remove all darkness and vision-based penalties as well as forcing opponents to make a Temperance roll (difficulty 2) or flee from the Char once they have been struck by it and suffered the pain of its blows. The Char also warns its bearer if strangers approach, smoldering with idle rage at the intrusion.
The Char : Damage +10L (Piercing) | Acc +3 | Def +0 | Speed +5 | Rate 4 | Commitment 5

The Recurring Puzzle - level 5 Starmetal Puzzle (FourWillowsWeeping) by Telgar

A mysterious puzzle box found in an excavated First Age City around An-Teng, the Recurring Puzzle is never truly solved. Each time one of its 5,342-bit lesser puzzles is solved, forming a single piece of the greater puzzle, which consists of 1,876 such parts, one more is found to have un-solved itself. The puzzle takes the form of a cubic foot of glowing silver, bronze, black iron and blue steel which constantly shimmers, even in utter darkness. Many parts of the puzzle are transparent or transluscent, allowing the inner recesses of the mind-bending cube to be seen.
Each time a lesser puzzle is solved, the benefits are wonderous. If a person should attempt to solve a lesser puzzle while working on some difficult task, the difficulty of that task is increased by 3, but it can not be botched. If failed, the result is no worse then a normal failure. However, any successes count double, for the puzzle offers great insight and skill when it is completed. Completing the task is considered to have completed with puzzle-piece as well.
Should anyone attempt to actually complete 10 lesser puzzles consecutivly, and succeed, the result is even more splendid. They gain 1/4th the total net succeeses of their 10 puzzle-aided rolls as a "Puzzle Pool" which can be spent on any roll they choose. This pool can never be replenished, it must be drained and made anew instead. It lasts until depleted. Completing 10 lesser puzzles also restores any willpower or virtue channels spent on the 10 puzzle-aided rolls, all at once. Such restored points can take the solver over their normal limits.
To date, no one has completed the entire Recurring Puzzle. If they were to do so, it is likely their mind would either be vastly expanded, or their head would explode.

Burning Mountain's Hail - Level 4 Jade Flail (Fiat Victrix) by Telgar

The personal weapon of a long-dead First Age Terrestrial, the Burning Mountain's Hail inspires awe in those who behold it. Three massive, spiked heads of Red, Orange and Yellow Jade dangle from a Bronze haft the length of a grown man's arm. Depending on which head the target is struck with, the effect of their maiming varies. Regardless of which head the attack is made with, the same stats are used. Only the additonal effects vary.
The head of Red Jade saps the passion and vitality of the victim, replacing it with a burning desire to do as told. The target must roll the two highest of their Virtues, against difficulty of the number of health levels inflicted by Burning Mountain's Hail or be under the weilder's command for one day per health level inflicted.
The lightning-spiked Yellow Jade ball sends jolts of arcing lightning through the victim, such a painful display that the allies of the victim are not only terrified, but burned. The lightning jumps across the lines of essence that bind friends together, even mortal friends, attacking each ally for ping damage, normally soaked. The range of this attack is limited to 10 X the target's Essence in yards.
Being struck by the Orange Jade face of the Flail is to be smote with the fury of the moulten blood of the Earth itself. When in contact with the flesh of a foe, the Orange Jade liquifies slightly, leaving horrific burns across the target's body. Armor soak is halved by this attack and the target takes 1 die of lethal damage, unsoakable, per turn for the rest of the scene if they were wearing armor when struck. The bits of superhot liquid Jade can only be removed when the armor is off.
Burning Mountain's Hail : Damage +8L | Accuracy +4 | Defense +0 | Speed +4 | Rate 3 | Commitment 6

Mournful Release - Level 3 Soulsteel Grimcleaver (Resplendence) by Telgar

The Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears herself has weilded this blade in battle, but since then she has passed it to her favored servants as a prize, a display of her affection. The blade itself was forged from the soul of one of the Lover's many male companions, one of those rare few who survived more then a single night of her company. A powerful son of Svendis the God of Colored Paintings, the young man's new form bears a few of his former powers as traces and influences in its personality.
Mournful Release can offer the aid of the dead craftsmen of the world to those who would use it in artistic works. Any work created with the help of the blade gains an additional 5 dice to the roll with an automatically guaranteed success beyond the 5 dice. These works produce an instant reflection in the underworld, often times having great value as ready-made grave goods.
The confidence of the young God-Blood still runs in the blade, though it is dangerously twisted. All Valor rolls made by the bearer of the Mournful Release automatically succeed with at least 1 success.
Something in the power of the Release conflicts with the power of certain elemental allignments. The two Hearthstone settings of the Mournful Release can contain any aspect, as usual, but certain combinations have different effects. When either of the settings holds a Hearthstone of Fire, Wood or Earth all willpower gains are increased by 1. When either setting holds a Hearthstone of Water or Air the willpower gains are reduced by 1. If both settings contain Air or Water stones, it is impossible for the bearer of the Release to regain willpower at all. The complimentary nature of two Wood-aspected stones doubles all willpower gains made by the bearer of the weapon.
Mournful Release : Damage +7L | Accuracy +6 | Defense +2 | Speed +3 | Rate 4 | Range 50 yards | Commitment 5

Slave of Longing and Rage - Level 4 Soulsteel Reaver Daiklave (Ashande) by Telgar

One of the slaves of the First and Forsaken Lion was found by a Solar who snuck into the Thousand to spy on the Deathlord and set free. For several months the two travelled together and they fell in love. But eventually the Deathlord's servants caught up with the Solar and slew her ruthlessly and dragged the slave back to be Soulforged. His tormented soul became the Slave of Longing and Rage, a massive ebony Reaver Daiklave with a particularly vicious reputation. Despite the rigors of Soulforging, the slave survived in some sense. His blade turns against its weilders with startling frequency and is considered cursed.
All rolls made with the Slave are at +1 difficulty due to the constant struggles of the blade to destroy itself. Rolls made by Deathknights or other servants of the Deathlords are made at an additional +1 difficulty. Only the reincarnation of the Solar who loved him can use the Slave at normal difficulty. That Solar also gets a 2 mote discount on the committment of the Blade, the soul within willingly gives up some of his power to help his love.
The blade is often used against other Deathlords or rogue ghosts and Nephwracks because of its all-consuming hatred for the forces that forged it. It gains 3 dice on all attacks against servants of darkness and does aggravated damage to Deathknights and Deathlords.
Those who have previously attuned the Blade become special targets of its malice. Against any previous owner, except the Solar who loved him, the Slave does +2 damage. Those who wield the blade, however, gain some of the Slave's strength of purpose and bravery. Their Valor and Conviction rolls are at +1 dice and those with skill in Performance can draw on the Slave's brilliant mind, adding 2 dice to all Performance rolls.
The Slave of Loning and Rage : Damage +11L | Accuracy +4 | Defense +0 | Speed +2 | Rate 2 | Commitment 7

BSDs? Demons? ~ Grandmasta

No, no. #WoD. Not World of Darkness. This is Charlotte Irrgang, a denizen of #WoD, as an artifact.

Oh. This totally means nothing to me, then. ^^; ~ G

Basically. - Telgar

The funniest thing is she makes a pretty good artifact, and I believe I now have at least a basic knowledge of her personality, even without ever going anywhere NEAR the IRC channel.
-- Darloth

Can the puzzle be solved simply for the purpose of solving it, and if so, what difficult and roll are made please? Also... how long does it take?
-- Darloth had a better question/comment but forgot it...

You can poke at it and try to solve it without doing anything else, but it won't work. You can only solve the puzzle while working on other things. - Telgar

Thanks for the clarification!
-- Darloth

I don't know if I should be flattered or insulted. Resplendence

I'd go with both, but that's only my opinion ^_^ -- Darloth