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Er, hello there.

I'm Areku. I'm a player in Darloth's Wonderful Exalted Game. As of late, I've designed a few charms for my Abyssal character, Crimson Snowfall. At Darloth's suggestion, I've decided to post a few of them here... as well as any other nifty things I might encounter.

I have yet to actually design my little corner properly, so for now most of my stuff into going to be lumped here until I can put it into sections. Thanks for your patience!


Eyes of Unsufferbly Agony</b>

<b>Cost: 5 motes, 1 Willpower. // 6 additional motes per use.
Duration: Two Hours.
Type: Simple
Minimum Presence: 5
Minimum Essence: 4
Prerequisite Charms: Soul-Flaying Gaze. (Abyssal Corebook, pg. x)

Similar to Heart-Stopping Mien, an Abyssal with this charm can kill with nothing else but meeting her own eyes with her victim. Once activated, the Abyssal closes her eyes, opening them moments later to reveal that her eyes have taken on a bright cyan or silver color. A brief wave of almost nearly invisible, colorless essence emanates from the Abyssal's irises to her target. Those who make eye-contact with the Abyssal must roll a reflexive Valor roll against a difficulty of x. Those who fail this roll are immeadiately thrown into agony as every muscle in the opponent body begins to rip, bones twist and break in ways that should not be so, the opponent's eyes may or may not implode, and in the worst of cases, the victim's heart shall explode, equivalant to a number of unsoakable lethal damage to the Abyssal's Essence + 2.

This charm is almost identical to Heart-Stopping Mien, however it is much more subtle and not designed to be used in combat. If used in combat, the Abyssal must see the opponent's eyes. The charm can only take affect to those the Abyssal can make fixed eye contact with, meaning those who cover their eyes or are blind are invulnerable. Those who look at the Abyssal, though have not been targetted while the Charm is activated, do not suffer its effects. This charm can be used in combat, however only on one opponent at a given time.

(Those of you who have watched Shinobi: Heart Under Blade may recognize this as Oboro's Eye of Destruction technique.)

Unseen Embrace Technique</b>

<b>Cost: 5 motes.
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Martial Arts: 4
Minimum Essence: 4
Prerequisite Charms: ?

(Similar to Silken Lash Style MA - I will eventually transform this into a Martial Art of its own.)

Channeling essence through the body, the Abyssal can transform her hair into a weapon of her choosing. This charm was designed by Crimson Snowfall to be used as a more essence-friendly weapon as opposed to her Spectre Whip. The channeled essence can vigorously stimulate the hair's growth, allowing Snowfall to extend its length at great speeds and increase its durability to such an extent rivalling that of steel. The essence also forms the hair to be frighteningly sharp, making it an ideal choice for subtle assassinations. While this charm is active, Snowfall is granted full control of her hair, manipulating it and moving it as she sees fit - often allowing it to trail down her shoulders and beneath her clothes, striking from her sleeves.

The enchanted hair can be used like any other chain-like weapon within reason.

Steel Hair: Speed +2, Accuracy +3, Damage +2L, Def +2, Rate 3, Range Varies.


Assimilation of Knowledge Apparatus</b>

<b>Artifact: 3
Attunement: 6 motes.

Much like a Biosight Reticle and a Diagnostic Sensor Apparatus, this artifact combines both charms into a useful handheld device. Upon activation, the compact-disc shaped device will begin to emit a dull hum as a faint blue light emanates from a small crystal array mounted on the artifact's lower body. It takes but a few moments for a complete diagnostic of any living organism to display on the artifact’s screen. The device includes basic medical information as well as any presence of foreign toxins, the patient’s organ status, and the like. If used on a non-living target, the device will have a lesser effect and cause of death may or may not be specified dependant on the target at hand. The artifact can be used on other objects, such as rocks and artifacts, but is very ineffective – usually only running the scanned object through a short list of basic substances and coming up very limited information. The artifact constantly adapts and assimilates new data as it obtains it.

In the most dangerous of situations, an inventor or scholar may need to hide the physical evidence of his works in order to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. By entering the appropriate passcode and channeling six additional motes of essence into the device, the artifact will begin to hum at increasing volumes as the screen of the artifact blinks red in warning. Users of the device will have but a few moments to hurl the device from their grasp or drop it to the ground before it promptly explodes into a dangerous cloud of damage equivalent to User’s Intelligence x 3L damage. This damage can be soaked or dodged normally. GMs should also take into consideration the force of the blast and apply the appropriate environmental damages and force.

Once destroyed, all information inside the device is lost forever and those unfortunate to escape the blast find themselves horribly burnt.


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