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This page is for new kinds of Exalted technology. Specific items suitable for player-character equipment lists (you know, like rope, torches, weapons, armour, etc) go on the MundaneEquipment or Artifacts pages, though; this is more for general technology rules -- ways of making things or processing things, or setting-type items rather than items that can belong to a person. Do not put your Manse or Manse-related things here; those go on MansesAndDemesnes. This page is explicitly intended for non-Artifact, non-Manse technology houserules and ideas.

Technology Pages

Techniques and general discussions of technology.

High Tech Campaigns

A number of AlternateSettings make use of "modern" technology, including:


The idea of a Technology page seems odd, as very few things other than this classify as technology, rather than artifacts. Can people think of anything else? -- FlowsLikeBits

The term "technology" tends to be rather misunderstood. "Technology" is, perhaps over-simply, the way that a given culture accomplishes certain tasks. For example, the acquisition of food by deliberate cultivation, even if indiferent, of food plants as opposed to just gathering from wild-occuring ones is a tremendous change in technology (usually considered an "advance", which is typically more of a value judgement than a real evaluation). The horse collar as opposed to the older ox-yoke allowed the use of horses for labor, something unheard of before that point, and allowing for increased efficiency in that labor. The recurve bow over a simple curve allows for greater damage by the arrow, and increased accuracy. All this is technology, and should be of interest if for no other reason than to provide a way of quickly and efficiently setting the stage for a scene or a game, or distinguishing between one location/setting and another. (Yeah, they use those fancy mills down in Nighthammer, but my forge turns out good traditional steel, the stuff that you know will be good for years. After all, that sword you're replacing was your grandam's, wasn't it.) For that matter, its possible to develop plots around technology. (The cure we need is made from a common plant, but the technique of preparing it is a secret that only the warlock of Mt. Highandsnowy knows. Please seek him out and plead his help!) -Suzume

As a matter of fact, what might be useful on this page are links to articles and discussions on historic and anachronistic technology (both on the Wiki and external); I'm working on some stuff regarding military logistics that I'll link here -- if I remember when I finish it! A game book that might be very useful to people interested in tech that encompasses most of what Creation has is GURPS Low-Tech, by William Stoddard. -- JesseLowe

Well, there is already a MundaneEquipment page for more 'normal' technology. Military logistics would be cool though. I'm wondering about stuff that is more, tied to the setting, but not an artifact...lemme think and I'll try to phrase the question better. GURPS Low-Tech is good though. :sigh: -FlowsLikeBits

MundaneEquipment is more for stuff that you can give to a character, though -- remember those equipment tables of stuff you could buy in D&D? Like that. That's why it's under Advantages on WikiContent. This page, on the other hand, is for general technology rules, which is why it's under Setting. For example, you'd put a statted-out rapier on MundaneEquipment; you'd put technology for forging rapiers on this page.
~ Shataina

Makes Sense. Question: is big, complicated stuff you attune to that has commited motes Artifacts or Technology? Like the Realm Defence Grid or Reality Engines...of course, the RDF is also a Manse, so I guess there's alot of overlap here. I'm kinda thinking we might want to break out a page for vehical also? (Ran into an airship IC, so I've though of doing some stuff for them). --FlowsLikeBits

I would say that stuff about the Realm Defense Grid would go here unless you were specifically involving the Imperial Manse in the discussion, but I'd be open to argument. It's not as if it's up to me or anything. As for vehicles, I think it would be better if they went under either Artifacts or this page -- they seem too specific for their own WikiContent page to me.
~ Shataina

I tried to comment on this the other day, but my conny killed my comp, wiping what I'd written (just before sending, too ^^; ). The continuing misconception here is that in this setting (and especially for First Age items), the concepts of "Artifact" and "Technology" are indistinguishable. Their magic is, in fact, a technology. It's real. It produces real results that can be reasonably reproduced, and whose principles can, in fact, be comprehended (eventually). The "Factory-Cathedrals of the Twilight Caste" are a prime example of this.
The big division that might occur, is where to put items, processes, and techniques that someone has created specific statistics or rules for. Thus, one might speak, in a link from this page, about the kinds of artifacts that might have been used for farming in the area around Hulluv during the first age, one might not find the specific statistics or rules for use of those items on that page. The reverse would be true for an item linked to from Artifacts.
This does not HAVE to be the case: it's entirely possible to put both information about the setting relavance (technology-wise) AND in-game rules for dealing with it on the same page, and then properly link to both category pages. Thus, for example, if one wanted just to write on the impact of a Defense-Grid system, and maybe some sub-systems within it, it would be linked here, being an in-setting historically and politically important defensive and offensive system. If one wanted to give rules for its use, then Artifacts is the place to link. If the hypothetical writer was ambitious, and wanted to do both, then links to both pages would be wonderful.
The main point is: don't force a bizzare and artificial distinction between the two (or three or four, including the Mundane Equipment or Vehicles variations). There isn't one. That's part of what makes the "Robots vs. Dinosaurs" setting so cool. ^_^ -Suzume

In the second sentence, do you mean it's a misconception that Artifacts and Technology are "distinguishable"? That's what the rest seems to say, and I agree there. My question was more basic. I can see two ways of looking at it:

  1. "Artifacts" are anything that requires commited motes, which has the unfortunate side effect of being almost all interesting First Age Technology.
  2. "Artifacts" are magical Tech meant to be carried and used by one person at a time, as opposed to things like vehicals or factory cathedrals.
Personally, I'd go with the second one, more as wiki organization convention, rather than an actual distinction, but that's just me. --FlowsLikeBits

You did, in fact catch me in a negation error. Please read "indistinguishable" as "at all distinguishable".
My point, and the issue I keep raising still stands. I might also add that the commitment of motes isn't a necessary factor at all. An "Artifact" may in fact be an artifact, and at the same time not require mote commitment. In fact, I would imagine that common items from the First Age or even the Shogunate intended for use by mundane mortals would not have any such requirement (the spiffy plowing device requires a wielder, as a safety and control issue, but the user could be any of the field workers trained in its use from the exalted overlord's citizenry). The placement of an item within the Artifacts heirarchy in wiki organization would be an indication that one is giving some sort of rules or use statistics for the item. Placement here, that its place in the setting is being outlined. Both, that both sides are bing addressed. In either event, the object/place/system should, according to BestPractices, be placed on a page marked with the originator's screen-name, or some such distinguishing characteristic, not on a sub-page of this OR Artifacts. It's only a question of what type of content the author is providing, thus determining which of these two the entry is LINKED to. Trying to force a distinction otherwise is a mental misconstrual of the nature of the Exalted setting. It's also bad organization. これ以上. -Suzume

Ok, I think I got it. This is for setting descriptions, and general rules for a technology, Artifacts is for rules on specific items. (Some material may be both). Makes sense. It's a little weird in that actuall examples of technology would tend to go in other sections.(Yeah, I know we are talking about linking). --FlowsLikeBits