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This is a page for mundane equipment, houserules on mundane equipment, and so on. In general, consider this page as a place to go to find stuff to give your character. (Remember those Equipment tables in D&D?) If you want more general technology rules for the "Exalted" setting, check out the Technology page. This is not a page for Artifacts; go to Artifacts for that.

Fan-Created Equipment

Fan-Created Houserules on Equipment


Would it be out of line to add a page that contains the armor statistics from the corebook? --Kukla

Unfortunately, yes. It would infringe White Wolf's copyright. Considering that the major selling point of most of their books is the crunch, they don't tend to take it well when people post it elsewhere -- fansites have gotten in trouble for it before. You could always post a page ref, though. :)
~ Shataina
Alas. It's such a pain to keep flipping between the players guide and the core! --Kukla

You think they'd mind if I posted an entirely (or at least fairly) different weapon table? I don't agree with significant portions of -either- of theirs.
-- Darloth will eventually have a massive rework of every weapon ever. But not for ages yet.

Heh. It's a fine line, but others have done it before. I think the major thing to keep in mind is that you can't repost large chunks of content -- discussing an individual weapon / power / whatever is fine, and posting changed stats is fine even if they resemble the original, but posting an entire canon Discipline / description / stat block is Right Out.
~ Shataina wonders if someone should add this to BestPractices ...