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The Five Dark Houses of the Underworld

Also known as the Five Houses of Fallen Stars, these constellations govern the same abilities as their reflections in Creation. The children of Ouranos of the Thousand And One Eyes are the keepers of the five Dark Houses. Ouranos created his five dread sons after being betrayed by his daughters, the Five Maidens. After his death in the Primordial War, Ouranos became a Malfean and his sons became the guardians of the Stars of the Underworld. More than demons, less than Malfeans, they are the only true Dead Gods. Through their stars and the Calendar of Setesh do the Dead read the future of the Underworld.

The Broken Barge of Souls is the first of the Dark Houses, ruled by Charon. The Wound, the Vulture, the Barge, the Bone, and the Storm fall into the realm of this House, representing the endurance required by the harrowing journey to the Underworld and the trip itself. The Broken Barge's color is brown

The Sinister Theatre of Shadows is the third of the Five Houses, Hecate's House of Darkness. The constellations of the Splinter, the Mirror, the Dagger, the Obelisk and the Claw fall into the House of Darkness. The Sinister Theatre's color is black

The Forgotten Prison of Insanity is the second of the Dark Houses, ruled by Deimos. The constellations of the Spider, the Shadow, the Rune, the Mourner and the Betrayer are in the House of Madness. The stars of Madness represent the powers of subtle violence and treachery as well as mental instability and uncertainty. The color of the Forgotton Prison is orange

The Sunken Temple of Unknowns is ruled by Neptune. The House of Mystery, often associated with the seas and rivers of the Underworld, contains the constellations of the Owl, the Lock, the Ruin, the Temple and the Ghost. The Sunken Temple's color is grey.

The Unchanging Charnel House is also called the House of Death. Pluto rules the constellations of the Hanged Man, the Eye, the Victim and the Skull. The color of the Unchanging Charnel House is white.