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The Five Dark Lords

When the Gods rebelled against the Primordials and the armies of the Exalted were unleashed, the war that ensued raged for many long years. During the war one Primordial, Ouranos the father of the Five Maidens, created five vastly powerful gods in the hope they would be able to learn the secrets of Exaltation and create warriors to fight for the Primordials. His hopes were in vain for the Lords were mighty but they were not trusted by the Maidens and they were never able to learn the secrets of Exaltation.

Ouranos was one of the last Primordials slain and in dying he dragged his sons, the Five Lords, down into the Underworld with him. Their powers had sprung from the Underworld but by Ouranos's will and a great curse enacted by the Maidens, the Lords were bound forever to the Underworld. They could no more affect the destiny of Creation then the Maidens could affect the destiny of the Underworld.

The Lords still live in the Underworld, planning revenge on both their father and their sisters for dragging them into the dark lands and prisoning them there forever. In their persuit of revenge they have learned secrets from the Deathlords and Abyssals about the tainting of Essences and turned these secrets to their use. Now the Lords have begun making pacts with certain Sidereal Exalted, binding them to their service and creating the first SynodicExalted. These rare agents of the Dark Lords serve neither the Malfeans or Creation, but the interests of the Lords and the Underworld.