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Solar Endurance Charms by Stanoje

Breath of Gods</b>

 <b>Cost: None
 Duration: Permanent
 Type: Special
 Minimum Endurance: 6
 Minimum Essence: 6
 Prerequisite Charms: Controlled Breathing Exercise, Empty Stomach Fasting Meditation, Essence-Gathering Temper

The Solar foregoes the need for mortal food and drink and learns to sustain himself on ambient Essence alone. As long as all his Virtues have a rating of 3 or higher, he doesn’t need any nourishment aside from Essence. Should they fall below 3, the Charm ceases to function until they are raised again.


I like this charm, but shouldn't the fact that the Solar is eating ambient Essence lower the speed they refill their pool? The Abyssal charm that replaces food with essence allows them to eat X motes (not sure of the #) instead of food.

Yeah, but Solars aren't vampires :-) And isn't the Abyssal charm something like Essence 2 or so? The virtue requirements for this one should balance out the fact that the character doesn't have to spend a few motes on food every month or so. -- Stanoje
I'm not sure of the Aby charms min Essence (my books are away from me at the moment), but that sounds about right. I should point out that you are basing an Essence 6 charm on Ess 1 & 2 charms, all of which are tier one charms. What Solar wouldn't pick up this charm when they get high enough? It's very easy to get to and has no drawback.
Isn't that kinda like asking which Solar wouldn't pick up Ox-Body? It's a Permanent without any drawbacks, and still there are lots of characters who don't take it. -- Stanoje

I'd actually rate this at about Endurance and Essence of 3. Maybe 4. It's food, people. Food isn't cool unless you want it to be. Going forever eating Essence instead of food isn't really that NIFTY, it's just somewhat useful. Though if you want a drawback on it, have it reduce the Solar's non-combat mote regeneration rate by, like 1. Not that non-combat mote regeneration matters very much. - Telgar