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So I've resisted making a page for this purpose for a long time, but as Wordman points out, it is actually useful for getting people to look at neglected pages that could otherwise be buried in the mass.


I'm just gonna alphabetize these contributors, and try to find the one best thing I think each has done. I apologize to anyone who feels ignored. I've never had time to read everything, particularly not in recent years.

The best two general projects on the Wiki are these:

  • LexiconOfElderDays : a defunct group game that fleshed out the First Age immensely, flavour-wise.
  • NexusProject : a less-bounded group game that fleshed out the city of Nexus immensely, flavour-wise.

EJGRgunner is a friend of mine and never did much here, but

Falcon is someone I'm also biased about, but hey.

  • MartialArts/DreamsAndNightmaresStyle : Dustin Shampel and I based our drafts for Quicksilver Hand of Dreams Style, which appeared in "Scroll of the Monk", on this excellent Celestial "Exalted 1" style.

FourWillowsWeeping has done a huge amount of stuff for both 1 and 2; some leaves me cold but it's always well-crafted.

  • MartialArts/TreadingOnDiamondsStyle : a beautiful Indian-dance-y starry Celestial style, I think for 1. Try to get Willows to talk about his brilliant Indian dancing-based RPG "Mridangam", too.

Ikselam did several cool things in a few categories for "Exalted 1". Much is adaptable to 2.

  • Artifacts/Ikselam : As he says, "Especially at the lower levels, you can make up all kinds of neat 'utility' artifacts that have little or no military application, and I think it's a shame more people don't." It is! And he sets such a good example!

I know little of JPCardier except ...

I'm most biased of all about Morpheus. If you like insanely specific and detailed rules, his systems are for you.

  • MoLinguistics : an attempt to provide lots of languages and a more realistic system for them.

Quendalon also did a a few great "Exalted 1" things. Much is adaptable to 2.

OK I'm done for now.