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JP's Wiki Page O' Doom

Hey. Let's start with a bio:

My name is Jean-Paul Cardier. I am a little older than most of the WW posters, being 33 come Feb '04. I've been playing these silly games since 4th grade, which makes for over 20 years, man and boy. I just can't give them up. When I'm not ST'ing or playing, I read RPG books for enjoyment. Over and over again. A little pathetic, really.

I have owned over 50 roleplaying systems, and have played around 30-someodd. I picked up Vampire 1st Edition for my wife around 10 years ago, and haven't looked back. I have played most of the WW WoD books from 1st Edition on, the main holdout being Changeling. My group has been running crossover games forever, with a large amount of "kludge" house rules.

I think Exalted is the finest RPG WW has put out. It has really inspired me, and I'm thankful to Geoff and crew for all of the high quality books they have come up with. Exalted isn't perfect by any means, and some aspects of the game can drive me crazy. But all in all, it's an incredibly rich evocative setting with some very cool mechanics.

Other Things I Enjoy:

Martial Arts, both researching and practicing. I have played around with Shotokan Karate, Krav Maga, Judo, Aikido, Kenpo Karate, Boxing and Fencing. I've also done Shinai dueling and Bokken sparring.

Books! Science Fiction and Fantasy, of course. Horror, sometimes. But books on a lot of subjects interest me, such as Learning, Neuroscience, Quantum Mechanics, Computer Networking and Programming, Drawing, Business and Stocks, Linguistics, Fitness and Exercise, Cooking, the Motion Picture Industry, History and Anthropology, to name a few.

Coffee. I am a fanatic for the perfect cup of coffee, so I have done some research into the black brew. My current setup is a Bodum Santos Vacpot, with a Zassenhaus Manual Grinder and fresh roasted beans from the not so nearby Ojai Roasting Company.

Cooking. A great pleasure as hobbies go. I like making French dishes with mother sauces, and soups. I make a pretty mean Gumbo.

Writing. I do not do enough of it, and I need to do more. Still, a great pleasure when a turn of phrase comes out "Just So".

My Family

My daughter. She is 3 1/2 months old. Her name is Athena Fiona Cardier, and I am utterly besotten with her. She doesn't do much, but what she does, she does 100%. Amazing.

Of course, my wife Karen. We've been together since we were 19, lived together since 21, and have been married for 6 years. What an incredible ride it's been. She gets me, more than anyone else on the planet. Much Love.

JP's Exalted Stuff

DemonKillerWhite This is a story that I made up after researching the sickness that is Sidereal MA. It features an interesting character named Demon Killer White.

TravelTimes This is a set of HouseRules that I made up to deal with TravelTimes. Exalted is a big world, and most people have no idea how long it takes to get from one place to the next without modern technology. I researched it pretty heavily, and this is what I came up with. Each one has a rules section and a summary. Most people find the rules too heavyweight, and just use the summaries. Enjoy.

JPCharms Here are some Charms that I have made up. They are currently Twilight Charms, but that will probably change in the future.