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Ideas for Charms

Second Ed.

  • Mountain folk Charm that allows Terrestrial Martial Arts.
    • I do not understand why they are specifically gimped out of MA in 2nd Ed when every other splat can access them some way or other. Note - I do understand why they were inadvertently gimped in 1st Ed..
  • MF Charm that negates the irritating virtue halving effects prevalent among the current Charm set.
    • I find it annoying that so many charms have odd (to me) restrictions of "Half the (virtue) rating" in dice added. If it was to DVs then sure, but nope, it's to general (specific) dice pools. Needless Maths.
  • MF Charm to raise the cap of their virtues.
    • I don't see this as being an easy charm to get, but I do think it's kind of in theme for them as written.
    • They already have temporary Valor boosters.
      • With no listed hard cap!!!
    • So I believe a Paragon of (Virtue) Charm could work, to give a maximum of 6 in each virtue.
      • Maybe even taken twice to allow a max of 7 at Essence 5...?
    • It's a lot of XP to gain a possible extra dice to the dice adders (and, it's true, an extra possible virtue-channel). Which is why I think it works, and helps elder MF retain some respect when up against Exalts.. well, weak Exalts...
  • Solar Occult Charms
    • One to nullify one point of opponents Essence
      • So Mr Essence 6 enemy becomes Essence 5 for the duration (Scene? X actions?)
        • Maybe have a Larceny Prerequisite?
    • One to treat your Essence as one higher than your opponent.
      • Take that Soul-Fire Shaper Form!
    • Cascade of Charms to increase the speed of Sorcery Actions
      • Tricky. Would need very careful consideration of implications. Solar Sorcery becoming Reflexive? Powerful, Essence consuming, WP consuming... tricky.
      • First Charm decreases time to shape Terrestrial Sorcery by one action.
      • Second Charm ditto for Celestial
      • Third Charm ditto for Solar
  • Fae mote and essence efficiency charms -
    • Purchase this charm to lower the cost of any other charms by one mote per purchase (max = highest grace? Max = lowest grace? Feeding? Non feeding? Hm.)
      • Maybe lower it for those charms of the same grace. Makes a kind of sense.
    • Purchase this other charm to increase the mote pool of the fae.
      • 5 motes per purchase, max purchases = feeding grace.
      • This is reliant upon cheap charms, and generally no more than 10 dots of feeding graces which equals a max of 50 extra motes.
    • A lot of fae balancing comes from their low mote pools, high charm costs, so this may break it in ways I can't foresee.
      • The mote battery charm can double the pool
        • Relies on fae increasing both feeding graces to max, and 10 charm slots (60xp I think)
        • Essence is irrelevant cuz at each level the mote pool can be doubled.
      • The charm efficiency increaser is trickier to work out.
        • If charms can be reduced by Grace motes, that's up to 5 motes saved per activation
        • Thus 10 mote costs are halved, 1 mote costs remain unchanged
        • Requires, say, one charm purchase per grace.

First Ed.

DB Brawl Charms

Retrieve The Ocean's Bounty
Imrove ease of acquiring imrovised weapons
+Brawl yards to reach for an object to use as a weapon
Cheap! 1m? Reflexive, Instant?
No Prereqs

Flotsam And Jetsam Approach
Make better use of improvised weapons
+Brawl Accuracy, +Ess Damage, All damage Lethal?
2-3motes, Supplemental, Instant? Scene? (If Scene, up cost!)
Prereqs: Retrieve The Ocean's Bounty

Lunar Charms

Charms/QuendalonLunarSpirit Idea for a Lunar Exorcism Charm

Martial Arts Ideas

An idea for an Astrologically based MA for Warstriders :-

But, maybe we should try to think of it as a Terrestrial art, as they were the most common warstrider pilots. Or Celestial, such that only the greatest DBs would be initiated into this most elite MA? Each Charm could be designed so as to correspond with astrological houses. But 25 seems a bit much. So how about one from each Division of Journeys, Serenity, Secrets and Endings, and one per house of Battles? Journeys = a Movement or Endurance effect, Serenity = ? (Craft effect for maintenance? Performance effect to reduce mobility penalties as the pilot learns to dance with the armour?), Secrets = Lore effect to enhance maintenance, Endings = an Awareness effect to aid the pilot's perception from within the clumsy machines, Battles = a Charm to aid Ranged attack, Melee attacks, Hand-to-Hand attacks, Battlefield Presence (Leadership? Fear?), and Resistance effect (ignore Wound penalties? Shrug off lack of maintenance penalties?). Then a Form Charm will take this to a nice ten Charm style. How about a Form Charm that reduces the pilot's Permanent Essence by one for Astrological Purposes (since Astrology is harder to apply to Higher Essence beings)? Not sure what other effect to give the Form... B-) Anyways, just my 2c, what do y'all reckon? - Nikink Damn, not able to type fast enough...

From WillCoon/UnspeakableMonsterStyle I really want to make my own version of this style...

Pretty cool ideas here! Have you thought about maybe making this a Sword Shaping Style? It seems to fit beautifully... B-) Anyway, to think along the lines of a Sidereal Style some ideas I have are:

  • Churn up the Deeps - Maybe have this as a damage adder of some kind, so it combos nicely with Fearsome Arc, and if the derangement inducing effect of Disturb the Water's Surface is based on Health Levels inflicted in some way, then it will make all three pre-forms worth combo-ing (although I'd imagine quite expensive as well).
  • Unspeakable Monster Form - I can see this granting an additional attack every turn (say, at a base pool of MA) that is treated like attacks from invisible enemies (thus at -2 successes from defences) that can not target the Martial Artist's main target for the turn (ie: anyone they have spent their normal actions attacking). I would consider letting this 'Phantom Attack' extend to a fair range - maybe Social Attribute + MA + Essence yards? And it would appear more like things flashing past from the sky, out of shadows or from the earth itself.
  • Reap them like Wheat - Interesting idea, don't like the insta kill idea personally though. Perhaps treat this as a counter-attack charm? Or maybe, just maybe, as a charm which forces the target to succeed at a Parry and Dodge to avoid a given attack? This would blend nicely with the Form special attack.
  • Feast on their Flesh - Perhaps add Health Levels inflicted to the Martial Artists current total (upto their normal full health)? Kind of a regen charm. Possibly very needed as there is very little else in the way of defence in this Style.
  • Demand a Virgin Stance - Not a fan of this name. Virginal Sacrifice Proposition maybe? Not sure how this Charm could work. Maybe a mass fear inducer - succeed at a valor check to attack, else suffer Martial Artist's Essence as damage (from heart attack and the like) applied vs Natural Soak only, or maybe bypassing Soak altogether? Or maybe using one of the Target's virtues as a soak? Again, this would make it defensive in use, but still very aggressive in action, nice in combo with Feast on their Flesh and vs a mook army.
  • Leave-Behind-Thy-Guardians-And-Tormentors-For-They-Have-No-Place-In-My-Domain Stance - Again, not a fan of the name (mostly cuz of the damn length!!!) but I have no alternative at the moment... B-) This would seem to be very similar in function to, perhaps more powerful than, the Spell and Charm dispelling charms from PAoC or Hungry Ghost Style. So it might be worth looking at those for ideas. And again, defensive while aggressive.
  • Effulgent Breaker-Into-Pieces Assumption - I see this as similar to, but better than, Dreaming Pearl Courtesan's transformation, and for more in Style reasons! I like it a lot because of that, even though I'm not a huge fan of shapechanging Charms in MA as a rule. I'd give this similar (but tougher) restrictions to the DPC Style charm as regards to remaining in this shape forever - maybe give base Mutation points equal to user's Essence, and a base recovery from transformation roll of (say) Willpower (difficulty 1). Then for every additional Mutation point taken, the recovery roll increases in difficulty by 1 also. Just a thought.

I reckon there's room in there for a Your Weapons will not Avail you technique charm which can destroy the target's weapons and/or armour if non-MM, and break the attunement if they are MM, too.

Hope that's helpful! - nikink

Other Charms

Dark Archery
Dismay of Teeth and Shaft
Cause hundreds of wicked barbs to sprout from the arrow causing arrow to get stuck in the target. Increase Mobility Penalty = HL inflicted, and arrow remains until removal which inflicts more damage (maybe just an extra HL?)

Dark Resistance
Blow Breaking Stance
All damage inflicted upon user is also taken by opponent if they are using their fists etc, or opponent's weapon if applicable - this may break the weapon in HLs are sufficient

  • Infernal Charm Ideas (Willows Infernal stuff)

Infernal Sail

Song of Sirens Deception : causes another ship to veer off course. Perhaps it needs to be applied to ships that are following the Infernal's craft, and causes the enemy ship to believe it is heading in a different direction, say onto some rocks? Maybe simpler to make the Infernal's ship appear somewhere else at another facing and speed. Yeah... That sounds decent.

Setting Sun Affliction : cause the enemy ship to sink. Either bursting into flames (like the sun sinking beneath the western ocean); or, just becoming leaky and uncaulked leaving an oily residue on the sruface of the water (thus causing the oily corona of colour like the dusk sky).

Fools Walk in Circles Technique : Adds dice or successes or difficulty to evade tracking...? Perhaps a Charm that works like your (DeathBySurfeit's) other (Infernal Dice Adder-Stealer)Charms that adds dice to the Survival roll to evade tracking by stealing the dice used to Track? Now, this would be awkward, because you might never know if you are being tracked and thus may not have a dice-pool to steal from - however, what if it worked in a way that the Infernal spends the motes on the Charm, but doesn't get any tangible benefit. If and When the Infernal is being tracked, the tracker then loses that many dice and has them rolled to generate added difficulty, before they begin. Whaddaya reckon? Too complicated?