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Charms by House


A thought about the Houses- I kind of think the correspondences should go 'Lethe' (the Journey to the next life), 'Peace' (Serenity in death), 'Passion' (Which stirs even the dead to War), 'Memory' (Where lie dead Secrets) and 'Oblivion' (Which is an Ending even to the dead).

That said, Malfaen tainted Siddies are awesome, and I hope to contribute / see this project revitalize :) DS

Didn't wish to get presumptuous, so I'll just spurt a couple of Charm ideas here:
Dark Archery - Dismay of Teeth and Shaft (Cause hundreds of wicked barbs to sprout from the arrow causing arrow to get stuck in the target. Increase Mobility Penalty = HL inflicted, and arrow remains until removal which inflicts more damage (maybe just an extra HL?))
Dark Resistance - Blow Breaking Stance (All damage inflicted upon user is also taken by opponent if they are using their fists etc, or opponent's weapon if applicable - this may break the weapon in HLs are sufficient)
Just some thoughts, Have Fun... nikink