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  • Jack Bones  : A western-style gun-fu Solar.
  • Andrahi Sens  : A travelling doctor and demon-hunter.
  • Havek  : An autocthonian industrial rock star.
  • Grizfeld  : A hammer-wielding pit fighter in the Krutzky Empire
  • Stavil the Artificer  : A defender of Creation against the encroaching Wyld, and diplomat between the Celestial Bureaucracy and the courts of the Fae.
  • Joshua Finch  : Wandering realm Magistrate, travelling with his son and enforcing the laws in the rough-and-tumble Threshold tributaries.
  • Matoskah, the Learned Barbarian


  • Icefoe  : The current leader and teacher of the Shinzui Temple
  • Snowtooth  : The Temple's second-in-command
  • Kylie  : One of the leaders and foremost personalities at the Shinzui Temple
  • Silver Branch  : A haltan forest guardian.
  • Red Fin  : Heaven forgive me; a fae-blooded lintha lunar akuma.
  • Myrkr  : The legendary barbarian for whom the Myrkr are named.
  • The Moon-Handed One  : A lunar craftsman; the arts of civilization being reared in the wild reaches.
  • Phaelon the Red Death  : A Tiger-totem martial artist and wandering wise man
  • Marcus Antonius  : A No-Moon wanderer with a Typhus-spirit companion, who makes his living blackmailing Guild caravans and saving those in need from degenerate Little Gods.



Dragon Blooded

  • High King Gunnar  : The ruler of the Kruzky Empire
  • Hugis  : The eldest son of the High King Gunnar, and self-appointed bodyguard to his sister, the Princess
  • Mina  : The daughter of the High King Gunnar, prophetess and sorceress


  • Sayn  : Character sheet for Sayn, the Shinzui Temple Smith


  • The Gallows  : Jack Bones' god-blooded horse.
  • Unbroken Frost  : A Star-Blessed martial artist and amalgam.
  • Malakai : The half-caste abyssal son of the Crevice of the Crimson Sea; doing his best to be the favored killer that his father is.
  • Whisper of Silent Screams : The ghost-blooded bodyguard and half-brother of Malakai.
  • Grala's Joy  : A haltan wild child, written by Hand-of-Omega of Alt.Games.Whitewolf
  • Poisonous Blessing  : The Saboteur of Faith, also by H-o-O, also known as Dex.
  • Petros Feldspar  : A Gemlord's warrior leader, also by Dex, 'cause he's the man.
  • Pel Yusuf  : Wyld-hunting fae-blooded in denial
  • Fading Ember : The scion of Joshua Finch and the abyssal Defiler of the Way, every day is closer to death as the purity of the Sun and the corruption of the Malfeans war in his soul.


  • The Ninjas  : Character sheets for the standard ghostly and mortal followers in the temple