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Gem of Sapphire and Emerald

This Hearthstone protects its owner from spells of the First and Second Circles by placing them under the effects of Emerald and Sapphire Countermagic at all times. It is a level 5 Air Hearthstone.

The Frigid Mere - (Moxiane)


On the Northwestern coast, where an eternal blizzard blows ice-gems down from the Pole of Air, there is a sea-cave. Those who enter walk into a bewildering series of passages and tunnels that lead ever downwards, the walls changing from black basalt to blue-white ice. At the bottom of this spiral is a large open cavern, the floor, walls and ceiling covered with ice so cold and smooth that it creates the illusion of infinity, the images of the walls reflecting forever. The floor of the chamber is a pool of water too cold to freeze and it is here that the Gem of Sapphire and Emerald forms, congealing over the course of a month to rest at the bottom of the pond.

Tree of the Wind’s Descent - (Quendalon)


There is a place in the northern hardwood forests of the East, deeper still than Halta, where a great star stone once fell from the sky. In the crater the falling star left, there now grows an enormous tree. Green branches erupt around its base and up along its length, while its roots twist into the upper air, drawing sustenance from the sun, stars and wind. A barbarian tribe called the Blue Horns has established itself in the crater. They harvest the giant fruits that grow riotously there, and propitiate the three gods that roost amidst the tree’s crown of roots in the forms of a serpent, a fox, and an owl. A Hearthstone grows at the height of the tree, guarded most carefully by the three beast gods.

Hand of the Sorceror - (nikink)


From the ground this Manse appears as a labyrinthine construct of crystals in shimmering hues that can blind the unwary during the day. Only from above does it's name become obvious, as those looking down can see the outer walls of crystals forming an enormous, open palmed hand. It's fingers are oriented to the Pole of Fire and imprinted upon the palm is a pentagram of translucent solidified fire. Those within the manse discover that the oppressive southern heat is mitigated the further they travel towards the centre. Once they reach the pentagram, the air is cold enough to cause their breath to mist. The hearthstone forms in the centre pentagonal enclosure some 30 yards off the floor in a pillar of blue light. Without taking special precautions, someone reaching into the pillar of light will take 2L damage from the cold. Those who can reach the gem can easily notice that the gem has formed where the pillar of cold contacts the hot desert air above. The whole structure is roofless and during the day can be quite dazzling to those inside.

The Melodious Urchin - (FourWillowsWeeping)


In a certain place in the Western Sea, many hollow pillars of blue jade float in the water, pointing in every angle. From a distance, it appears to be a gigantic blue sea urchin sitting on the surface. Each pillar is like a giant pitch pipe that blows a different note when the endless winds of the West stir by; as the Manse slowly rotates, it plays a gently enchanting tune that makes seabirds circle above it. Inside, the tangle of faceted pillars makes a number of oddly-angled rooms where the sun's light does not reach directly; they are illuminated only by the nacreous translucence of the waterlogged, salt-crusted jade. From time to time, this Manse raises itself out of the water by portions, until it stands only on a single pillar, with the rest open to the air. It is at this point that the Hearthstone of the Manse can be found, in the one place that jade touches water.

The Opaline Eyrie -- (Charlequin)


Atop a mountain in the western portion of the Great Isle sits what appears from a distance to be a tremendous bird's nest, as large as a small town. Closer inspection reveals that the tremendous branches and sticks which make up the nest are all made of brilliant gemstones, which glitter in greenish-blue hues as the light of the Sun strikes them. In the center of the nest stands a giant opaline egg, one hundred times the height of a man. Three rounded tunnels run into its base and begin to branch off in numerous directions within, crisscrossing through the insides of the egg in hundreds of directions, often converging into small, oval chambers. Within the egg, the wind blows constantly at a slow, soothing speed, always directing those within towards the central chamber. There, the wind blows in from three directions across a plate of blue jade, upon which the gusts deposit bits and pieces of the crystalline branches outside; these slowly coalesce together to form the hearthstone.


That's a really cool idea, Quend...but how is that a Water Manse? - Telgar

Because Gem of Sapphire and Emerald is actually an Air Hearthstone. I've corrected it in the Hearthstone description above. - Quendalon