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Looking for older comments / etc? They might be in the Article Forum Archive.\\ ~ Shataina

Dim, I am begging you to tell me that you are not serious about the entry for Keldredes. Please? It makes my soul hurt... - Telgar

I laughed until I cried. Terry Pratchett at its best. I commend you, Dim. --dg
I don't care what you do with the content, but for the love of eyes, bloody change that formatting. Allcaps are the bane of vision. Good lord. - willows
Bolding the names and italicizing Qa'nn's text might indeed be preferable to caps, especially if it's making willows's eyes hurt. :)\\

Where's the linkback to a previous entry forKeldredes?\\ Also, Alabrax, no signature on the Keepers? ;)\\ There's one phantom left for K -- the Kingswar, and I note willows hasn't written one ... willows, are you playing? It seems like if anyone else wanted it they'd have taken it, but you seem to hang back most rounds till the end. (Nothing wrong with that, by the way, but it would be kinda nice to move along ...)\\ ~ Shataina

Good catch Shataina. Thanks, I fixed it now :) Did anything else catch your eye? I've started and stopped so many times on this entery I wouldnt be surprised if it came out as an arcane form of swedish instead of english. Alabrax

I did some lesser editing (whenever I do this, I save it as a minor edit) which was mostly commas and typos and stuff. I do this a lot, so if anyone wants me to save my little edits on their particular entries as major so they'll know when I do it (or not to do it at all), let me know. (Don't worry, I try to be as unobtrusive as possible -- not to change specific wording and ask about it instead, for example.)\\

~ Shataina

As far as I can tell it's good Wiki etiquette to do spelling, punctuation, etc. as minor edits. Wording, yeah, I would post about. Cheers! - willows
I checked it over... boy did I make some bone headed mistakes. Well like I said that had been started and stopped a few times. I just wanted to get it up so I could let it cool off a day or so then I would fix a few things. All your edits looked good except for one. I returned it back to my wording in that case, since I used the word "disputedly" intentionally. Alabrax

Hey willows, I was just looking overJindar Needles and I realized that Remismund specifically states that the ink of Jindar Needles is only legible to the Chosen. I haven't slept in 32 hours or so, so I might just be confused, but Chosen generally means Exalted, right? And Remismund's a god ... right? So how can he see the Jindar ink?\\ ~ Shataina

Ah. By "Chosen", I probably did mean "Exalted", but remember that Remismund is a god of writing, and gods in general are able to break rules within their bailiwick. In retrospect I probably should have said something else, but "Essence-using beings" sounds really shitty. - willows

<laugh> Okay, fair enough. Good call.\\ ~ Shataina

Shataina, doesn't E:tS state that gods remain in existence indefinitely, even if their domain ceased to exist centuries ago? - Quendalon

"Sidereals", right? I have no idea. My ST won't let me read the god setting info because it's full of tasty plotness. I don't doubt you, though. Damnation, I guess I have to kill Len-Bo another way. Or perhaps let him live, mwa ha. (Hmm, you know, I don't think I like that rule at all. Gods are defined by their domain, and if their domain is destroyed they should dratted well die. But that's all opinion. As always.)\\

I'll fix it. Later.\\ ~ Shataina

Eh. I think "let his Essence grow dim and die" could be read as spiritual suicide, which sounds reasonable and even likely to me. - willows
Agreed, it's perfectly reasonable for him to commit spiritual suicide, as it were. - Quendalon
Excellent. In that case I won't change it after all :) except for the editing I intend to do one of these days.\\

~ Shataina

Hi Nightrain! Welcome to the Lexicon! Your Lastleaf entry is quite good. One problem though: the city of Great Forks wasn't founded until after the Contagion, and thus falls outside the temporal bounds of this Lexicon. - Quendalon

Fixed. I just removed all refernces to the city, and will let the phantom writer supply that side of things :) - NightRain

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed The Anguish of Daana'd! Nice writing. - Voidstate

Telgar, your M entry immediately made me want to run a game called Indiana Jones and the Opal of Doom. Lost cities, mines, strange ancient artifacts - it's got it all! - Voidstate

Regarding the Malachite entry, there seem to be some questionable timing issues. The Keep-Manse Reem entry states that the Manse survived until the Contagion, so it couldn't have been lost with the province in the pre-Usurpation period. In addition, Sula Mon was home to the very first Lunar, so it couldn't have come into existence after the vanishing of Malachite. - Quendalon

Hmm, I'll re-arrange the Keep Manse notation then. But Sula Mon simply grew to COVER the wasteland. It was always there. - Telgar

Voidstate -- mad props onMetaphysical Vision. Really awesome work. Like, seriously. I love it, man. Excellence abounds. If I had two dead mice, I'd give you one.\\ ~ Shataina

Aw. Shucks. :¬) - Voidstate

Added my first entry, under the letter M. Hope you like it! I'm thinking about going and trying to fill in some untaken backlinks, instead of making up a new A entry, but I haven't decided yet. - Dimitryi

Nibarak Seafarers is a chill entry, but is the mention of the Scarlet Empress entirely kosher?\\ ~ Shataina

I've always looked at the Lexicon as people from current time writing about ancient subjects, so mentions of modern stuff is fine as long as it isnt central to the information being conveyed. One entry is a story told to a solar by the Gods of Great Forks, totally out of time frame. But the content isn't.\\

Oh, and who is doing all those changeless changes? - Telgar

I always edit entries for spelling / grammar, so it might be me. If you mean "pcp08575002pcs.audubn01.nj.comcast.net", though, then that's definitely not me. I think it's probably SandJack, since theLost Years entry was made by that address and SandJack lists the entry as his on the main Lexicon page.\\

I was just a little puzzled that you mentioned the Scarlet Empress after telling me I couldn't mention Deathlords, but I think I get it now.\\ ~ Shataina

I thought you were asking if the Deathlords, as players in the information, were time-period appropriate which they almost certainly aren't. But if you were to simply compare something TO a deathlord, or mention correlations to CURRENT DL activity, that's perfect. Just as long as the entry itself is on a PriWar-Shogun topic - Telgar

Hey Dimitri - I have three words to say aboutNight Sable Empire... Fan-bloody-tastic! - :) - Voidstate

Thanks! :D - Dimitryi

Hey Shataina, I really liked the Old Jin entry you wrote. Might use it in my next Exalted game. Hope you don't mind. - Voidstate

Of course :) I'd love to hear about it sometime. How the game goes, I mean, and how the idea is useful.\\

~ Shataina

I'm glad to see that someone filled inOurinesse :) I had no idea how that was gonna go, and you did a good job, Dorchadas. Nice.\\ ~ Shataina

Thanks a lot, Shataina! Now I just have to come up with ideas for some more entries... -Dorchadas

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