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One of the richest provinces in the Eastern Old Realm, it is also one of the most mysterious to us, looking back through history today. This is not, as it is with other mysterious places, because of secrecy of the ruler or the people. What is known of Malachite is that the region was famed for its mining industries, producing large quantities of Blue, Black and Green Jade as well as the purest and most sought-after malachite in Creation. So famous was the malachite mined here that the province was named after it. Malachite was a trade center and an important defensive installation, home to the Keep-Manse Reem and ruled by a benevolent triad of a Solar, his Lunar mate and their Dragon-Blooded 'dear friend'. Their names have been lost, along with the history of the region.

The source of all the mystery surrounding Malachite is the fact that, in 400 AE, the entire province vanished. Today, nothing remains of the province or the area surrounding it. The Sula Mon Forest has grown across the wasteland that replaced the entire province of Malachite one Calibration night. After the Forest reclaimed the lands of Malachite, it was impossible to further study the site of the desolated province. Only the Keep-Manse survives, which has lead some researchers to theorize, without real evidence, that the destruction originated within the Keep-Manse and spread outward from it.

Various tales of those from Malachite to leave before the disappearance point to the province being destroyed by the actions of the Dragon-Blooded ruler, who attempted to use a Primordial Artifact of unknown function. The Dragon-Blooded, who by all reports had been growing discontented with his role in the ruling tribunal both politically and personally, may have been attempting to destroy his two consorts, but it is equally likely he was simply playing with something he did not understand. The artifact that destroyed Malachite survives, so the tales of nearby provinces say, and waits to be woken again. The legends name it the Opal of Alkanda.

- Telgar, Sidereal Historian. Chosen of Saturn.

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