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Pirate, Monkey Session Logs

Session Template

Arc 1: Brown Water Blues

  • Session 1: Shore Leave In which our heroes travel to Lookshy after limping to the shores of the Scavenger Lands.
  • Session 2: Bargaining In which our heroes negotiate with a Guild merchant prince and secure passage to Nexus.
  • Session 3: White Soul Weeping In which our heroes defeat river pirates, recruit their leader, and arrive in Nexus.
  • Session 4: The Auction In which our heroes auction off their booty and rob an Immaculate monk of treasure.
  • Session 5: Revenge In which our heroes meet the mysterious Suda and duel an Immaculate monk to a stalemate.
  • Session 6: River Robbery In which our heroes are banished from Nexus for a year and a day, and pursue the Dynast V'Neef Barada up the Yellow River, stealing his treasure out from under his nose.
  • Session 7: Hijinks! In which our heroes plan to ambush one of Walker In Darkness' caravans, engage in Ranma-esque hijinks with Suda, and explore a First Age ruin in a shadowland.
  • Session 8: The City of Many Gods In which our heroes travel to the city of Great Forks, rob V'Neef Barada (again) and make him persona non grata in that city. Also, Monkey finds a really nice brothel.
  • Session 9: Caravan To Death In which our heroes raid one of Walker in Darkness's supply caravans and meet the man himself, as well as witness an Abyssal Exaltation. Our first experience with the Mail and Steel rules.

Arc 2: The Fall of Celeren

Interlude: Mansion of the Past

Arc 3: Dragons on the Northern Sea

Interlude: Calibration

  • Session 28: Calibration Party In which Suda catches up with Kaizoku and Monkey and the world discovers that the Mask of Winters is capable of defeating the entire Third Field Force defending the Marukan Redoubt and turning the fortress into a shadowland in one fell swoop.
  • Session 29: The Night After, Part A In which Monkey's tryst was just getting interesting when someone turns Marin Bay into a shadowland and ruins the mood. Kaizoku and Monkey chase the suspected perpetrator, but real life interrupts when the GM's net connection becomes flaky, thus neccessitating Part B.
  • Session 30: The Night After, Part B In which Kaizoku and Monkey defeat the deathknight First Light of Grief, though he escapes, and Kaizoku makes arrangements for the Rahkamo and the Solar Wind Fleet to aid Lookshy in harrying the Mask of Winters.

Southern Discussions

The Return of Barada

  • Session 36: To the Golden Fane In which the blind Admiral and his allies travel to the Realm city of Eagle's Launch to consult a great library there.
  • Session 37: Shen In which Barada is quickly defeated, the last piece is taken, the location of the hidden shipyard found out, and a new Solar joins the Admiral's crew.

The Isle of Shadows

The following sessions need to be cleaned up.

The Mask of Winters

The Contest for Harborhead (3 years later)